Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Its Offical this body is Broken~Doc finally handed down all the Diagnoses.

Good Evening My Prims...Hope you all had a Great Day!
All things considered In a round about way I had a good Day.. I went to the doctors armed with note cards covered with questions. I decided last night that not having answers was as bad as being sick. Actually in affect I think the worry & wondering was making it harder for me to even think positive about any of this Health mess.

I love my new well not so new now, Family bad I have to drive 128 miles one way to see him but its worth it in the long run. It only cost $25 a visit to see him each visit and he is a good listener and he tries his best to answer all my questions to the best of his ability and in a way that I can understand. I was in the office for over an hour getting all those questions answered.
He got all the reports back from Ohio State Specialist and it seems that they are all three in agreement as to 99% of my diagnoses. The only thing that isn't diagnosed is the Nodules in my thyroid which will be done Friday.
One answer I got today was to the question.
Why did she wait so long to do the Biospy on the nodules, leaving me hanging to stress and worry about them for 2 months.
Answer: Your thyroid was so out of whack she wanted to let it settle down, wait for the swelling to go down so that she could better preform the biopsy and get the results with out problems, side affects or taking a chance she might have to repeat it.
Ok I can accept that to bad she didn't tell me that. Sur would ahve made my life easier.

Another questions was With everything wrong with the thyroid and the diseases it causes wouldn't it just be better for me to get it removed?
Answer: Personally as your physican I feel that it would benifit you to have it removed, but Tonya and this is a huge but, I am not the one who will be able to make that decesion, the Endocrinologist has to make that call. I will pass along my opinion on the matter to her and you can tell her how you feel about it but she will make the final decession as to leave it or remove it.
Ok that's a fair answer... so I'm going in Friday armed with all the reason I feel it would be better for me to have it removed.
One It has three nodules in it that have grown so whether they are cancer or not they could continue to grow and still have to be removed so take it out now.
Two it plays a huge roll in the Graves disease and can make it worse if and when It doesn't function properly.
Three it is one of 4 auto-immunine diseases you have diagnosed me with & when a person has one or more auto-immunine disease the body is in constant battle with its self making me sicker and sicker. the thyroid can be removed, I can take a pill every day and it will be one less auto- immunine disease to rage on my body making me sick. Plus there is every chance it would make the Graves Disease better or possibly go into full remission if thyroid is removed since it is caused from the Thyroid not working properly.
So we shall see how that goes with her..

Now the offical diagnoses:
Sjogren's Disease-- No Cure
Ostoarthritis in my hands, neck  & back--No cure but meds can help
Rheumatoid Arthritis over all --No cure but meds can help
Graves Disease--No cure basically but can get better with removal of Thyroid
Fibromyalgia-No cure meds can help-is made worse from Sleep Apnea, Sjogren's, Thyroid & Arthritis
Sleep Apnea-Caused basically from my Sjogren's.
My Mouth is so dry my tounge sticks to the roof of my mouth at night & cuts off my oxogen supply.
Which is why I wake up all the time..Guess there is no cure for that since I will never not have Sjogren's.
Thyroid Disease-She feels that I have Thyroidittis (swelling of the thyroid)
Will know more after visit & biopsy,
Thyroid Nodules-Will know more after visit & biopsy,
Sinus problems-made worse due to Sjogren's causes me to get Sinus Infections all the time & chest Infections.

So at least now I have diagnoses confirmed. Knowing helps tremendiously..
Most I knew about, I guess I had hoped there was some possibility of better relief. 
The thyroid issues are still up in the air.

The doctor ordered some new meds and some kind of Heat water therapy. Guess I need to fill one of my dreams and get a hot tub..I so want one...
Sister n law had one and it made such a difference for me but it broke so they pitched it...

I want to Thank Everyone for your kind words, kind thoughts and above all your prayers.

I don't think there is much chance that I will ever be my old self again but maybe there is hope that I will find some relief .
Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

I'm off to rip rags for Rag Balls... so until we meet again may your days be filled with sunshine in your heart and happy moments!!



  1. Oh Tonya ~ so sorry to hear all that.
    I've been back and forth to the doctor ~ they're trying to figure out my thyroid.
    Prayers and thoughts will flow your way.
    Hope you have some better news on Friday.
    Hang in there.
    Prim Blessings

    1. Hi Robin,

      I hope that you are able to find out soon what is going on with your thyroid.

      Thank you for your comments on my blog.

      I will be praying for you. Take care, Janet W

  2. Wow! I hope that there will be good news on Friday.

    I am glad that this doctor listened and answered your questions. It is such a relief for you.

    It is great the you keep creating. I do love to see your gatherings and things. :)

    Still prayin, Take care my friend. Janet W

  3. Hello Tonya....Remember me??? Sorry it's been so long between visits, but I'm all outta whack in a different way....Did spend some time catching up on your previous posts, but won't drive you nutty crazy commenting on each one. Love your new shop companion....but me thinks she might need a bigger bowl!!

