Friday, December 21, 2012

Its Looking A lot Like Christmas here in Ohio & My Trailer Too!

Merry Christmas Everyone....the Christmas Spirit has finally arrived here in Ohio. Old man winter showed up last night dropping off a Beautiful Blanket of snow to make Hailey's Christmas wish come true...Its beautiful & if it must come Christmas is the best time of year but Hailey she was so excited that she texted me as soon as I got home tonight to ask if I wanted to build a Snowman tomorrow and go sleding with her....Oh to have the energy of a 10 yr old little girl who loves snow!! I agreed we should build a snowman but not sure my old body can take the sleding ...hehe! 
The Trailer is decorated, gifts are wrapped, the baking is done and I'm ready for Santa to arrive! As I mentioned in my last post I found so many great gifts at the Salvation Army for the kids so I'm really excited for Christmas to come!

I finally got the trailer decorated...Decided to hang different Stockings all around with Snowmen. Of course they all came from GW for 50 cents so it made it fun finding cute ones to use.
I love this one it is made of all wood with stuffed Reindeer and snowman!

This one is made of felt. I found it to be quite usefull for stuffing all my plastic bags down in..makes it look filled and hids my bags great!

Here I hung a simple one next to my Snowmen!

I used a Santa Hat as my Tree Topped...My Tree is full of Snowmen Stockings and Santa's this year..they didn't show up to well in my picture.

On my little shelf I sat Snowmen and a Santa with my bears and hung some of my cards on the edge!
Thanks for all the cards from my Blog friends it was so fun getting Christmas hugs in the mail!

Isat two of my Snowmen on my CD tower and right behind it is a Pocket Snowman Wall hanging..Its supposed to hold cards but I like to hang them so I can see them... I hug an old pair of mittens above the Wall pocket hanger.

Another Santa in the corner..I meant to move the other santa head beside it oops..but did have a giggle at how funny it looks sitting there in the candle Box....

I sat my Hallmark Snowmen on the other side..for some reason I can't find my other hallmark Snowman playing the piano...If you look under the tree you can see a Christmas Dog I found at GW for 50 cents...He is so funny he barks Jingle Bells...Hailey likes to come out and push the button to hear him sing!

I bought myself a Christmas gift this year well actually 3. I bought myself a long over due new Coat. I actually went to a real store and by shear accident found the perfect coat  or at least perfect for me..You see I hate heavy coats so never can find anything I like... I count this as a lucky find it is light weight, fuzzy lined with a hood. Perfect gift to myself!
Then I bought myself a new TV & a VCR/CD player so Hailey and I can watch movies together. Plus I can use it to turn my VCR tapes into CD's. I have several old home movies of Carmen when she was little on VCR tapes I want to copy and give them to Carmen & her Dad.. Plus I have over 500 VCR movies that I want to turn into CD's.
Its been 15 years since I bought a new TV..mostly because I never watch TV but it was getting harder and harder to find TV's with a VCR player in them at GW so decided it was time to gift myself something that would work for TV, VCR tapes and CD's. Now to figure outhow it all works and get them all changed over to CD's. I will have tons of storage space in the trailer and shop once the tapes are switched over... 500 tapes take up a lot of room!

I'll be having Christmas Eve with the Family here at my brothers and then Christmas Day I'm going to my daughter Aprils house for Christmas and Wednesday I'm having Christmas with John and Laura.. Busy days ahead and I'm totally excited this year!

May you all Have a Very Merry Christmas filled with warm moments spent with family filled with love and laughter!

Christmas Blessings


  1. Tonya ~ all your holiday decorations look wonderful and cheerful! You can tell in your posts how happy and excited you are.
    Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas!
    Prim Blessings

  2. Hi Tonya, the simple wish of a child for snow is heart-warming! I'm so glad that wish came true for Hailey. I would love some snow here in N. VA.

    Your home looks beautiful and festive! I love all the snowmen!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.


  3. I just love your decorations. :)

    I hope Hailey is having a blast.

    I wish you a very Merry Christmas.

    Take care, Janet W ((hugs))

  4. Looks great Tonya..Got your card..Thank you very much...I didn't send but a few (4 to be exact) I went broke shipping gifts to kids and a few friends. I have some 8MM movies that I would like to put on C D's but way to expensive. Not much snow here but can't say I really miss it. Have a great Holiday season and I will be thinking about you..Love the stockings. I had some extra ones and used them to put gifts in for some of the kids..Better than wrapping. Now they can hang them and fill them next year :)

  5. It sure looks festive at your house, Tonya! So pretty!

    Merry Christmas from our family to yours!


  6. Merry Christmas Tonya. All your decorating looks great. I'm so happy for your new presents. Hope you have a wonderful day with family and friends.



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