Saturday, March 19, 2011

Confessions of an Idiot~Beautiful Sunny Day today

Howdy peeps...... I hope your day was as bright and sunny as mine was.. !! It was just beautiful here in Ohio and I made sure I enjoyed it totally.
I started off stripping my bed, washing all the bedding and all of my Blankets in the house and then I hung them all on the line. It was a perfect day to line dry Blankets and sheets. As soon as one load was done and hung out the load before was dry and smelled so yummy Fresh.. Gona love crawling under the covers tonight..I made two huge pans of my handmade Oatmeal soap, and sat on the porch making Rag Covered Eggs.
Now to the confessions of a total idiot... !!
As you all know I work in my shop behind my Trailer every day and truth is I really have a hard time keeping Track of days one just runs into the other.. The church down the road was having a Youth ministry Yard Sale today... Friday..starts at 4:00
I wrote myself a note taped it above my computer to remind me not to forget to go...because they always have lots of the things I use on my gatherings at super great prices...
Anyway I'm on the porch makin eggs and my brother drives in the drive with my nieces and he says to me I'm gona run Hailey down to the church yard sale can you watch Savana.. I said yea sure then it hit me I want to go to the Church yard sale so I yell wait .. I'll take Hailey but it doesn't start till 4 its only 3:30.
My brother looks at me and say no Tonya its 4:30. I'm looking at the clock in my van and it says 3:30 so of course I reply no its not my clock says 3:30. He just starts laughing at me and says you know sis you need to get out of that shop a little more and listen to the news "DID YOU CHANGE YOUR CLOCKS BACK LAST WEEKEND"  My reply .....Uhhhhh...NO was it last weekend? He just walks away shakin his head and laughin at me.
Then it hits me I had been late for every appointment  this week... the Post Master had scolded me for coming so late...When I was at the Salvation Army the guy announced that they were closing in half an hour and I remember thinking geeez have I really been in here 2 hours already... Well duh... you didn't get there till 6:30 not 5:30...I cheated myself out of an hour of Shopping...
What is that saying? " A day late and a dollar short..." Well I got everyone beat I'm a week late and $20 dollars Short...
Ok the Clocks are all set to the right time now...LOL...

Hailey and I went to the Church Yard Sale and we hit pay dirt again... I walked out of there with shelves and open faced cupboards, Spice Bottles and all kinds of Goodies --Two huge boxes full for $16...

Now as I am walking around the yard sale I remember I am supposed to be at the Carpenters to pick up my first order at 5:00...well guess what I was late... but Thank God his wife was home and I was able to pick up my order. His son Dillon is the one who made my things and he did a fantastic job... I'm very pleased with my order...

All in all other then finding out that I'm a Week late and $20 dollars short it was a good day... I have so many old new goodies to create gatherings with I'm not sure where to start...but it will be fun in the old shop this week with so many choices to choose from...

I hope you all have a wonderfl weekend!



  1. hubby worked an extra hour at work this past week..because he forgot to fix his clock..glad you finally fixed it..can't wait to see the stuff you got.;)

  2. Hey girl, sounds like you hit "pay dirt" again, finding all those goodies how much fun is that!! Have a great crafting week-end....

  3. That is too funny! Glad to hear you are back on time now! Have a great weekend!

  4. Glad you finally caught up with the time, LOL, and found some good stuff at the sale;) Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Wow , and I thought I was the only one running behind lol Thanks for the laugh! Cant wait to see all your new goodies! Have a great week crafting. Hugs
    lil raggedy angie

  6. Hi, Tonya
    Time flies by doesn't it~oh, clean sheets hung on the line~you are going to sleep like a baby~ I can smell the freshness clear up here!
    Last couple days have been perfect~ loving the spring!
    enjoy the day

  7. Hope you found some goodies. Can't wait to see them.
    Cuntry at Heart

  8. I am sorry you have been having a tough week! I hope it gets better for you!
    I think you found some great stuff though!
    I love line dried linens! Can't wait to start using mine again.
    Have a good week.

  9. Oh Tonya! LOL! I'm always late, but I never seem to have a good excuse like that. :) Can't wait to see your gatherings. I washed all of our sheets and blankets last week too. It's finally spring!


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