Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Why must it pour when it rains in our life???

A sunny good morning to all my prim friends from here in Sunny Ohio...Lol... I just had to say that... we have sunshine and 45 degrees...

This is Ohio and it isn't Sunny in Janurary ..but I got to tell you it has to be a blessing because this morning there is no Sunshine any where else in my day... that old saying "When it rains it pours in your life" is right on the mark ...ugggg

I'm famous for having a van that doesn't run...engine blew up in my van last summer so I was forced to buy a new one and I've been in love with it for 7 months.. U see I hadn't had a really nice van in years..Between my Cleaning business and my craft business it seemed pointless to own a nice van...

Well my love affair with my new van started breaking down about three weeks ago when it started leaking Tansmission Fluid & starter fluid.. then last night I loaded up my Ebay shipment and the van wouldn't start...Really really bad timing !!

Here's where the drizzle turns into pouring rain...Of course I'm broke after the holidays, who isn't? This makes van repair a bit difficult when your wallet is empty... I had a cleaning job lined up today that had to be canceled so there went the extra cash I needed to get me by till Ebay sales picked up....

Then of course I need to get my shipment to the post office so my buyers are happy by the end of the week...hummm maybe I can use Pegs van to run to the post office.. but you can see the rain is starting to fall harder...

Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment at the clinic to get three fillings replaced that fell out... ok no big deal just make another appointment...Not so easy...for a couple of reason....  I have waited 3 months to get in already... not good on exposed since it is a clinic if you miss an appointment you get pushed to the end of the appointment may or may not be able to get in for 6 months or longer.... Now it is really raining..

Not to sound greedy but was praying for a super sales week and only have one item with a bid and I really need to fill the wallet with bill of course I was hoping for better...  

My new Christmas Heating Blanket stopped working last night..burrr

My eyes are acting up again and really hurt today... and I didn't  make that any better when my the storm hit and my tears came rolling down with frustration at the unfolding of this rain storm...
The charger is on the battery and I sure am thankful the sun is shinning and it is reasonably warm...Forgive me for whining...I know this to will pass and all will be well again....simply hate rains storms in my otherwise organized life.... thank god for the bright sunshine he has blessed Ohio with today!! Just say a little prayer for me!!

Despite my rain storm I did create two more gatherings last night...

~Vintage Mason Jar Pantry Cupboard Gathering~
~Bread Tray Candle Lamp Pear Gathering~

May your day be filled with Sunshine all day long!!

Many Blessings


  1. Something good will happen today for you Tonya..I remember my GM always saying "The Lord will provide" when things got really bad and she was always right..she would get a check for a sewing job or from her tiny stocks but it was always enough to see her through. I have had that happen several times this past month so I know what she believed will come true for you too..You have to believe it though...The Lord knows what is best for you and there is a plan he has for you too. I will keep you in my prayers :)

  2. What a time you have had Tonya. Never never ask "What's next." You really don't want to know. I pray for the light at the end of this tunnel to reveal itself to you soon. The world brought you to this and the Lord will bring you thru this.
    Keeping you in prayer,

  3. Tonya
    Hang in there>>sales will pick up>> your items are wonderful!
    Things will all come together>>Keep the sunshining in!Smile>>Get the teeth fixed>>it will make you feel better!
    We all go through it>>your a tough cookie>>chin up girl!
    Will keep you in my prayers

  4. I hope your downpour lets up soon, and I don't know why but it always goes that way:( Hoping for better days ahead for you ((hugs))

  5. Oh Tonya, I am sorry to hear of your woes but like you said, it will pass.
    When I have days like that I just keep repeating to myself how some others are having it much worse.
    I am thankful for so many other blessing in my life.

    I'm sending you a hug and blessings for better times coming!

  6. Well, think on the positive side, it can't really get much worse. :) When I have days like that, I try and remind myself all of the good that happened that day; a roof over my head, running water, etc. Even the little things like the dog didn't have an accident in the house and my son made the morning school bus so I didn't have to drive him. It's so easy to get frustated. Believe me, I know! LOL. *hugs*

  7. Well I am sending you a BIG HUG right back! It sounds like we have the same issues with our vehicles! We have had ours since 2001, it's been a great van, but we had to replace the tranny back in the summer, NOT CHEAP, and since then, it's been things here and there.
    If I had money, I'd certainly buy something from you. I just always have to be so careful, but from time to time, I can treat myself to something fun.
    I'll be praying for you as well. I too know to count my blessings, and I do, it's just wearing sometimes.
    We'll hang in there together my friend! There HAS to be a bright spot somewhere! At least you are getting some sunshine!
    Haven't seen the sunshine in Minnesota for quite a bit, cloudy and cold!
    Bless you!

  8. I seem to always be waiting for the next disaster to happen, crummy way to live life, but these days have been so hard for many of us. Keep your chin up, you are remarkably talented!


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