Thursday, May 31, 2012

Beautiful Flowerbed Finally Finished-Take a peek at what two old cripped up ladies can do!

A huge hello to all my Friends out there in Blogland...Nope I haven't forgotten you just much going on in my life ...To much actually and not necessarily all good things! But life goes on.. I've been telling you all about my SIL Peg's huge Flowerbed that Peg and I have been working on for a month...Why a month..well when ya got two old ladies with bad backs and one who just had surgery we are only good for about an hour before we crap out... But we prevailed and it is finally finished.
Now let me give you some back ground..this huge flowerbed was over run with weeds and plants that just took over. For the last couple of summers it was so bad that it looked like a jungle..
So with that said the first thing we had to do was start yanking out what she didn't want in there any more and all of the weeds before we could invision a real flowerbed...
So each of us armed with a spade, a bent fork little hand rake looking thing & our rubber garden pad we went to work one weed at a time... Now picture two cripped up ladies scooting  across a 43 foot flowerbed a foot at a time on our little foam garden pads digging up weeds.. We laughed so hard at our cripped up selves it was rediculous...
We did like an 8 ft section at a time.. Once we got about half of it done we could see taht we wanted to move large plants around so we had to find the shovel I dug while Peg Pulled a little to losen them up and out they came & into pots. We gathered stones from the farm for the pond and the stone edging.
You can't see it to well in the first picture but there is a Clemitis Vine in the left corner. We hung strings down from the top of the porch for it to climb and as of today it has gone 4 feet up the twine and has over 20 Flowers on it... It just needed a place to climb to really bloom..

We started on this corner first...and worked our way to the pond.

Once we got it all cleaned out and dug out the plants we wanted to move we transplanted the ones we wanted in this section. You can't see them very well but I gave Peg a few of my Hens & Chicks that my mom gave me before she passed and she planed them in the old Shoe.
Angel got her the pretty stepping stones once it was all done.

Angel also got her the pretiest shepards hook with Humming bird feeders on it. We put it behind the pond.
The pond has been here for 6 or 7 years but needed some TLC.
I donated my Water spout filter from my old pond. Peg Loves Frogs so I found all kinds of cute Stuffed Frogs at the Good Will for 33 cents each.. She loved all of them so they are here there and everywhere in the Flower Garden...All the stones we gathered around the farm to rebuild the Pond.
You will Notice that the pond is really green but we couldn't treate it till all those little black dots you see turned into Frogs. Yep 100's upon 100's of Tadpols hatched and were just waiting to grow legs and become 100's of Frogs. They will be the cute little Green Tree Frogs once they get there legs and hop away. They hang around and you can hear them singing all day & all night long...It takes awhile to get used to there singing...cause some times when they all get to singing they get really loud.
Some make there way to the swimming pool to make the kids jump when they hop around...hehehe!
They have almost all gottent here legs and started to make there way around the yard and soon we can treat the pond..
I don't know how I missed taking a picture of all the Panies we planted in front of the pond but if ya look real close you can see one on the corner there.

Once we finished the pond we started the second section.
Angel got her mom more Stepping Stones as we progressed...

Working our way down...Lots of Transplanting took place down this side.

This is the area that we actually tansplanted the majority of the plants we dug up...
Another 8 feet an Old Wagon Wheel and a beautiful Bird Bath.

Closer look at the Bird Bath....
Yep another 8 feet and were getting closer to the end...See the peeking Froggie

Only 8 feet or so left and we will finally be done...Check out the Old Spinning Wheel!
It now has flowing Petunia's growing out of it..
And there you have it 43 foot of jungle turned into a beautiful flowerbed by two old cripped up ladies..and it only took us a month to do it...
Peek a Boo another Froggie ....

I hope you all enjoyed visiting our Flowerbed journey. I can't wait till everything is in bloom it should be really beautiful..

I will bid you all a Good day filled with Sunshine and happy moments!



  1. Tonya, I think you ladies found a NEW job.LOL
    You gals did an AWESOME job and WOOOOOOO how I love the fish pond.
    I can see all the hard work you both did but so worth it!!!!
    Tonya I still keep you in my prayers. I understand about being ill and surgeries, YUCK
    I say.
    I am happy that you were able to do something great and now you can sit out there the both of you with a big cold drink and enjoy what you gals created!!! AWESOME!!!!!!

  2. Wow, what a lot of hard work. Y'all did an awesome job.

  3. What a great thing to do with a friend - your work is awesome. Now you can sit back and relax (relax those burned out muscles) and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Very pretty Tonya.

  4. Wow you both did an AMAZING job. How pretty it all turned out. Now you can rest and enjoy.


  5. What a great job! It looks wonderful! I am tired just thinking about how much work that was. Hard labor with lots of great results. Enjoy all those singing frogs. Blessings ~Sara

  6. How do you do all this?! It is BEAUTIFUL!!! You have inspired me to get off my behind! LOL! ~*~Lisa

  7. Holy CRAP!! Do you two old crippled up gals hire out?!! Yikes! I have a little teeny tiny strip behind my garage that I can't manage - you two would have it whipped into amazing shape in an hour! And then you could do something with our so-called pond...and then there's the front yard....oh and the side of the garage... ;o) Seriously - I'm seriously impressed. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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