Saturday, February 11, 2012

Light at the end of the Tunnel Easter "GIVEAWAY" to celebrate & say Thank you!!

Good Morning my dear Prim Friends....Its funny how much stress & not having answers plays a roll in our daily lives and wipes the Smile from our face & the twinkle from our eyes. Last night I had such a fun time with the girls creating there Valentine's Boxes..I must have been smiling because my little buddy Hailey says to me 
"Aunt Tonya you sure are happy you feel better today?"
LOL..Yep actually I do Hailey :>)

I don't think we even realize it until someone points it out in a simple statement like Hailey's.
Physically I didn't feel an ounce better but mentally I felt great ..
My smile and the twinkle in my eyes must have been glowing!

As I was sitting there I said a little Thank You prayer for the joy of spending time with my nieces building Valentine Boxes, for finally having answers and some resolution and for all the people who have prayed for me..
Then I decided that I wanted to Celebrate my Smile that I thought I had lost forever and Thank those who have kept me in there thoughts and prayers for the past few months giving me that little added extra strength we need. You all have no idea how much your friendship, kind words and prayers have meant to me. You may not sit with me to have a cup of tea at my table while we chat but you have all become kindred spirits in my life and for that I am so grateful and want to Say Thank you in a special way!

I've decided to have an Easter GIVEAWAY!
As much as I would love to have new followers I've decided to keep this GIVEAWAY open to Existing followers ONLY as a Thank You for all of your support, kind thoughts and Prayers!
The Giveaway offering is:
One Dozen of my Chocolate and Spice Rolled Wax covered Easter Eggs.

One Dozen of my Rag Wrapped Easter Eggs.

The Rag wrapped Easter egg colors will vary from the picture.
If winner prefers any special color scheme such as all dark colors or all Spring Colors, please let me know when you email me with your Shipping Information. 

Entry Starts today 2-11-12 and Ends 2-29-12

The Rules are Simple:
1)Be an existing Follower
2)Comment your wish to enter here on this Blog page
3)Sign your name or Blog Title at the bottom of the post.
Since I have several followers with the same first name.
4) Check in on the 29th to see if you have won & shoot me off an emial with your
Name and Address and let me know if you have a speical color scheme you'd like your rag wrapped eggs to be.

I will write your names on a piece of paper and put them in a bowl, I will put some Kitty Treats in the bowl with the entries and on the 29th I will let Mama Kitty pick a name.

Did she say treats? Where? Tell me where, I love my Treats...!
LOL..She'll do anything for a treat!!

Good Luck and again Thank You all!

Prim Blessings and Hugs


  1. Tonya, glad to hear that you are feeling better. I was just thinking about Easter eggs this morning. You know I am a follower and would love a chance to win some of your wonderful eggs. I love all the wrapped colors you have made and the dipped ones are great. Please add my name to the list.
    Country at heart

  2. Tonya ~ I'm so glad that you are feeling better, and have a big 'ol smile on your face! :) I would love to be entered into your giveaway. I love the Easter eggs you have created ~ especially the rag wrapped ones!! (I am a follower.)
    Homespun Simplicity

  3. Glad you finally got the answers hopefully it will all be uphill now. Please enter me.
    Tammy S. Closson

  4. Good to hear from you Tonya and that your in good spirits - how sweet your niece commented on it!
    Sincerest hopes for better days ahead!
    I'd love to be entered if you are taking overseas entries - if not I fully understand!
    Blessings to you!
    Christine -

  5. Hi Tonya,

    It is great that you are smiling and having a great time with the girls. :) I so am happy for you.

    This is a great giveaway. I have been thinking about those eggs, especially rag ones. The other ones look great too. :)

    I would love to be entered in your giveaway.
    Take care, Janet W...

    Over The River And Through The Woods and

    Bear Country Primitives

  6. I am happy to hear that your spirit has picked up Tonya. You are such a positive person and it makes me wonder why I feel so bad all the time when I do not have the health problems you have. I would LOVE to win anything you have made..I Love all your things so please enter me in your give away and I will be keeping fingers crossed that Kitty will pull my name.
    Nancy (insidenanashead) :)

  7. Hey Tonya, toss my name in the bowl with the kitty treats. Glad you are feeling better today at least mentally anyway.


