Monday, January 3, 2011

The New Year brings even more New Gatherings!!

A Big Hello to all my Prim Blogg Friends... Hope that you are off to a good start to a great year ahead.

I've been keeping busy in the shop as you may have noticed... Feeling pretty good about all the New Creations.. Looked this morning and guess what? The Laundry Room Gathering that was my fav so far has a bid on it... Big Smile!!
With any luck all of them will have bids by the end of the week and find there way to there new home come shipping Day..

So without further ado... here's another Sneak Peek... I think you are gona really love the last three gatherings...I love all three of them...

 ~Primitive Open Faced Panrty Spice Cupboard Gathering~

~Primitive Pantry Shelf Gathering~

~Primitive Library Shelf Keep Clock Gathering~
 There you have it... the latest From My Primitive Creations!!
LOL.. I had to laugh when I looked at the Clock it reads 5 after 5...Yep I was up till after 5 last night finishing this gathering and getting the pics.. It was a great night in the creative mind was working over time...and it paid off these gatherings are beautiful if I do say so myself...
Looking forward to reading everyone's comments on this weeks Sneak Peeks.....Love to hear which gatherings you all like the best and any suggestions you might have!!

May your day be blessed with sunshine in your heart!!



  1. Tonya
    Your gatherings are just packed full of goodies!
    Really like the primitive pantry shelf gathering!
    Wonderful work!
    enjoy the day

  2. I love all of these! The Open Faced Spice Cupboard is my favorite, but the other two are close seconds. I love that you enjoy what you are doing so much you get lost in it til 5 after 5!
    That is a testament to "Do what you love and love what you do!"

  3. They all look great, Tonya. You have been working hard.


  4. I don't know which one I like the most..I hope you have so many sales that you have to work non stop :) They should all sell real quick :)

  5. I like them all! I hope you have a good week.


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