Monday, March 21, 2011

Ever have one of those just perfect days? I had one today!!

Hi one and all.......... I hope that you all had a wonderful Sun shinny Weekend...I sure did!!
It always amazes me what sunshine does to me... It automatically puts a smile on my face and makes me feel so happy inside and out even with all the aches and pains that try there darnest to mess with my life daily...hehe!!

Once again I woke up to the sun shining in the window making rainbows all over my walls.. I have several Crystals hanging in my window thus the rainbows all over the room..I love it!!
The Birds were singing to there hearts content...My sheets still smells sunshine fresh and I kept pulling them up to my face to enjoy that wonderful scent... One of the best gifts God gave us...

I yanked some of the plastic off my windows and opened them up to let the fresh air in...It's almost midnight and I just shut them and the house wasn't even cold... Boy did my little home need some of that fresh air...
I can't wait till I can yank the big rag rug out of here and scrub it ... but  that will have to wait due to all our water we still have mud so no point in washing any of the rugs yet... Soon very Soon...

I finally took the skirting down in the back of the trailer to see what the damage was to everything stored under there and it wasn't good... Everything is covered in mud. I still need to let it dry out some before i try to crawl under there but opening it up really helped dry it out.... It looks like my summer clothes in the totes are laying in water... so I doubt any of them are savable.... but i decided not to worry myself with it ...I buy all my clothes at the thrift stores so it will just give me more time thrifting and I will get a whole new summer wardrobe...

I had all kinds of silly errands to run today but I drove around with the window down and it was really nice so I didn't mind.. The wet damp weather ruined most of my packing boxes so I had to go on the hunt for boxes and hit the jackpot at Krogers... I probably got close to 75 different sized boxes...

Decided I missed Carmen and Shane so I went to visit them for a little while. Seems the Spring bug had hit them too.. they were Spring cleaning the house... Carmen had all the living room furniture outside drying after she washed them all down... Great day for that ...
I had a wonderful visit with them..helped Carmen put new lights on her year round Tree so she can decorate it for Easter and then I helped her clean the bedroom...she gave me a big box of news papers for packing things so that was my second thing I needed checked off my list...

When I got home I worked a little in the RedNeck storage shed where all the damp boxes are and got that cleaned up a little... and got all the dry boxes stored in there... Been leaving the door open every day to try to dry it out in there...

Got all my Ebay packed and ready to ship in the morning...

It was a good day a really good day!!

May the sunshine warm your face and lift your spirits all week long...




  1. well glad you had a sunny day and was able to enjoy the beautiful weather..and saw the silver lining in getting a new summer wardrobe..I am working on your goodie and hopefully will have it sent off by the middle of the week;)I can't wait to get mine.;) have a wonderful week.;)

  2. Am so glad the sunshine and good feelings that came with made for a positive productive weekend for you . And I so hope you enjoy shopping for that new summer wardrobe , what woman doesn't love an excuse to hit the thrift store. I hope your week is fabulous.
    lil raggedy angie

  3. Sounds like a great weekend, I'm sorry to hear about the losses in storage but like you said, a good excuse to get new;) Have a wonderful day Tonya!

  4. Sunshine always makes the day better!!!

    Thanks for fixing my tree and helping and the easter basket!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  5. Had a sunny day here too..I even took my cup of coffee outside and just stood on the sidewalk with the sun shining on me and enjoyed every minute of it. Most of our yard stuff is still in storage and I will be happy when it all comes home. We have moles everywhere in the yard and they have holes pups like to go out and dig and try to catch far they have killed 4. We will try and find some Grub X and spread it around the yard. I was told that will get rid of the grubs that the moles live on and then they will leave...will see. Have a great week Tonya :)

  6. Oh, no! Sorry about your losses. Luckily it is replaceable items. It has been so beautiful. Refreshes my soul and spirit. Another month and we will be eating mushrooms! This week, Hubby is cleaning off flower beds and preparing for planting onions, radishes and potatoes. Maybe spring will be here to stay. *sigh*

  7. Hi! Found your blog through your daughter at Primcats. Gotta love that vitamin D! We are still waiting for the sun here. I love the way you group prims together! Take Care ~*~Lisa


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