Monday, January 10, 2011

~LOVE~What it means to me!

Good Morning my Prim Friends..what a Beautiful Monday it is here in Ohio..cold but Sunny!    Yea I love Sunshine!!
Dan over at ~Yesterday Once More~ Posted the word of the week.  If you haven't seen his post you ought to stop in and read it..such an inspiration and fun idea.

He's invited everyone to share in expressing our own thoughts on the word of the week. What a great Idea...can't wait to see how many of us join in on sharing our thoughts...

The word "LOVE " such a powerful word with so much meaning.
We all use this word~sometimes we sincerely mean it and other times it's just a word placed in a sentence with little or no meaning at the moment.
I can actually remember when I realized how powerful that word was and how important it became to me to use it freely and from the heart.

Long story short I nearly died in 1976 from Encephalitis an infection of the brain.  I was in a coma for a week with a fever of  107.   I recall many things during that week but the one thing I recall most was my doctor standing over me saying the Lords Prayer, then telling my then husband that if the fever didn't break I'd pass or become a vegetable. For those of you who might ask~Yes I could hear but not respond while I was in a coma.

I loved life, wanted children and I wanted to share my love of life .... At that very moment I began to pray that the lord would spare me so I could live my dream of children and sharing my love of life. 
By Gods Blessings I was spared. After being told that I couldn't have children, My Daughter Carmen was born  11 months later. .
I thought I understood and knew what LOVE meant but when I held her in my arms for the first time I truly understood ~Love~ in the rawest sense. My heart felt as if it might burst and I wondered if it was pain I felt or if this is what unconditional love felt like. 

God kept his promise, he spared me, he blessed me with a beautiful child and he challenged me to share my love of life with the world when he blessed me with 123 foster children.
Funny how a near death experience changes you. Many people don't understand especially when you use the word Love  freely such as when you as you say good bye, or you sign a letter, card or even and email with Love you.  I had a friend ask me once why do you always say Love You, that's so personal.  I giggled and said well , you're my friend, you're important to me and I want you to know how much your friendship means to me.... You know he started saying Love you to me and to others that were important to him.
Love is something we can keep to ourselves and never share even in the simplest ways or something we can give freely..When we let someone know we love them it makes them feel good inside even if it confuses them... and it makes us feel good.

I still love life ~I find love in the simplest things like watching the birds out the window, Tasha and MamaKitty watching the birds, or Tasha Kitty wrapping her paws around my neck and kneading, feeding the horse an apple, my niece coming over, coloring 50 pictures and taping them to my walls, sharing a day with my daughter, playing with my grand son Iain,  taking my boat out on the Lake, Sunshine, A flower popping out of the ground, reading a great book, going to the shop to create something new, spending a day with a friend or my family, reading everyone's blogs and making new friends, seeing a smile on someone's face, nature's beauty and the list could go on and on.

Love is passion for all the things that make you happy and all the things you do for others that make them happy.

                                                          Have a wonderful day!

                                                         Love to you all ~~Tonya


  1. Tonya~

    What a wonderful post. I am so glad that you participated this week. You truly know what love is and it shows in your post. Thank you for sharing with us!


  2. Lovely post sweetie!I told my grandma Love You the other day and everyone ask if I was leaving.I said no just want her to know.If we share love daily for no reason people really know what they mean to us.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. 1997? Wow. I'm only 13!!!!

    You mean 1976?????

  4. Tonya
    Beautiful>>Beautiful post!very touching!
    Big hugs to you & your little girl Carmen(the more I read on both the blogs the more inspired I am by the both of you!)
    enjoy the day

  5. Huge Smile... Carmen is correct it was 1976...What would I do without her?
    That's one of the reasons I Love her so much!!

  6. I fixed it for you Mommy. I ♥ you too!

  7. Very well said..Not that hard to say to someone and mean it...once you get used to sharing :)

  8. Hi Carmen,
    What a lovely post. I adore the deer photo. Have a great evening.

  9. I meant Tonya but wrote Carmen, your mother/daughter tag team is getting me confused.


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