Friday, April 6, 2012

Bad News~Good News from Thyroid Nodule Biopsy Test results

                       Thank you for praying for my Mom...
                         She is gona be okay.....
Hi Mama kitty here... I just wanted to update you on Mom's biopsy on her Thyroid nodules.
She had her after surgery follow up visit yesterday with the Surgeon Dr. Phay.
She got the test results back on the Thyroid biopsy on the Nodules growing inside her thyroid.. there were abnormal cells in the left nodule, but the cells had not spread into the tissues beyond the nodules. Thank God... I don't know what would happen to me if anything happen to mom...Anyway Since the whole thyroid was removed there is no concern for cancer developing at least there.

Thank at least she can stop worrying about that..
Mom was right though..... her 6th sense kept telling her for the past 8 months there was something abnormal going on in that danged Thyroid. She was so much sicker then the normal person with all the same #'s & test results. 
She said Dr. Phay said today, I didn't see it Tonya and I told you that, but like I said at the hospital,I always want to get the test results back before I can say for positive that there is no cancer.
She said Dr. Phay told her she is a lucky lady and that she is right to always follow that 6th sense of hers and push for more when doctors don't meet her needs...when she wasn't getting any better.
He told her If she hadn't pushed and would have waited much longer there is no doubt in  his mind after getting the test results back it would have become full blown Thyroid Cancer that could have spread.
I want to Thank everyone who prayed for mom.
I think God Stepped in and took over when no one was listening to her..
God Bless Dr. Phay for taking on her case and doing such a great job in removing all the bad tissues along with her thyroid..I'm a very lucky Kitty cause my mom is gona be alright. Pretty soon when the doctor gets all her medications regulated I think she will be herself again..I can't wait!!
Right now she is still sleeping which is ok with me cause nothin I like better then a Kat Nap..but mom don't like it at all... She grumbles about it all the time says she is tired of being tired... Says she doesn't get anything done...
That's not true from the kitty point of view...she spends a lot of time playing with me a Tasha and we have been getting extra petting too...I love it...but I don't like seeing mom sad, tired & grumpy...So I hope the doctor can get all that medicine workin right for her so she will be happy again....
Mom says she is gona go pull weeds in her flower garden and get some needed sunshine so I guess it's Time for me to go take one of my Kat naps... you have a great day!
Oh yea mom said to tell you that she got a great package in the mail yesterday from Carmen C and she will show it off tomorrow so stay tuned!
She also told me to tell you all Thank you for your prayers they worked wonders!
Mama Kitty


  1. Thank you for the update mama kitty:) I am so glad they took that thyroid out, even more-so since the cancer was found, thank God! Wishing you all a very happy Easter and I hope your mama continues to improve!

  2. That's great news on the thyroid! Hopefully real soon you'll be feeling so much better!
    Blessings and hugz~

  3. Good news indeed mean Mamma Kitty! ;o) I actually know two people who are thyroid cancer survivors - they are living happy normal lives now, but their cancer wasn't found until it was full-blown trouble. You are blessed, indeed. All the more reason to be thankful this Easter tide.....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. Wonderful news!
    Thanks for sharing Mama Kitty.
    Happy Easter.

  5. I am happy that you received some good news. Hope you have a speedy recovery, will keep you in my prayers.

  6. Great news!! Blessings for a great weekend! ~Sara

  7. Easter Blessings! Tonya,

    Thank! God for this wonderful news. God is good! Soooo happy for you and mama kitty :o)

    Hope your feeling better each & everyday. Prayers for you.

    Joyeux Paques! mon amis,

    Blessings & Hugs,


  8. I am so happy to read that all is going well with you Tonya. I know it is a big relief to everyone including Mama Kitty! I also have thyroid problems, so I know how it can really make you feel bad.
    Take care..Hugs, Phyllis

  9. that is one smart kitty and you are one lucky lady.
    God certainly has blessed you with an extension.
    thank goodness you have faith in your intuition!
    Warm wishes for your weekend.

  10. What good news Tonya!!
    Have a great weekend.

  11. Tonya, I am so glad that you were so persistent in getting the right doctors to take care of your thyroid issue. Thank goodness they caught it in time. I am so happy for you.
    Have a nice Easter weekend.
    Country at heart

  12. Your Mom is a smart lady! Thanks for sharing the good news, Kitty! Give her lots of TLC! ~*~Lisa

  13. what wonderful news to hear Tonya!!!! oh I am so happy to hear are a go get em girl and I am so happy to hear that everything is okay..have a wonderful easter weekend,;)

  14. Wonderful News Tonya!!!
    I'm sure your energy levels will pick up soon!
    Take Care!
    Hope you have a wonderful Easter!
    Prim Blessings

  15. Wonderful news!! Prayers for a speedy recovery!!

  16. So glad for your great news!! Praise the Lord!


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