Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's Rainin on my parade again..I mean Pouring

How's everyone doing out there in blog land?
Today was Carmen's Birthday so we all went out to Celebrate tonight at Red Lobster... Yummy was it ever good ....I think we all ate to much...but we had a great time!!
She got her birthday wishes...
I created her More Rag Balls for the Kitty's to steal                      

                                        Easter Bunny's Popping out of Egg Bowl fillers
Valentine Bowl fillers Or 4th of July
Kitty Cat Bowl Fillers
Plus I got her A new Jacket and a huge Old wood Spoon for her collection.
She has another gift I created but they didn't get dry so she has to wait ...Oh the suspense!!!..........but hey that just means she gets to celebrate longer...
I think she had a good Birthday....!! 

Not only has it poured rain here in Ohio for the last 24 hours it has being pouring on my parade again... LOL..My van finally broke down Monday... I was getting ready to go to the Post office..which by the way was closed... when I started the van and started to back out it made this awful sound.. So I get out and there is this huge circle of what I thought was transmission Fluid there on the ground.. It was actually Power Steering Fluid flooded out and I no longer have power Steering so I can't even turn the wheels...
So that means that not Only will the brake lights not stay off, and the Transmission is leaking but the power steering is broken... As I said Pouring on my Parade...

I drove it to Carmen's tonight which took 30 minutes since it is near impossible to turn the wheels....Her hubby is going to work on it this week... Thank god he is mechanical..
We made a trade... I'm going to Spackle the drywall in his new paint room in trade for fixing my van..which is good cause I'm flat broke...
I drove his work car home and it was a real has more noises then you can imagine. It sings like a nest full of Hungry Baby Robins.. I cracked up laughing as it was singing to me all the way home...
I'm really grateful he let me use it so I best not make to much fun of it... 

All and all it has been a pretty good week this week if I don't count the Van breaking down...
Sales were down a bit on Ebay...bummer.. and you know that Firkin Bucket isn't getting the bids I had hoped for but it has had way over 100 lookers...Hoping it picks up several more bids before it ends...Not much else going on so I think I will call it a night and actually get some sleep tonight...
Until we meet again... may your day be filled with many Blessings!!  Tonya


  1. Tonya,
    I am so sorry you are going through this with your car! I am glad that your SIL can fix it though. That IS a blessing!
    Carmen got some great things for her birthday!
    I truly hope you have better sales, have you thought about Etsy at all?
    Have a better day!

  2. Nothing worse than car trouble, how blessed you are that SIL can fix it.
    Hope the sales improve.

  3. Tonya!
    Well I love what you have been working on last post & this one!
    Wonderful job with them!
    Keep trying, Yes like Rennee said maybe etsy, but this time of year is rather slow, things should pick up around end of February, usually does!
    Good luck & hang in there!

  4. Those bowl fillers are too adorable!!! Hope the van gets fixed too, car troubles are the pits:(

  5. Love the bowl fillers. I wish my pain would go away so I could get more done. It usually eases up after 8 P M and it is no fun sitting up all night working on things. I did get a quilt made for bed in master BR and also have 4 almost finished (Christmas 2011 gifts for kids) as soon as I get the squares with name monogramed and then will be quick to get them finished. Sorry to hear about your are lucky to be able to barter the work on it and then know it will make it to P O. You know if you pay on line then you can request a pick up with your mail carrier...I don't pay on line because I might calculate the wrong amount. Keep your chin up..If I had extra money I would be buying some of your awesome gatherings...I love them all. I need to get busy and list some things but am hoping ebay has another special soon :)


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