Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ever go Shopping Only to discover ya forgot your money?

A fine Sunny Sunday day to ya all!!
Good olde Ohio we never cease to wonder in the weather changes.. I actually woke up this morning with the Sun shinning in my of my most loved pleasures in life... but let me tell ya I opened the door to let Puddle out and found it to be a total deception... LOL...the themometer said 21 degree's...Burrrrrrr

Well ladies and gents... have you ever gone shopping only to discover that you have no money with you.. yep ya forgot your purse or wallet... Such was my situtation the other day when I decided it was time to get out of the shop and away from the computer and I took off thrifting... LOL... go ahead laugh at me ..I did... 

I was to excited to be getting out of here and going thrifting I simply walked out the door got in the van and took off only to discover after driving 10 miles to town tht my purse wasn't sitting on the seat when I arrived at the thrift store...
Now I know I said I didn't have much to spend but that was a bit rediculous to say the least... Talk about busting your happy bubble...but I was determined to go inside dispite my situation.. I mean I had already driven 10 miles to town, I needed a Thrift store break I'm going in.... 
Suddenly I remembered my change holder so I grabbed all the change I had a total of $10.53... Ok that will do...I'm a happy lady once more...I get to go thrifting!! 
As I made my way threw the store ....I kept reminding self that I only had $10 to spend and don't forget taxes...not allowing my limited funds distract me.

 I made my way threw the store taking my good olde time...remember this was my break from reality ... I think my guardian angel was riding in the cart as I picked out things that I truly needed and could use in my gatherings.  I didn't even count the dollar amount..I figured that I could always put things back at the check out...
I found four little apothecary jars, two pillow cases,(rip up & use them for towels in my gatherings), a little basket, a pair of Brown Baby shoes, an oil lamp, and a Glass Canister.
I found four shelves but they were out of the question considering my money situation...ugg..they were perfect for what I do but .....
I made my way to the check out...the girl rang everything up... Opps Total $11.10...and I explain I need to take soemthing off I only have $10.53... she smiles at me and says hang on I haven't done you Buckeye Card discount yet... Click she punches it in and the total comes up to $9.64...YeHaaa... just like McDonalds I have change left over...
My cashier knows me since I shop there weekly... and we both started laughing ..and she says well you won't get your punch in your card but ya didn't have to put anything back... I smiled and said..." well, I don't have my card anyway so I guess it all worked out.."
I took my two bags and happily left with a smile on my face ...
Stress relief mission accomplished!!

I still had to run back home and get my purse so I could go to the grocery store and buy kerosene for the shop heater..but it was a nice day for a ride... and it kept me out of the shop and away from the computer a few hours....

When I got home I decided to make Salt Dough Valentine and Cinnamon Applesauce Valentine and Easter Cut outs. they're all on my shelf in the finished product room drying...My Neice Hailey helped me and I totally forgot to take pictures... we just got so involved it slipped my mind...but we had a blast making them...We made Hearts, Bunny's, Chicks, Crosses, Shamrocks and Easter soon as they dry she and I are going to decorate them and then decorate our little trees with them...

Then it was back to the shop last night day shopping and tinkering paid off. with everything saned, painted and sanded again ... I have 13 gatherings ready to put together...I will start them tonight. 

It was a good day despite forgetting my purse... yes a good day indeed... 

Now it is time to get this weeks sales all packed up and ready to ship tomorrow morning... So I will bid you all a Happy Sunday..... 



  1. Now that sounds like something I would do!
    At least you had enough to get some things.
    I love your gatherings, but I don't have
    any room to hang much of anything.
    Thanks for the laugh. :) Have a great day.

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  2. You lucked out at the thrift shop;) I've never forgotten the purse, but I've arrived at public places before and realized I had slippers on my feet, LOL! Sounds like you had a lot of fun with those ornies and enjoy your sun, we don't have any here in PA:(

  3. When we first moved here I went down to the local grocery store. I had all my groceries rung up and bagged, all I had to do was pay. OOOPPSSS no checks in the checkbook. The lady behind the counter says, "that is okay, just sign your slip and pay for it the next time you come in." So I drove home with my groceries, got my checkbook and went right back to pay. She said, "Oh dear you didnt need to come right back, you could of paid whenever you were in town again." I thought wow that is really small town, love it.

  4. Well, I haven't forgotten my purse, but I had gone to an "off the beaten path" junk shop while on vacation last summer assuming that I could use a debit or credit card for purchases . . . NOPE . . . cash only. How frustrating!

  5. Sounds like a fun day - even without your purse. You got some great goodies - can't wait to see your creations.


  6. Every thing worked out in the end. How wonderful. Blessings!

  7. Tonya
    glad it all worked out to be a good day!
    Sounds like Hailey & you had a wonderful time!Memories you will remember without the pics!
    enjoy the evening


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