Thursday, February 24, 2011

My New Background ~ Idle Chit Chat~

A fine good evening one and all...Hope you have had a good week! I know some of us have been getting some icky weather again and I heard on the news we are about to get some more here in Ohio before weeks end.. Jolly Jolly what wonderful news...NOT!!

I mentioned in my last post that I was trying to change my background and I was having what I call little or no luck at figureing it all out.... The Carmen said she would see waht she could do. She too had a little trouble getting it to change... Well I think between the two of us we have found a background that I like that compliments my header and my work... Drove me nutty trying to find one I liked and then I drove poor Carmen crazy changing my mind once I seen one with my header and my gathering pictures...
 She was so patient with me and finally able to get the new background on there. God Bless her ever livin soul.. Don't know what I would do without her help with things like that...God knows I'm clueless at figuring it out...
What do ya think, do you like it?

As I've mentioned I also own a cleaning Business that generally I only work from May till October. I have one Clinet year round and today I cleaned my clients house today.... I got my my reminder that I have been sitting on my bottom all winter creating and not using all those muscles you use to super clean a house..uggg..
In a couple of months I will start cleaning full time again......sometimes cleaning up to five huge houses a day and today I decided I am to old to be doing that anymore and I only cleaned one house...hehe!!
I've been saying that every Spring for 12 years, but it about done me in today.. Yep I'm out of shape, there are no two ways about it... the only good part of doing all those spring cleanings in the beginning of season is you shape up and lose all that winter weight gain real fast... then it tapers off a little till about July when all of my house's are rented every week...I had fully intended to retire cleaning houses this year but my house didn't sell so I will be back at it in no time...Being on the island, on my boat, with all my boating friends and the money is beyond great but the wear and tear on your body is huge... It used to be easy to turn out 5 houses a day, but those days are long it is down right hard work to keep up...hehe...

Didn't get a thing done in the shop the time I got home I was done for the day so I just read everyone's Blogs...So many cute Bunny's and Eggs and soap..... Guess I needed a little fact I think I'll call it a day!

Have a Great day!



  1. Hey there Tonya:) I love your background and header. These are pretty prim colors and do your prims justice.
    I'm right there with ya hon. We just can't do what we used to. I always get it in the back nowadays if I'm trying to stand and do anything for a period of time.
    Oh and we're s'posed to be under a flood watch Thursday and get lots of rain. Ducky weather:)

  2. Hi Tonya, love the new background. It will be great with are your gatherings. You and Carmen did a good job!!
    When you get rested up why don't you just hop on down to Texas and clean my house.8-) The dust bunnies are about to carry me away!!
    Have a great day!!

  3. Mommy and daughter did a good job with your blogs appearance. Nice that you can help each other like this.
    I feel your pain sister. My elbow hurts, my right knee and my left ankle. Growing old might be a privilidge but it sure can be painful at times! lol!
    Enjoy the rest of your week,
    Hugs ~AMY~

  4. Your background looks great with the header picture! Hang in there, take a hot bath at night, that will help make you feel better! Now, I need to go mop some floors...

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  5. Good job on the background! We will be getting lots of rain here too, flash floods on friday.
    Good weekend to get crafting.
    I have aches and pains too, getting older sure does have its disadvantages! I take things a lot slower now than before especially when I too also fell on the ice the same week you did.
    I was watering the chickens and fell against the fence and cut my face from nose to chin.
    Poured the blood, luckily no stitches needed or broken bones.
    Take care.
    Country at heart


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