Thursday, April 26, 2012

Aww It's Another Sneak Peek~Another Doctor Vsit & Another Panic Attack

A Big Howdy all..Its been a busy week & its only hump day! Seems like I've been running the last few days just taking care of business.. but luckily I spent a little time out in the shop creating every evening. Between spendint ime playing with the new Kittens and creating I did manage to create a few new Gatherings.

I wanted to share some new pics of the kittens but I forgot my camera in the shop so it will have to wait.. But I will fill you in..they are doing fine, they have grown like little weeds..mama Lisa has fed them well, they are just plump little fur balls. As of today they all have there eyes open already...So I had to make some changes to there sleeping arangement. didn't want them crawling out of the doggie bed and getting lost in the shop so today I made them a new bed in the large clothes basket.. It will do for a while...The shop really isn't a safe place for litle ones to be running round. I will have pics soon to share with you.

Without further ado allow me to share my newest Prim Gatherings!

~Primitive Step Back Bench Baby Memory Gathering~
$44.95 Free Shipping

~Primitive Spring Necessary Room Gathering~

  $29.95 Free Shipping

~Primitive Americana Table Top Gathering~

 $29.95 Free Shipping

~Primitive Necessary Room Gathering~

 $29.95 Free Shipping

~Primitive Cupboard Side Pantry Gathering~

 $34.95 Free Shipping

~Primitive Necessary Room Gathering~

 $29.95 Free Shipping

~Primitive Necessary Room Gathering~

 $29.95 Free Shipping

~Primitive Rusty Star Candle Scoop Sconce Gathering~

 $24.95 each or 2 for $44.95 Free Shipping

~Primitive Mirror Candle Sconce Gathering~
 $24.95 each or 2 for $44.95 Free Shipping

~Primitive Double Armed Candle Sconce Gathering~

 $29.95 each or 2 for $49.95 Free Shipping

~Primitive Candle Scoop Sconce Gathering~

 $24.95 each or 2 for $44.95 Free Shipping

If you're Interested in any of the Gathering contact me using the
Email address at the top of my Blog..

Tomorrow I have another Doctor visit.. Yepee! This time with the Rheumatologist.
Hopefully she will do X-rays on my back and my hands so we can see how extensive the Artheritis is.
Then next Wednesday I have an appointment with an SSI Doctor. Then the following week is my second Follow up visit with the surgeon to check my blood to see how the hormone levels are.
Still feeling as if the meds still need a little adjusting as I'm still having some symptoms like before.
I do feel better in many ways...but not totally recovered yet... 

last but not least if you all think you are upset with the new Blogger well let me tell ya it seems idiot Changes come in three's when it comes to Internet services like Blogger, Ebay and now Photobucket.
I signed in to Photobucket to edit my pictures for ebay  and to my surprise they had totally changed there editing tool. Talk about having a panic attack I had one and I'm still havin it.. the new editor is horrible...very out dated with fewer tools & most certianly not user friendly at all.
To top that off it isn't working correctly. When it does work the edited pictures are awful....I ended up using my Kodac editor it worked 100% better..
The icing on the cake is I pay for Photobuckets Premere Service and now It is useless to me.. I am not a happy lady at all.
I spent the better part of 3 hours trying to find a photo editing service that offered a good Photo editor and in comparison to what Photobucket had there is none worth using out there..
FotoFlex is out there and they are what Photobucket used before yesterday but there online service is not as user friendly as it was on Photobucket...
The last two weeks have sure turned my Internet world upside down with all its changes...uggg

I must bid you all farewell for today...

Have a great Day my friends!



  1. I know what you mean about the changes...I am having the same problems and to top it all off I lost everything when my computer crashed and I hate windows 7. I read in a blog that there is a way you can change blogger back to the way it was. I don't even try and edit my pictures...nothing I try works for me. I did get an email from photobucket today telling about the changes and saying to go try them out..I didn't try..have enough problems to deal with right now.
    Hope all your news from Dr and SSI is good

  2. Have you tried ? There, you can adjust image size, add a drop shadow, make a transparent background, edit colors, and many more options. It is free. The only thing, they do not offer turning the image slanted like at an angle. So, I go to Foto Flex for that.

    Praying you get good news from the doctor and SSI.

  3. Morning Tonya...what gorgeous gathering. I really love the first pretty especially with the little baby dress.

    Glad the kitties are doing well...mama Lisa is a good mommy for sure.

    I have been using iPiccy lately to edit my's almost like Picnik and so easy to use...
    And PicMonkey is good too but I like the first one a lot.


  4. Your gatherings are beautiful. I love that pink and cream colored pitcher.
    Glad you are feeling some better. I'm so tired of going to the doctor's office. how bout you? I know you are. Hang in there friend.

  5. oh I am itching to see those little kittehs.;)love your gatherings too..;)have a great thursday.)

  6. Tonya...great gatherings!!
    I use an editing app on my iPhone for all my pictures.
    Can't wait to see more pics of the kittens.

  7. Hi Tonya,
    Wow, everything you create always amazes me. Hope something good came out of the Dr's visit. I meant to ask you, are you not able to clean anymore? Wasn't sure what you would be up to this summer with the way you have been feeling. I've been thinking about you hoping you will be feeling better!

  8. LOVE all the new gatherings and I am loving mine:D I hope the Dr. visit goes well, you don't need anymore problems:( I found out my back pain currently is not coming from my back but my sciatic nerve so now I am really looking forward to that 12 hr. flight to HI in June:/ of course I wouldn't miss it for anything;)


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