Sunday, December 2, 2012

Creating challange for my healing Thumb & fingers this week..

The holiday Season has arrived just in time to challange my nearly healed Thumb & Fingers!
I sold 5 Rag Garlands, 1 regular set of Rag Balls & 8 dozen which is 96 handmade Rag Ball ornaments Monday night on Ebay...... so I had to put my right hand to the test this week. As you can see my Thumb is nearly healed and it looks and works perfectly.
I'm happy to say the surgery was a total success. Yee Haa! Yes Still slower then a 7 yr itch but I managed to create 200 Rag Balls since Monday night. Decided to get as many created as my hand allow me.
I spent all day today tieing 100  with twine so they can be hung on the tree. 
I met the challange and they can ship Monday.

These are Primitive Rag Ball Ornaments. Created from strips of old rags & twine.
the real challange was holding them as I wrapped them into a ball with my first finger and my thumb.... it was a huge challange for me.
Something I haven't been able to do for almost a year. Even tho it still hurts a little because my muscles aren't totally healed I did it without pain killers. So Happy!!!!

Only dropped a few & had to stop to rest my thumb & fingers every half hour or so.
The Next challange was to tie each one with twine for hanging on a tree. I started tieing them with twine this morning around noon and Finally finished them around 11 tonight...

My Thumb, fingers and hand aren't happy with me at all but I'm sure happy with them for working properly..
Honestly there were few times today I wasn't sure and was ready to give up..
I finished all of my Rag Garlands all that's left is to pack all my sales for the week and get them shipped out Monday..

It was Beautiful here in good ole Ohio today so I decided to do my laundry and hang it out on the line...One last time before winter hits was great..... when my hands got tired or really hurting I'd work on the laundry.

It was a good week indeed!!

have a great weekend every one!

Holiday Blessings


  1. Tonya, I am so happy that you are healing so well and that you are able to create. YEEHAA!! Happy dance time. :)

    Your rag ball ornaments look wonderful.

    That's neat that you have had a good week. Now take some time to rest your little fingers. :)

    Have a wonderful Sunday. Take care, Janet W

  2. Good morning Tonya. Looks like you have been putting your new hand to good use. Love the rag ball ornaments, very prim. Yesterday was a nice sunny one and it was a good day to be outside
    especially hanging laundry. Today is cloudy and windy and rain is in the forecast. Glad to see you are on the mend to work on your goodies.
    Have a nice Sunday and rest that hand up.
    Country at heart

  3. Wow! You were really putting those fingers to the test....but YOU DID IT!!!!! Good for you. Bet it really felt good. Like the rag ball ornaments.

  4. Once again, you have accomplished more in one day - one HOUR - as a wounded warrior than I have all MONTH! You are my hero! Hope your finners feel better soon! Keep on creating and congrats on the sales! ~*~Lisa

  5. wow Lisa ...I'm your hero..I've never been anyones Hero... Thanks!
    Gotta tell ya tho my hand hurt so badly today I just wanted to cry...finally gave in to one pain killer and soaked it in some hot water which really helped... but everything is done and packed ready to ship in the morning.
    Tomorrow there will be no work what so ever and maybe Tuesday too!


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