Tuesday, February 1, 2011


A Good afternoon to all my prim friends~I hope your last 24 hours have gone better then mine. I decided that I would invite you all to join me a good laugh at my self situation.. I mean we all may as well laugh ~~ you all can laugh because it is not you...me I'm laughing because it is so like my luck is...

I drove 100 miles north yesterday to check on my house in Port Clinton, Ohio and to go to my Dentist appointment today. An appointment that was made 3 months ago.
I stopped at a couple of thrift stores on the way didn't find much but it was fun.
The drive was nice it got me out of the shop.. The house was fine... I had a pleasant evening sitting in my rocker sewing the ends shut on 30 plus Rice Bags... Watching movies.

That was the good part of my trip it went down hill this morning when I woke up and looked out the door and there was snow drifts in my driveway...I was up about half an hour when the phone rang and it was the dentist office saying the office was closed today. 
I'm standing there thinking to self great I just spent $50 for gas to drive up here to go to the dentist and now they are closed... I'm think ing i may as well have thrown that 50 bucks out the window... but I suppose I understand..there is a storm in the air....

But you see this is the second time I drove up there, spent 50 bucks to get there that they canceled and closed the office when I had an appointment.  So you see really so far this tooth that has broken and half the tooth is missing and of course it is decaying a little every day has cost me a 100 bucks and I haven't even stepped in the dentist office yet to get it fixed.
 I think I best get packed up and get out of there before the storm does come and get really bad...but first I need to make sure I can get out of the driveway..so I head out and it is questionable.
Go get the snow shovel~Shovel around the van and behind it where the big drift is ...
Start loading the van and one of the bags I am carrying decides to bust out the bottom and everything goes flying in the snow... I get that all picked up and in the van along with the rest of the things and Puddles my dog, lock up the house and we are out of the drive with little trouble...
Roads are fine for about 20 miles and then they got worse and worse the more I drove drifting everywhere.  You know what that meant everyone was driving 35 mph..at 35mph a two hour trip turns into a 4 hour trip.

I stop at the Boat mechanics on my way home to make a payment but guess what he isn't at the shop.. I wait and wait a little longer and finally decide time to go.

I stop at the craft store for some Candle Sticks, clothes pins and other things I am running out of but guess what they are out of every single thing I stopped for.
That's right every single thing.
Back on the road not stopping anymore enough is enough...
I get probably 10 miles from my trailer and it turns to ice on the roads, Ice everywhere and it is raining so that means more ice to come... creeping down the road finally make it to find I'd say 4" of Ice on my steps and in my driveway... Not good~not good at all.
I manage to get in the door, grab the hammer and smash away the Ice.
Unloading the van is a challange cause it is solid Ice everywhere but I'll take my time and will accomplish it..which I did but not without more mishaps...
Last load to go in~
I have my rubber boots I brough back with me and a pepsi in my hand and I slip on the ice and I end up not spilling the Pepsi on the ground but dumped a whole can into my Boots..not just one boot but some in both boots..
By now I have reached the point of total frustration with nothing going the way it was planned but I just stood there cracking up laughing . No way did I just dump a full can of Pepsi in my boots. Not a drop on the ground..
How the devil do you clean pepsi out of your fuzzy inside of your boots. All I could come up with was pour water in them till they empty clean and call them cleaned up. Dtugg a tall glass down in them turn them upside down and let them totally drain..and hpefully dry sometime before Spring comes....
Now if you think taht was the end of my run on bad luck for the ay you are wrong... I go in the office and go to sit down and Thank the Good Lord something made me look at my Office Chair... Seems one of the Kitty's got sick right in the seat of my chair, while I was gone... More laughing at selfs situation... it can only happen to me...
Waht is taht saying if it weren't for Bad Luck I wouldn't have any Luck a all.... I sure feel that way today!!
Aren't you glad it was me and not you ????? I hear you laughing and Thanking God you aren't me.... Oh yes the chair is cleaned up and I am sitting on three towels...

This was not one of my best days...

Now let me share a sneak Peek with you.

