Friday, January 7, 2011

Interested in A Special Order Gathering ~Let me know~

Evening one and All ~~Hope everyone had a wonderful day today...mine went well.

Every time I do a Sneak Peek Preview ~~~Many of you have been contacting me askin if I ever create special orders.

The answer is YES I do and they are probably my fav's to create.

All of the gathering that you preview here are created from things I have bought at Thrift Stores, yard sales or Auctions or I've handmade the item. So you can understand that it is nearly impossible to create any two gatherings the same.

So Keeping in mind that 99.9% of my gatherings are one of kind you will need to know that I can try to create you something similar to what you have seen but it won't ever be exactly the same.

All of my gatherings and other items I create are priced according to what it cost me to create that item plus 20%. So prices will vary depending on my over all cost.

If you ever see something you like and would like me to create something with the same theme then please feel free to contact me and ask if I would be interested or if it would be possible.

I also plan to start putting things like Rag Balls, Garland and ornaments in my Goodies for sale area of my Blogg. 

Time to go to the shop... got all kinds of new goodies from my Thrift store adventures and can't wait to put my creative mind to work... 



  1. Hi Tonya, this was my first time seeing your blog and to my amazement and delight saw that the pic at the top of this page is the gathering that is hanging in my kitchen. I just love it and everything that I have purchased from you. I'll absolutely be back for more.

  2. I do Love all your Gatherings..I wish I lived in a bigger house and had more wall space to hang more things.
    You make such wonderful Gatherings..I love looking at your blog :)


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