Friday, February 18, 2011

A NEW SNEAK PEAK ~ & Four Days of Sunshine~Some Good News~

A Beautiful sunny day Hello to everyone!!  I don't know if any of you are getting Sunshine or not but I have to tell you it has lifted my spirits more then you can imagine!!
I'm a Sun Baby all the way...
No more Ice sking rink for a yard now we have a mud Swamp...Amazing how much water is in 2 acres of 8" inches of ice when it all melts..

But you want to know what I will take all this muddy swamp mess any day over a 2 acre bust your botton Ice skating rink.. LOL... I'm to darned old to fall on my bottom daily for two weeks how about you??? 
My sister-n-law fell on the Ice and broke two ribs ..yep broke them...

Yesterday my neices were playing in the mud while I was making little trenches to drain the water away from my shop door... they were stompping there feet, running and falling down, climbing up on the fence and jumping off into the mud puddles..
They just thought god had given them a whole new Play ground...
It was so much fun to watch them have some old fashioned fun... they were a total muddy mess and had to disrobe on the porch...and get a bath before dinner but it was worth to all of us to see them so happy!!
Ya know I can remember doing that when I was a kid and I loved it just as much...
I'm so glad that the girls live on a farm and have the pleasure of never having to find something to do...

My little trenches worked most of the water is drained away from my shop and storage. I didn't sink 4" when I walked over to the shop.... I think I'll be able to move the van today with out totally messing up the yard....

I have a bit of Good News to share with you...the Carpenter who built Carmen's Pie Safe owns a wood working shop. He called me day before yesterday and we spoke for about two hours. I contacted him to see if he would be interested in making some of the shelves, candle sticks, Cupboards and other things for me wholesale.
I also approached the idea of my possibly doing some Primming some of his items for him in exchange for the items I would like made. He was very open to the idea.
We are going to get together this weekend to go threw his shop and for him to look at the items I need made....
So I'm very excited..if we can work out a deal it will cut much of my time down with not having to spend hours sanding old paint and varnish off the old things I buy to refinish Prim... Plus hoping he can cut my cost on things like candle sticks etc that I buy from craft stores... We shall see how it all turns out... I will keep you posted...

I did alot of sanding and painting the last two days but I was able to get a few new gatherings created... I love all three..but I think that I like the
"Friends Welcome at our Table" the best....which one do you like the best??

~Pantry Shelf "Friends Welcome at our Table" Gathering

~Prim Bread Box~Candle Lamp~Basket~Gathering~

 ~Prim Stool Necessary Room Gathering~

~Prim Cow Plunger Cover~

Remember all those old Shirts I bought at the Thrift store about a month ago. I used the Red Checked one in the "Bread Box Gathering".. the Picture is the Stitching that was on the front of the shirt.. It turned out so pretty framed...and colorful too! I just love it...oops that means I love the Bread Box gathering too... Ok so I can't make up my mind... I'm a woman I can do that ...

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the new Eye Candy....Don't forget to check out my Goods For Sale regularly!

Have a wonderful day!!



  1. Glad you are still getting sunshine. Your gatherings look great, my fav is the prim stool.
    Have a great week-end!!

  2. LOL, we have just a bit over 2 acres so I know first hand how much ice/water it can hold!!! My hubby had to put some straw down out back for my dog when she goes out to cut down on the muddy paws:) Your gatherings are just beautiful and it sounds like you may benefit from the new "helper"! Enjoy the weekend Tonya:)

  3. That sounds so cool--trading skills, collaborating on projects! Lucky girl!

  4. I to love trading and bartering and also love the sunshine. My dogs are also having fun running through the mud and bringing it in :)
    My favorite gathering of yours this time is the one with the prim stool.
    I think I told you I found some shelves and other wood items this week and I was very happy.
    Did you get my email I sent a few days ago ? I am still working on quilts for Christmas (10 months from now) I am on the 6th one..and when I get my squares back that I had monogrammed and can finish the last 4 I made I will be posting it in my blog.
    I will be glad when March is over and maybe then it will start warming up and stay warm :)

  5. More new creations....Love the little stool, white is a nice contrast, softens the dark wood. Hey girl, I won one of your terrific auctions, can't wait for it to arrive. I sanded some candle sticks this week and put a coat of black paint on them per your instructions...sanding is not fun. Excited to antique them on my next day off...Love your stuff.


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