Saturday, January 22, 2011

To die For Firkin Bucket Winner & Beautiful Special Order

A Snowy Cold Ohio Hello to all my fellow Bloggers~I hope that you are all staying warm!
I could barely get my shop warmed up past 60 degrees last night and my toes were freezing ..makes it real hard to work when your cold. Not to mention it is even cold in my trailer... I have had enough of this thing called winter!!

When I decided to take the leap and learn to Blog like everyone I had sevral reason I felt it would be fun and benefit both my personal life with meeting new Friends that loved Primitive Decor and I felt it would also add to my business life.
Getting to know what people in the Prim world wanted and liked as well as get new idea's to improve my creative mind.
I can't say enough about all the people who encourage each other,share there lives,  and ideas with everyone.
It is an awesome experience, I've gotten to know so many people and learn so much about what people want and like as well as more ideas then my mind can begin to take in.
What fun I've had meeting and sharing wtih everyone and it has certianly benefited my business.

People are contacting me for Special Orders which I absolutely Love Creating.
People are buying from My Primitive Creations.
So with that said first of all Thank you!

Secondly we have a winner of the
 "Firkin Bucket Pantry Gathering"
She is one of us here in Blogland !!
The winner is Treasa from Deppen Homestead

I think she commented  
"That Firkin Bucket Gathering is to die for"
Thank You, it's yours ~I know you'll love it Treasa!

I'd like to also share a Special Order with you that one of
my followers ordered after seeing Carmen's Bathroom gathering
that I created for her for Christmas. 
She is a regular buyer from my Ebay Store but after seeing
Carmen's gathering she contacted me via my Blog and ask if I could create something like that  for her...Well of course I said I'd love to and I finished it last night.
It is Beautiful!!

This is Carmen's gathering that inspired the larger one.

I love creating speical orders. I create all day long, day after day. Then list and sell my creations but I never get to see where my creation fits into my buyers home.
With Special Creation Orders I actually get to work hand in hand with the buyer. I know when it is completed it's as personal to me as it is to my buyer. When it arrives they let me know they received it and how delighted they are with it.
Then they'll share pictures with me.
It takes the job aspect out of creating and as I am sure all you who create know that is a nice wram feeling knowing you touched someone with something you created and you made them very happy!! 

Sorta like sharing with all of you everyday!!

Time to go turn up the heat in the shop..LOL... for all it will be worth with as cold as it is here I doubt it will help much but my shop is calling me...burrrr.. I just know my toes are gona freeze touching that cold floor...This calls for 3 pair of socks, two pair of pants, a turtle neck, t-shirt and a sweat shirt... yea it is a bit hard to create all dolled up in my winter get up...
What I wouldn't give for an insulated Barn with a wood burning stove and an apartment above it so I could have a huge warm shop to work & store my finished products in and never have to shovel my way to the cold shop again!

Have I ever mentioned what a dreamer I am..well if not I'm dreaming and God willing I will have my Barn Shop with an Apartment someday!!

You all stay warm~Enjoy your Weekend~

Warm Blessings


  1. Your creations are awesome. I hope you do get that Barn Shop soon!!!!

  2. Tonya,
    That sounds like a great dream to me! You are very talented and I love that you take the time to share tips with me! Have a great weekend.

  3. What a great giveaway you hosted. Shoot, I got here too late for it. I'll be sure to catch the next one. In what part of Ohio do you live? I'm in Miamisburg which is in the southwest part of the state, a little below Dayton and about 50 miles from Cincinnati. Love your blog.

  4. Congratulations Treasa! I don't know how I missed this giveaway. That barn shop sounds so nice! I'm in love with wood burning stoves right now and I'm drooling just thinking about stitching next to one!

  5. Your creations are amazing. Congrats Teresa. I have had our wood stove going non stop for three days, it is so cold out. Ours is in the Kitchen so it is seriously like a sauna out there. I just got two of those heavy cast iron crates and I am going to put a whole in the ceiling so the heat will go upstairs.
    I am really amazed at all the things you make Tonya.

  6. Congratulations Teresa, I was bidding on that awesome firkin as well. Glad to hear you won it. Maybe Tonya will be kind enough to make another since she should have the other half of the bucket....Ha Ha....Great auctions and gatherings, you are an inspiration Tonya. Enjoy your blog. Prim Blessings from Missouri

  7. Thanks everyone for the wondrful comments. Just wanted to let everyone know that the Firkin Bucket Gathering was not a giveaway it was one of my Ebay listings that sold to one of our own. Treasa.

    Have a Great Sunday!!

  8. It'll be fun to see that firkin show up in one of Teresa's displays. That was a great batch of goodies tucked inside it. I love the special order you did too. It turned out great!

  9. Tonya
    Girl, it is to die for! I can't wait to get it!
    I couldn't believe I won the bid, you know e-bay, ya never know til it is over! & Boom! Your have won!Yeah!Yep,I am excited!
    THe Gathering you did like Carmen's, Wow it is a beauty, big & so many goodies!
    enjoy the day
    keep warm

  10. I never hurts to dream. May your dream come true soon. Wonderful gaterings. Yes Carmen did do a good job on the shoo fly. I am happy with it. Keep warm. Blessings!


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