Monday, December 10, 2012

A Little Sneak Peek & Puddles new hair do

Happy Monday Everyone.. Just look at my best little Buddy Puddles. Doesn't he just look so Handsome?
Last Thrusday I did something I've never done before in Puddles 16 years.
I'm so glad I did because my Best Buddy got some extra special Loving treatment at Delaware Pet Grooming. Even though my hands are healing nicely and I'm getting my strength back slowly I found I still couldn't brush Puddles...
Being the Fur Ball that he is, he was a T-total matted mess & I felt awful I couldn't brush him.
I was really nervous about taking him to a groomer with all the horor stories I've read or heard about but I finally relented and made an appointment.
They took such good care of him. He was happy as a pea in Pod when I picked him up. He was as soft as silk, his coat all shinny & he smelled so fresh and clean. they put a little Teal Bandana around his neck. It was as cute as could be!
Come to find out the owner had lost her sheltie two weeks ago and so having a Sheltie to groom and snuggle was a welcome delight for her, she said.
I'm thinking I may just make it a regular part of Puddles life to get him groomed every couple of months even after my hands are totally workable again.

He wasn't too excited about laying beside the Christmas Tree but finally relaxed long enough to snap a few pictures...

I finally got my house all decorated for Christmas..Everything looks great! Snowmen and Santa's everywhere.
Not much else happening here, other then the chilly rain we've been having for the last week. Thank god is hasn't covered us in snow...We've actually been experiencing rain the past 3 or 4 days so everything its muddy everywhere one goes..So I'm sure Snow is soon to follow!
I've been busy wrapping Christmas packages for the last week,but not near done yet. Seems that too requires two good hands...I'll just keep plugging along so they are all wrapped by Christmas eve.
Last Friday afternoon I drove up North to check on my house and then Saturday night I went to the KI Christmas party with all my boater friends. It was great to see everyone and we had a such a great time.
Discovered that gripping the steering wheel still hurts my hands to drive long distances so didn't really enjoy the long trip home..Soon though I think my hands will be back to as normal as they will ever be & I can't wait...

Going to work in the shop today primming a set of Candle Sconces I sold over the weekend. I've been spending a little time each day creating and it feels so good to be back in the shop working even if it takes me hours to do the simplest task.
last week I created this beautiful Kitchen Gathering.
~Primitive Pantry Gathering~

Filled with Enamelware & Stoneware

Thanks for stopping by..Until we meet again May your days be filled with Sunshine and Smiles!

Christmas Holiday Hugs


  1. Hi Tonya....glad to hear you are improving...before you know it you will be feeling like your old self. Then you can do everything at your own steady pace. You have been through an awful lot. Your dog looks all clean and pretty.....I used to love it when we took our little poodle. He smelled so good when he came home! We just got a Persian kitten from my niece's shelter in SC this past weekend. They say there are beauty shops for cats now, too. But I need a haircut first!!!!!! LOLOL! Have a great, fun-filled week!


  2. Puddles looks so handsome sitting there. I bet he feels good too, getting all the hair brushed out.
    I am glad to hear that you are on the mend. Just take it slow, you'll get there. I am not quite ready for the holidays just yet, need to shop more.
    Happy crafting.
    Country at heart

  3. Good morning Tanya,
    Now Puddles is the sweetest looking furbaby I've seen in ages! He looks so cuddly. I'm glad you went beyond your fears of taking him to be groomed. I really think they DO NEED THIS every now and then...we just can't do it like they do and I think the animal is more accepting from a stranger.
    He looks adorable under the tree. Card worthy.

    I love your gathering - and I'm sure it will be bought up quickly.



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