Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Gods Blessings were Abundant as he filled our Homes with Love!

Hello to all of my dear prim friends...I hope that God Blessed you all with as much Christmas Joy as he Blessed me and my family!
The Christmas celebrating actually started at April's house when I dropped off my van filled with all the clothing filled packages and Christmas ham the day before Christmas.
April & her family have not had it easy but she does a great job with what she has. I decided to make life a little easier for her this year. Of course I could have only done it because of my Good Will & Salvation Army Thrifting!
When I brought everything in the house the kids of course were way to excited so I decided to let them pick one package to open.
But first I had created a family gift brought about because there were no Knives sharp enough to peel potatoes on thanksgiving. So me being me bought a Potato peeler and wrapped it in 8 different boxes each wrapped separately. I handed it to Ethan the 5 yr old to open first. He handed it to Nay so on and so on...
 After opening it they had to pass it onto another person to open till there were no more to open. I told them whoever opened it last had to use IT Christmas day...That added some hesitation to there once excitement...

It ended up in April's hand last so she opened it and said Go figure..but all in all it was fun for everyone.
The kids opened there one gift & I gave April & Brian there big gift because I knew they could really use it for Christmas Dinner.

I filled a huge box with Bowls, Storage Containers, new set of Silverware, every kind of utensil you could imagine, a set of Dishes, set of Steak knives, Bread pans, Muffin Tins.

I'm pretty sure she was happy with all of it and the best part was I was able to get everything most new for $26.

Christmas Eve was spent at My Brother Jim's house with all our family on his and pegs side.
It was so hard to choose a picture for my heading, but I finally choose this one of my nephew Jason holding his first child Annalena watching her opening her first gift ever...I wish I could have gotten a picture of everyone watching to see what she did. So much giggling and coaxing & finally she ripped the first piece of paper off.. You would have thought someone won the lottery..hehe!
Our houses were full of Gods greatest gift this year. My brother Jim & SIL Peggy are grand parents to 4 new Grand baby's. So that means I am Aunt Tonya too and I love it!!
This is Tony & Heather with new baby Lilly.
This is Grandma Peggy holding the newest Brier & Hailey Holding Annalena with Mom Jessie sitting next to her.
This is Grandpa Jimmy Showing Ethan a picture of them when they went to see Santa.
Ethan knew it was him as soon as he seen it and was telling us all about it in his baby talk.
This is Ethan after grandpa gave him a big piece of his Reece Cup then handed him to his mom just giggling up a storm since mom had no idea about the Chocolate...
Savana got her Footed Pj's she wanted so she was totally happy
Hailey got lots of dresses and as she said: "I can dress up every day now!"
And she will too she loves Dresses!
Although this is Ethan's 2nd Christmas this year was a blast watching him. He just wasn't sure where to go or what to open next. So he went back and forth...

As you can see it was a good Christmas with some very happy kids!

Then Christmas morning it was up and off to April's house for Christmas with them.

Oh yes and my new Great Grandson Jordan Jr with his Mommy Tiff and Daddy helping to pass out gifts...
Ethan my Grandson got his clothes & several wrapped gifts all wrapped in a Diaper Box. when he tore off the paper...he looked at me and said: "Grandma I don't wear diapers anymore, I'm a big boy!" It was one of those priceless moments a grandma will never forget... Everyone couldn't help but giggle and laugh...Poor Ethan ran off.. I said, "Ethan come on come back and open the Box...Grandma wouldn't get a big boy like you diapers.
All ended well & he got everything he wanted.
April liked Nay's Scarf so she snatched it from her....
Abby opening her gifts!
Cameron opening his big Box of Clothes!
Andrew opening his Big Box!

Jordan Opening Baby Jordan's big Box of Clothes!
last but certainly not least once everything was all picked up there were some really tired people. Brian is sitting on the floor peeling potatoes...
When dinner was done April and I put together one of the Puzzles she got for Christmas.
I looked in the living room as it got quiet and I think I got the most precious picture of all.. Cameron had taken Puddles up in his lap and the two of them had fallen asleep...
Puddles had a very Merry Christmas too..Cameron loved on him all day long...
this picture will be priceless for me as I doubt Puddles will be here with us next Christmas...but then again God does work Miracles he brought us all together after years of being apart to share the Best Christmas together.

Besides being with family .....I had a fantastic Christmas I got three new hammers and I can't wait to do some serious hammering...LOL... Aprils kids got me Ear rings and a necklace that I totally love, a new purse, Lotions & a gift card for gas...yea! Peggy made me my Cherry Stuffed Sugar cookie pockets, socks, and I got pictures of all the new Baby's..Love them...
God Blessed me with so much joy and happiness this Christmas...

I do hope that each and everyone of you shared many Blessings with your family's this Christmas and you have tons of memories to tuck away!

Love, Peace and Happiness to one and all as you head intot he new year!



  1. Hi Tonya, your post almost made me cry, you sure made that family have a wonderful Christmas, and I believe the Lord helped you find all of those goodies at such good deals for them. And the smile and joy on those little faces, just melts my heart, that is truly what Christmas is all about. I love the story about the potatoe peeler, I will have to rem. that. So much fun! Enjoyed all of the lovely pictures. hugs,Lecia

  2. Another Christmas filled with great moments. Spending time with family and friends is the best time ever. Looks like your Holiday is one for the memory books. You are the most generous sweet person in blogland. Giving that family a Christmas to remember is what you are all about. Thank you for reminding us the real reason of the season, the gift of Love.

  3. So glad to hear you had a wonderful and joyous Christmas. So many great memories were created.
    Wishing you many Blessings for the coming New Year!
    Prim Blessings

  4. Oh Tanya,What a great Christmas you gave them...and yourself.
    So happy for you!

  5. Tonya, it sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. What a blessing you were to your family. Wishing you a blessed New Year.


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