  8. oh sign me up sister..I would love to win these and set these out for easter and hope the littlest ones don't haul them off to play with..little stinkers..I am happy that you are feeling better and that your smile showed through.;)I love my blogging buddies and am so grateful for you and the others that have come into my life these last four years.) it has been so wonderful.;)

  9. Hi Tonya,
    So glad to hear that your spirits are up...I can hear you smiling through the words of your post. I would love to be entered into your giveaway. Keeping you in my prayers.

  10. You are a treasure, Tonya! You always want others to have a wonderful day, even if you are in pain!...Please sign me up for your wonderful giveaway....You know where to find me!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  11. Been thinking about you. I hope things continue to look up. Love the kitty picture.


  12. Hi Tonya,
    I'm so glad you found your smile! I am very excited about this lovely giveaway, count me in!
    Simple Pleasures

  13. Oh Tonya ~ I'm glad you could smile today ~ it must have felt good to lift that heavy weight from your shoulders.
    Love the eggs and would love to be entered in!
    Prim Blessings

  14. Yes your right when your stressed for so long sometimes you just don't realize till it's pointed out.I've been there a few times lately.Glad you're smiling again.Count me in for the egg~ siting giveaway.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  15. Tonya,

    Keep smiling! You are doing great! Just love all your creations. Prims are perfect!

    Have a super day!

    Many Blessings,


  16. Hi Tonya,
    I'm so happy your getting your sparkle back~ stay strong~ there is always a light at the end of the tunnel!
    I'd love the chance at your prim eggs~ they look so perfectly prim!
    Keep smiling my friend,
    prim.crafts at

  17. Oh Tonya - With all you have to deal with I can't believe you are doing a giveaway as are too sweet!
    I'd love to be included - your eggs are so nice - so please throw my name in the drawing!
    I'm continuing to pray for you dear.
    Hugs and blessings
    Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies

  18. Love your eggs and would love to win thank u for the great giveaway keep your chin up and know you are here for a purpose and God loves and watches over you even when you think he may have let you down big hugs and keep smiling!!! Besides when you smile they may not know your up to something lol

  19. I love the brown eggs. Most of all keep that smile on your face hon. Blessings!

  20. Holy Moly lady, I've been away from blogging fro some time haven't
    I read your previous posts...I SAY THERE CERTAINLY IS POWER IN PRAYER...What a blessing has come to you in that you will be debt free of those nasty old medical bills (till you hear from the other source and that will be good news as well.)
    I'd love to be entered in your wonderful give away!

  21. I have been praying for you, I believe in prayer.
    I am glad to see your feeling some what better.
    I have health issues and having a lump removed Feb 28th at 8:00am, then treatment.
    My Hubby and sons and my prim friends have really been there for me.

    I always try to laugh which hubby always makes me laugh...I believe that is the best medication out there.

    I love your eggs you made and would love to enter in your egg giveaway!

    Thanks a bunch and you are in my thoughts and prayers.


  22. The smile in your words sounds so good to hear finally. Yea for you!! Your eggs are sweet - I especially love the "chocolate" dipped ones. Please enter me in your giveaway (and tell Mamma Kitty I'll give her some extra treats if she picks me....) ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  23. I would love to win some of your eggs.
    How sweet of you to work so hard and then give away these beauties.
    You are a real trooper.
    Linda Parker

  24. Tonya, I'm glad your spirits are up! Prayer is an awesome thing indeed. I am a follower and read your blog often. The eggs are just adorable! Thanks for the giveaway.
    Phyllis L.

  25. Oops! forgot to say "yes" count me in the giveaway lol

    Thank you for the Giveway of such lovely prim eggs. Have a wonderful week!

    Blessings & Hugs,
    The Old Farm Bell

  26. I would love to be entered in your give-away. Those eggs are great!. Thanks, Cyndy


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