Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Idle Chit Chat~Snow and a funny Kitty story

Howdy Friends.... and how many of you are snowed in this morning... ?? What a mess we have here in Ohio. Old man winter didn't let up for a second yesterday it snowed all day long and then to top it off the wind was relentless so we have snow drifts everywhere... I keep looking at my van wondering if it is going be moving anytime soon...I'm thinking not unless I choose to shovel a 300 foot driveway...ugg.. I just think It will stay put and see if the sun melts some of this mess... I had to shovel my path to and from the shop 20 times yesterday ...nice work out and the body feels it....and looking out my office window~~ it appears I will be getting yet another work out today...Maybe several if the wind keeps blowing up snow drifts in my path..

Ok I finally figured it out... God instructs Old man winter to plaster Ohio with snow so Tonya will get out and exercise and work off all that Christmas candy...LOL... 

My Laugh of the day..You will have to close your eyes and imagine what I'm about to share with you but I think you will get a bit of laughter out of it...Wish I had pics to share but it all happened to fast...

When the sun was shinning the other day it melted the snow on top of the trailer and created Icicles coming down in front of my office window. the bird feeders are just outside my window so Tasha and MamaKitty are always attentive. Well Tasha has taken to trying to reach out to the icicles. If I am right in watching her she is frustrated that she can't get to them.  This morning the little ones started to fall off quite quickly and she was sitting on the window ledge as they fell. All of a sudden she is going nuts jumping at the window, yanking at the blind to get it out of her way...turning herself upside down as they are falling off. I'm cracking up and MamaKitty is looking at her like she has gone plumb crazy....
Suddenly She jumps down from the window sill, runs over me at my desk, down the hall and then comes barreling back, jumps over me up to the window, paws reaching out and she attacks those falling Icicles with all her might.....Only to find that her great tactics didn't work and down comes the blind and Tasha. She looks up at me with the most comical look as she shakes her head in wonder or pain I'm not sure.

Now you would have to know Tasha, she doesn't take defeat real well...So she gathers her pride and goes back to the window sill and starts smacking at the icicles once again... Looking back at me as if to say, Don't look at me like that mom and stop laughing I will get those icicles you wait and see...I was laughing so hard...and Thanking God for all the entertainment my Kitty's give me every day...this all went on for about an hour until all of the Icicles melted... she is now fast asleep after all that exercise..

 I wish I had as much energy as my Kitty's do... just think what I could accomplish...!!

I finally got all the new gatherings listed last night on Ebay...and YeHa I have a bid on the Quilt Cupboard. My fav out of the last four gatherings I created...I'm on a roll for the last 5 weeks everyone of my favs have gotten the first bid... Kinda neat...

I'm still in my funky sleepy mood today but have great plans awaiting me in the shop so I guess I will bid you all a Wonderful Day and go shovel my way to the shop and get started...

Until we meet again!!


  1. LOL, sounds like your kitty is having fun:D We have about 18 inches now here in pa total, I am SOoooo ready for spring to come!!!

  2. Omgosh!! How funny is that, cats really are alot of fun to watch!! We are getting a few good inches here in Vermont today....hopefully not as much as you!!LOL!!! Have a great day!!:0)

  3. Too funny, don't ya just love them! They are entertaining! I just love mine to death, they give me joy, warmth & company!
    Yep, snow still coming down!
    enjoy the day

  4. Tonya, That's too funny. Gotta love our pets!
    Great story!

  5. Hi Tonya, loved the story. Liked your new creations the other day too. Stay warm in all that snow!!

  6. Well first of all the snow part is a little funny to me, and the cat part is hilarious because I can just picture my idiotic cat doing the same thing. I love my cat.
    I live in the very northern part of Maine. My son is 3 hours south of me at college. We have had very little snow at all this year. Yesterday we got 1-3 inches. Sorry but it does make me smile just a little bit. I try not to but I can't help myself lol.
    Nice to meet you Lorna.

  7. Tonya, I am reading your blog, but I especially like your photos! You are very good at arranging and decorating as well as crafting! I will add your site to my favorites and add this to my Facebook page too so others can see it! Blessings, Teri


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