Wednesday, March 16, 2011

One of them there Quick Sneak Peeks~I'm going Thrifting :>)

One Huge Howdy Do will never beleive this but the Sun is Shinning here in good old Ohio and I woke up to the Birds just singing away outside my window... I just laid there and listened to them singing and chattering away... It put me in such a great mood when I seen the sun shinning too..
It was like taking an antidepressant pill and all my Blues were lifted...
I got up and opened my door so the sun could shine in... Kitty's thought that was way cool... they sat there watching there bird buddy's for like an hour... Happy Kitty's Too!

I'm headed to Manards to pick up a supply of Old English Scratch cover, sand paper and packing tape... and guess what is just next door....... the Salvation Army Thrift Store and it is 50% off everything so of course I will have to stop and shop ... God willin I will find some great deals...

So without further ado here ya go This weeks Eye Candy....
Primitive Necessary Room Bench Gathering~

~Primitive Homespun covered Egg Bowl Fillers~

~Primitive Homespun covered Egg Bowl Fillers~

~Primitive Plaid Window Valances~
~Set of Three~

~Primitive Keeping Rack Gathering~

~Primitive Handmade Homespun Rag Ball Bowl Fillers~

~Prim Flower Seed~Sunflower~Candle Keeping Rack Gathering~
Primitive Necessary Room Stool Gathering~

Primitive Necessary Room Pfaltzgraph Tray Gathering~

Primitive Necessary Room Tote Gathering~

Primitive Necessary Room Tray Gathering~

Hope you all were touched by Spring today!!



  1. Great eye candy! Thanks for sharing! I'm in Ohio too & it is soooo beautiful today! Hope you enjoyed the rest of your day -tomorrow is supposed to be even better! YIPPPEEE!!

  2. Everything looks great! Hope you found some great stuff today! ~Karen

  3. Everything looks great , I went to Menards yesterday but the man said no to the salvation army next door:( said I got enough last week ! Thats ok Ill leave him home next week and go anyway lol Hope you got some goodies but left a few for the rest of us ! Have a great week .
    lil raggedy angie

  4. Looks like you found some great buys. I always
    look forward to your displays. love the one with the blue and white. Good job!
    Country at Heart

  5. You have been busy and it all looks great as usual. I will be glad when I can go to town 60 miles away and look at SA...Hope you find some neat goodies :)

  6. I so love all your gatherings, Great eye.

  7. love them all especially your egg did a great job on them all..hope you have a wonderful st.paddys.


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