Friday, January 21, 2011

One Very Happy lady :>)

Hi one and all... if you could see me you would see a huge Smile on my face!!
My Son-n-law Shane came to the rescue and guess what he fixed the Van.
I picked it up had to have the Transmission worked on some gasket--the Power steering fixed..there was a hole in the line that got there from rubbing on something--Brake peddle WD-40ed to stop it from sticking and kicking on the brakes lights and making my battery go dead... Now God willing nothing else will go wrong with it anytime soon..
God Bless his ever livng Soul...don't know what I would have done without his help..He's a great guy!!
It drove like a gem even in all the snow we have here in Ohio...
It is the worst feeling when your car/van/truck is broke feel like you are lost and traped and helpless all at the same time..
I've been a wreck with worry about how I was gona get this and that done without the van..not to mention how in the world I might pay for it... But it all worked out ..Now All I have to worry about is finding the time to get Shane's paint room spackled and painted...

The eye doctor got back with me On Monday and said he was happy with the Rice Bags I had created and ordered 10 of them for now and when they are gone he will order more if the patients like them... So that deal is sealed.. I finished them up tonight while hanging out with Carmen...I will deliver them tomorrow ~~Smile ~~ since the van is running now.

I've been so busy working on Carmens Birthday gifts and creating in the shop my little home became a total wreck today I finally took time to do a top to bottom cleaning..Thank God I live in a Trailer and it doesn't take long .. I even washed down all my walls..with two Kitty's, a dog, a bird and My Goldfish it gets pretty dusty. Not to mention all the Kitty hair is just easier to wash things down. It smelled so fresh and clean when I got home tonight... Nothing feels better then coming home to a fresh clean house... Of course the Kitty's had toys everywhere but I can live with that...

I ended up having a decent sales week on Ebay... would have liked to have a better sales week but I'm not complain to much...

I managed to get several new gathering created and listed this morning..
~A Wall Pocket~

~Rooster & Hen Shelf Gathering~
    Yeah~~Has a Bid Already

~Spoon Rack Cubby~Spice Bottle~Gathering~
          Yeah~~Has a Bid Already

~Necessary Room Tray Gathering~

~Necessary Room Tray Gathering~

~Necessary Room Tray Gathering~

All in all It has turned out to be a very good week....I'm a happy lady!!

Until next time~May your Blessings be Plenty!!



  1. so glad to hear that your van is all better now.;) and i love your newest gatherings..too.:)

  2. I was at Carmen's blog and hopped on over - so glad I did! Your gatherings are the best prim arrangements! Glad your week has turned around!
    Best wishes - I look forward to following!

  3. Hi Tonya, so glad your van is fixed. I love your new gatherings!! Thanks for your anniversary wish.8-)

  4. SO glad to hear you got your wheels back, YAY!!!! The gatherings are just beautiful Tonya, you do a GREAT job!!!!

  5. Hi,
    Glad you got your Van back. It's an awful feeling when your vehicle is broke down. I feel stranded when I don't have one for some reason.
    ABSOLUTELY love your prim gatherings. Wow Love the necessary room one best. You do such a great job putting these together.
    Stay warm this weekend. Suppose to be -30 here.

  6. O M G..I just left a long comment and it went poof and went to google page..Take a hop over to my blog and sign up for my give away..I hope this comment goes through..For some reason I have to click on send at least 5 times to post a comment on here..Google sucks some times

  7. Love your gatherings!!
    I found your blog through Gina. I'm from Ohio also...and we have lots of snow where I live too.


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