Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Word Challange~Patience~New Business Card~

Good Afternoon my dear Prim Friends~Wow what a day and it's only half over..

I ordered a new Business card and they arrived the other day. I'm  just tickled to death with them and wanted to share them with you, see what you all think of them..

I liked how it turned out so much that I actually ordered two magnets just like it to go on my Van.

Now on to that word Challenge~PATIENCE~

The word challenge of the week From Dan at "Yesterday No More" is Patience. I'm not sure how to write about patience in my life. I know where to start!
Everyday when I wake up my first prayer is to ask god for patience among other things.

When you are young you are just learning patience and many times, not an easy emotion to learn to handle..I think that I truly learned to practice patience daily when I had a Child. Suddenly there was another person in my life that would do things to test my patience...When she turned two I became a foster parent and my patience was tested hourly rather then daily not only with the children but with the system that governs the over all care of Foster children.

I'm the first one to admit that I am sometimes quick to speak my mind and say it how it is.
When dealing with children and goverment systems it isn't always advisable to speak to quickly but rather to be patient, think things threw and then speak...
Well not an easy task for me at all even today!
I guess I would say that I have no patience for playing games with words or life. I can say I am better at finding patience with those things but far from perfect.

I'm one of those kinds of people that think it's better to get things done and don't procrastinate about them... Once done then your time is your own.
Kids and many adults don't have any concept of that therory, so I have to practice my patience skills with them.. 

I was diagnosed with Arthritis along with other forms of auto immune problems such as Sojrenes Disease at a very young age. For those of you who do not know what that is, the easiest way to explain it is that your bodies watering/wetting glands do not work. Your eyes do not water properly causing Dry Eye and eye Infections. When my eyes do water/tear the tears are not like most tears they are like watered down glue, very thick.  

Your mouth does not water so your mouth feels like you have Cotton balls stuffed in it all the time. If your mouth waters it is also like watered down glue, very thick, unable to wash away bacteria and food. It makes it hard to swallow, It decays your teeth, it causes food and drink to make blisters in your mouth, it makes your skin very dry and cracking. It also affects your joints and internal organs over time. 

This disease test my patience daily. When I am creating something and my eyes decide to cloud I have to be patient and wait till they clear.. Sometimes it makes me very angry and frustrated because I want to finish what I'm doing and I can't. Patience~patience~patience!!

When you own your own business you have to paractice patience everyday with your customers.
Then of course the Computer~yes the computer it has a way of challenging each and everyone of us every day.. Thank god I have learned patience or my computer would be laying in the driveway...LOL...

I think for me practicing patience is one of my greatest challenges on a daily basis. 

Time for Tonya to head to the shop..she needs to create at least 5 gatherings tonight..
Thank God it warmed up here in Ohio today so the shop is toasty warm so creaing will be much easier... Smiling!!

Have a wonderful evening!!


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  1. I LOVE your new cards Tonya! Very nice indeed, and patience is a hard thing, especially when dealing with chronic health issues. When I worked at the animal hospital I had unbelievable patience with the animals, but when it comes to my health issues, I have NONE! Enjoy your time in the shop and keep on creating:)

  2. Your new business cards are wonderful. Blessings!

  3. I love your new cards also, I have the same ones, well they have my info on them.
    I love your thoughts on patience, we all need to get those in check sometimes.
    Enjoy the shop and you are an amazingly strong talented woman!!

  4. I love reading your blog and you are right about patience...I raised 9 kids and that just about took all the patience I had.
    You are a very talented lady and I love all your gatherings...I would like to make some gatherings if I had a place to do them and a place to find the stuff to use.
    Hey did you enter my giveaway??? Go do it quick if you havn't since I think I will be ending it in a few days...Have a good week end :)


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