Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Items Now Listed In Good For Sale~Go Peek~

Happy Wednesday every one out there in Blogg land.
I hope everyone is having a great Day!!

I just wanted to let every one know that I now have items listed.
Click on the "GOODS FOR  SALE' page next to my Home page
You will find a variety of things listed.
~Rag Garland~Rag Balls~Rag Ball Ornaments~
~Wrapped Aged Wood Pins~Dresses~Valentine Hearts~
~Grubby Candle Nubby's~Grubby Candle Tapers~
~Bowl Fillers~Year Round Tree Ornaments~

I will be listing things as I go.
If you want a specal Color of something let me know.
Keep in mind Special orders will actually need to be Created so give me about 10 days to get them finished before shipping.
I will always let you know if I have to actually make an item.

Be sure to check in regularly to see what is new!!

Have a Great Day


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