Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sneak Peek~Good News & the Dreaded Dental appointment!

Hello Everyone...Hope you all are having a great Thursday.... one more day until the weekend arrives.
I've been missing from blog land for a few days so I've been sitting here reading everyone's post for the last hour or so...catching up on what you all have been up to out there... Seems we have all been busy with this or that... Me too..
Last weekend I met up with many of my boater friends for a Spring Boat party..It was great to get out and about.... seeing all my friends was the best...the band was awesome, the food was great and over all we had a great time!!
Like everyone here they are ready for Spring and summer so they can get out on the water and enjoy the boating season... Sadly the dreaded gas prices was a main topic of conversation between everyone. I can see that the high gas prices is going to find many boaters doing a lot of sitting on there boats at the Docks and not really able to enjoy the pleasures of joy riding out on the water.
Really a sad realization for so many people..myself included. The weather here in good old Ohio hasn't changed much we are still getting Rain and flooding everywhere. Daily I've had to go out and redig my trences around my trailer to drain off the standing water....
Still no chance to crawl under teh trailer to check the damage to everything stored under there...I fugure by now everything is ruined... The only good thing is I will get to go thrift store shopping to buy new summer clothes.. and we all Know how much I love going thrift store shopping!!

Good News... The eye Doctor ordered 20 more rice bags and this time the money didn't go to pay my bill.. it was money on the pocket... money seriously needed... So that is 53 bags sold and he says that the patients love them. He took one with him to a conference last week in hopes of drumming up more business for me..I haven't heard how it went... looking forward to hearing about it.

Today was my dreaded Dentist appointment... I don't know about any of you but I really hate going to the dentist..and I have to go a lot due to my Sojerens disease wrecking havoc on my teeth. Today's visit was a bit worse then normal..seems I had lost three fillings and have 5 new cavities...You know what that means more appointments..
Doc got all the fillings replaced and two new ones done... but man my jaw hurts like the dickins where he gave me the shot... can't hardly open my mouth the pain is so bad... That is a first....must have hit a nerve or something...Takes a lot to make me cry and this one brought on the tears..

Personally I think the Dentist office should have one of those Reward Cards like Kroger and Speedway. I could earn enough points to pay off half my bill...heheI've been really busy in the shop this past week. I had to finally take time to do some serious cleaning up and orgainizing. with working out there every day for teh past three months it was beginning to get so jumbled up I couldn't find anything not tomention there was not a sopt left to sit anything....Amazing what a few hours of organizing can do to your shop. I found things I totally forgot I had gotten. Once everything was organized I was totally geared to create and create I did...Created some really beautiful gatherings.
I now present to you the Newest Eye Candy up for grabs...enjoy the preview!!
~Primitive Candle Keep Wall Box~

    ~Prim Necessary Room Gathering~

          ~Primitive Dream Chest Gathering~

~Primitive Iron & Brass Cnadle Sconce~

~Primitive Copper Dove Punch Candle Sconce~

~Prim Wrought Iron Candle Sconce~

~Primitive Door Knob Coat Keeping Rack~

~Primitive Laundry Room Gathering~

~Primitive Rooster & Hen Pantry Gathering~

~Primitive Flower Seed~Candle Keep Wall Hanger~

~Primitive Spice Bottle Panrty Gathering~

~Prim Mini Stool Necessary Room Gathering~

~Primitive Shelf~Milk Glass Necessary Room Gathering~

~Primitive Necessary Room Chic Tray Gathering~

~Primitive Wood Scoop Candle Gathering~

Until next we meet may your days be filled with sunshine and your heart filled with love!!



  1. wow great goodes and great blog. I am new to blogging and have added you to my list to follow. have a great week
    lil raggedy angie

  2. Awesome gatherings Tonya, you sure have a good eye for putting things together:) here's a thought....get your dentist to sell the rice paks too and maybe help pay your bill there as well, LOL! I'm glad they are selling so well at the eye dr,'s, that's wonderful!

  3. Wow..You have been busy and as usual all your gatherings are wonderful. I have started putting items that I may be able to use for gatherings in a big bin...Now all I have to do is figure out what to use with what :)

  4. You are one busy gal all the time. Sorry to hear more rain flooding your totes. We have had lots of rain & now flooding. School left out early today due to it. I hate to visit the dentist. I broke a tooth & need to get it fixed. Congrats on your sales to the eye doctor. I hope you get lots more orders soon. Blessings! Lara

  5. Oh that would be awful. At least the snow isn't in my basement. I love all the pictures you share. You do such a great job.

  6. Tonya, I love all your displays, you are so inventive. I am always waiting to see what you create next.
    Country at Heart

  7. Tonya, as usual your displays are beautiful. I should know, I have many!! Keep creating, I might even find a spot for something else. Great job.

  8. Your displays are beautiful. I just picked up a wooden scoop/candle from the thrift store today ~ I like how you have it laying down with candles/doily in yours! I am your newest follower! ~Karen

  9. How can I contact you to make me a shelf?

    Email adress is:


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