Friday, January 28, 2011

Awesome News for Me~New Gatherings~Thoughts!!

A Big Huge Howdy to everyone... I hope everyone is having an awesome Day today!!

I woke up in the greatest mood this morning, no particular reason but it sure felt good since I've been in a funk for weeks it seems. Winter Blues like many of us out there.

I have the greatest news...Remember me telling you all about my Eye Doctor asking me to create the Rice Bags in hopes that I might start a side business creating them for his Practice.
I had my appointment on Tuesday the 25th. Good day to deliver the finished Rice Bags.
I took 11 bags in and am happy to say paid down my bill ..gotta love the barter system!!
He called me this morning and made my already happy mood 100% happier.
He sold all 11 Rice Bags in two days and he ordered 20 more. I think  will make 40 and have them ready to go when he has the next 20 sold.

Now here is even more good news to go with the new order. He said he will be sharing the Rice Bags with other Eye doctors at his next conference as well as with fellow eye doctors in our area and very possibly will turn this into an even larger little business.
If his selling 11 bags in two days is any indication of what I might expect I could have myself a nice little business going on in no time at all..
As I sit here thinking about this I had to kinda laugh at the whole thing.
It was pain and the serious problem with my eyes that took me to the Eye Doctor in the first place. All the panic about my eyes and how I might pay my bill actually turned into a little business that would pay off my bill, take away my panic and possibly even turn out to make extra money..
 Now that deserves a huge pat on the back and put a huge smile on my face and in my heart!!
Not to mention a huge prayer of Thanks that God gave my hands the ability to create!!

Speaking of creating Yes I've been busy all week creating!!
Here's your sneak Peek at all the new creations.

~Apothecary Cupboard Pantry Goods Gathering~

~Harvest 1776 Apple Crate Cupboard Side Gathering~

~Necessary Room Shelf Gathering~

~Stoneware Crock & Wares Pantry Gathering~

~Tray "Kindness" Pillow Ornie~Rag-Ball Candle Gathering~

~Powder Room Shaby Tray Gathering~
I love this gathering the pictures don't do it justice I'm afraid.
 There you have it, all of this weeks Creations.

Talking about barting...Time to start paying off my barter on getting my van fixed. Tonight I will start Spackling my Son-n-Law Shane's Paint room.
I'm actually looking forward to it... I need a good break from my daily routine creating and this will be a fun one as I like to spakle. I won't get it all done tonight but I'll get a good start on it and maybe I'll work on it tomorrow as well...I'll have to see how my arms hold up..

Well Ladies and Gents time to get busy... so I'm off to cut out Rice Bags and get those started...
I bid you all a wonderful weekend filled with happy Smiles!!



  1. WOW!! Way to go with the rice bags Tonya, that is AWESOME!!! See, sometimes it *pays* to be in pain;) I love the gatherings, the apple crate one is adorable! hope you have a wonderful weekend and stay warm:)

  2. I would love to make some of those for my eye doctor to see what he thinks..can you give me the directions and ingrients used? have a wonderful weekend and kudos on the bigger business venture.;)

  3. Great news!Isn't it so funny how things work out!
    So many pretty gatherings!

    Ireceived the firkin gathering all safe & sound! Wonderful gathering!( thanks!)
    enjoy the day

  4. Thats wonderful news! Always nice to be able to barter.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  5. Wow awesome news and I love all your new gatherings, "beautifully prim".

  6. What an amazing amount of crafting you got done!
    How fantastic you can barter with the fruits of your labor!

  7. Love all your gatherings and am very happy for you with the rice bags..I have mine in a shop but nothing is selling in the shop right now. Went to thrift store today and found 4 things but nothing I could use in a gathering..I will keep looking and maybe find a good will store or salvation army store..that is where the best finds usually are :)

  8. I am so happy for your good news.
    betty, through my back door

  9. I am thrilled for you! Have fun spackling!

  10. Hi Tonya, so glad to find you on Blogger, I have spent many evenings admiring your gatherings on ebay! Now that I have found you on here I would like to say that I have always admired your business idea of gatherings, and you do it so well! Prim in a kit. Love your gatherings, take care

  11. Just found your blog while hopping around and loveeee the story of your rice bags ! Congrats to you...Going to read some of your previous posts.
    Prim Huggs n Blessins


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