~Open Faced Cupboard Enamelware~Panrty Gathering~
~Necessary Room Cupboard Gathering~

~Nine Drawer Spice Cupboard Gathering~

I would have created more but I decided to take a 200 mile drive in Ice, Snow and Sleet..just for the shear pleasure of spending $50 dollars and of course the heart racing stess test... giggle... can't change it now!

If you haven't checked out my last Blog "Life is a Train Ride" please do I think you will find it very up lifting!

You all stay warm, Be Safe and stay off the roads if you live anywhere this Storm is...


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  1. I actually did not laugh at your situation..I have had things like that happen and I didn't laugh at me then either...
    We made it to town yeaterday to have Billys BP pills refilled and drove home in freezing rain. Both sides of the car were a sheet of ice when we pulled in the garage and I was very happy to be back in the house even if it does bug me because it is to small.
    Hope things go better for you now...you have had enough bad luck for a while :)

  2. Oh No Tonya,
    Thank God you made it back home safe and sound.
    And you are way better than me, laughing at the situation. By the time the office situation happened, I would have been spitting fire!! LOL!!
    I was just wondering....
    Why do you have to travel so far to the dentist??
    Isnt there one closer??
    I am terrible about going to the dentist (and the DR) if I had to travel 100 miles to get there....
    No way would I ever go. LOL!!

    Thanks for sharing you day with us.
    Hope things have turned around for you.

    Take Care.
    Stay safe and warm!!

  3. Tonya~

    And I thought I was having a bad day!! You did manage to get some wonderful goodies put together. They are simply beautiful.


  4. OH my girl, what are we gonna do with you:? SO glad you are safe now and sorry about the boots, hope they dry out for you! LOVE those gatherings and love the train ride theory too, how true when we stop to think about it:)

  5. Tonya, You like me have no luck! It's sorta like watching a I Love Lucy rerun, but not funny! Glad your safe.

  6. Good Question Tammy..I lived in Port Clinton, Ohio full time for 10 years. Recently put house up for sale but Still have my house there.Live at brothers in trailer in the winter.
    Still work on Kelley's Island every summer. So I've kept my doctors & dentist there for one & for two I qualfy for Clinic based on income. No Insurance its well worth it finanically!
    Going to appointments also affords me the chance to check on the house even tho I really don't have to, neighbor keeps an eye on it for me. I would never have gone had my tooth not broken off, would've canceled.
    No two ways about it I have the worst luck there is.. Pouring a whole Pepsi in your boots & not a drop on me..that is worse then bad luck its down right funny after everything else.
    All is well that ends well & I made I home safe. I tricked my bad luck~I laid down & took a nap!
    Hugs to all....Tonya

  7. I'm glad you made it home safely! And seriously think of the odds of pouring that pepsi only into the boots. Maybe you should play the lotto or something.?!
    Take care. Stay warm. Create more beautiful things for us to look at and ooh and aah over! :)

  8. I love your blog and I enjoy looking at all your stuff! I will be back again to see what else you have done, stop by to visit me sometime

  9. thanks for visiting my blog. Glad you made it home safe you have some wonderful goodies!

  10. Oh Tonya, so glad you made it home safely! We had freezing rain last night here in Akron and now it's snowing. No school for the kiddo the second day in a row. Hope your boots get dry soon. :)

  11. Tonya OH, my!
    Glad you are safe!
    Great gatherings!

  12. Your story-were it not true, would be very amusing.
    I love your vignettes. You are definitely very creative. I wonder why it has taken so long for me to get here.
    I love that you live on a boat. My daughter lives near Saylorville Lake and there are many boats on it. I would love to be so bold as to stay out for months on the Lake. *sigh*
    I am giving away a $40 gift certificate to CSN stores. Please stop over and sign up!

  13. You poor thing. I hate it when everything goes wrong! All ya can do is laugh. If not, you'd cry and that doesn't feel as good a laughing. I lived in Curtice Ohio for 8 years and visited Port Clinton often. I loved it there. Sooo pretty. I love your blog, you are very good at creating wonderful gatherings.


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