    So sorry to hear you didn't get better news at the doctor's. It does get quite discouraging to see it all written out/spelled out that way....guess that's why I avoid listing all my "not quite rights" together. It'd make me think I was falling apart too. But at least some are manageable (and a few, unfortunately, to be expected like the arthritis, allergies, etc.), but it seems like the key for you at this point is the thyroid....Hopefully, you'll get some good guidance soon. Hope the biopsy goes well on'll be in my thoughts and prayers. Take good care....Hugs & Blessings ~ Robin

  4. Hi Tonya - you are such a sweetie thinking of others and wishing us sunshine but we are all praying for you to receive the BEST possible treatment for a better you!
    It is so so hard not knowing and I know totally what you mean about it making you feel worse hanging in limbo.
    I pray Friday will prove a relief for you too!

  5. Oh my, no wonder your body hurts with all that going on. I have osteoporosis and deteriorating discs in my lower back. I choose to keep on plugging away until I can't. Some days I can hardly get out of bed. We had a hot tub and it was great for me but not my hubs. He's not allowed to get in one due to his breathing issues. We had to sell it just like we had to sell the Harley. Darn the health problems anyway. Can't have any fun anymore.
    Hang in there, hope the Dr gives you the go ahead for your thyroid removal.
    Country at heart

  6. Well they say "knowledge is power" so at least you know what all your dealing with now, It does sound like it might benefit you to have the thyroid removed. You will continue to be in my prayers Tonya and I truly hope they can help keep all these things under control more (((((BIG HUGS)))))

  7. Sometimes knowing what is wrong can help...I'm sorry to hear of your problems Tonya. I'll pray for you. Hugs

  8. Wow what a list. I'm sorry Tonya. I hardly know what to say to encourage you. Just sending great big hugs. Sure hope you can get meds to help with most of the problems.


  9. Getting older is tough. Makes us wish we had taken better care of ourselves sooner, doesn't it? Still, I can't imagine we would have done much differently. I see my daughter lifting things way too heavy for her and say-oh, no. you shouldn't be doing that. Someday you will regret it! Or I wish I had never ridden all the way to St Louis on the back of that motorcycle. just stuff we all did as young, brave women..... obviously, the good Lord has plans for us that we aren't meant to understand just yet. good luck, Lady. Hope things work out for you. Sometimes meds can do it!

  10. HI
    Wow, that is a lot to have going on at the same time. I am glad you finally got some answers because I totally agree that the not knowing and waiting for tests/results is the worst! I can offer you hope with the RA as I have had that since the early 90's. My rhuematologist has been wonderful and with the meds I am on I forgot that I even have it most of the time. It is such a blessing that there are so many more options out there for us now. It is my prayer that you will find those that work and allow you to live life to the fullest.

  11. Wow Tonya. No 100% cure, at least now you have a start to mapping a care plan. Will keep thinking & praying for you. Hang in there! You are amazing and I wish I had your strength! ~*~Lisa

  12. Oh Tonya God bless you!! I am sending up a prayer for you. I love that you are still creating and going on with your life. It's that not knowing that gets to you!! as you know so well. Praying Friday brings some comfort to you and the answers you have been needing!! Take care!!! XO Love, Fran.

  13. Thank you all so much for all the positive thoughts and for all your prayers.
    You have no idea how much it has helped and how much your friendship means to me...

    God Bless you all


  14. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  15. Hi Tonya,
    Bad news or not you can now focus on the path to which you can get some relief from all you've been through. Knowledge is power! Stay positive my friend, we are all sending prayers up for you.

  16. Well dang it all...if it's not one thing it's another...but it does sound like with all the treatments/meds you can start to feel somewhat better and normal.
    I do hope your dr. listens to you and takes this other dr.'s recommendations into consideration about your thyroid...if it can help the other problems then it's certainly worth it.
    I'm praying for you Tonya...

    1. Oh Tonya,
      I am so sorry for you, truly I am. You are such a blessing to so many people. I don't know what God has planned, but remember that NOTHING is too big for him!
      Bless your heart, you have really been through the wringer, and you continue to have such a good disposition, you are truly a lady!
      I wish I could hit the lotto~ I would buy you a hot tub! Have you ever considered trying a few things? These are just suggestions~ I have seen a mouth guard thing that helps people that snore, now I know you don't~ because ladies don't snore! LOL! But, I was thinking, maybe it might help in some way to keep your airway from getting blocked. Also~ do you use a Neti Pot? I started using one this past year, and I will say, it REALLY helps my sinus and allergies! I got mine at Walgreens. I hope that you have a nice weekend, and have fun ripping the rags!

  17. Hey Tonya, I am glad they have finally diagnosed you..that is half the battle right lets get the remedy going to help you..I hope they can help you with the thyroid..sounds like it would help out in so many ways..and hopefully get you some relief and feeling like you again..You will be in my prayers..have a great weekend too:)


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