Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy Fall guess who's been in the Shop Painting? Hand Update

Happy Day to one and all...Ms. Tonya has some really great news to share with you all today! She has been working in the shop for the past three nights. No nothing spectacular was created but being able to actually hold a paint brush in my right hand and paint wood pieces was better then awesome!
The first night my niece Hailey, my crafting buddy decided she wnted to spend the evening in the shop painting with aunt Tonya...We had the best time..
Things started off a little shaky as I couldn't get the paint jar open at first or the large paint can so Hailey had to help me & together we prepared our work area with paint bowl & paint brushes.
I wasn't really sure if I was going to be able to actually hold the paint brush and paint nice even strokes and when I found I could I guess tears just strated running down my cheeks I was so happy...I said a little prayer of thanks..but I must have done it out loud....Hailey heard me and gave me a big hug and said I knew you would be able to paint again someday Aunt Tonya..
We painted for hours..Hailey has gotten very good at painting the wood pieces. I finally took her in the house around 11 and tucked her in and called it a night.

The next two nights I was on my own and I painted pieces all night long just soaking up the peacfulness of being in my shop once again and actually working on something. It was slow going and I had to rest every 10 to 15 minutes but regardless I'm creating again and nothing could make me happier.
Soon I will be turning those 37 pieces into gatherings and I can't wait so look out cause I'm back in business again!

This is my thumb 11 days after surgery! You all have no idea how excited I am about my thumb. It hasn't bent in more then 20 years and has been in constant 24/7 pain all that time. something I learned to live with. But I'm happy to say that Dr. Awan changed that.

There is basically no real pain other then after surgery being cut pain and pain when I bump the stitches. I can actually bend my thumb. Before surgery my thumb measuered
2 1/2"plus round now it measuers 1 1/2" around and as soon as the rest of the swelling goes down it will be normal looking and even smaller. It used to curve to the left like a hitch hicker thumb and just look at this it is actually straight..After 20 plus years of pain and deformity I am just amazed that it is a normal working thumb that's pain free. Never dreamed in a million years I would ever get it fixed... Very happy lady!

Five days after surgery. Look at the improvment in just a few days.
I'm a bit surprised at how much faster my right hand healed compared to my left hand. The incisions in my palm where he fixed the trigger fingers is healed and basically pain free. the area in my wrist where he did the carpel tunnel surgery is also healed and basically pain free. This surgery was a breeze and successful in every imaginable way!
My left hand on the other hand is still giving me fits of pain down by the wrist and in the middle finger.. I almost decided not to get the right hand done because the left hand still hurt so much ...I'm so Thankful I decided to go threw with it and simply work with the doctor to make the left hand pain free in those two areas. I may have to go to therapy for a bit to resolve the issues in the left hand but I'm ok with that...

In the middle of all my happiness with my hands I had blood work done to test my thyroid levels and sad to say that the blood test came back with my levels high so the doc had to up my Thyroid medication in hopes of dropping it back down... Go figure just my luck that something would go and bust my happy bubble...
Otherwise things are looking up for me... I'm getting in to see the right doctors and finally feel as if they are all working together to get me back on the right track health wise... that's a nice feeling for sure..

Hope all is well with you and yours and you have enjoyed the coming of fall and all the beautiful colors this year. They were just beautiful here in Ohio but sadly Sandy winds have blown the beautiful colors away for this year..
Speaking of Sandy my prayers go out to all of you who were affected by that horrible storm and my hope is that you are all safe and warm..

Happy Fall Blessings


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  2. Sorry for the first reply, I goofed and said
    I am glad our hand is healing nicely, LOL.
    I meant to say your hand. We had 2 inches of snow last week from Sandy, what a shock to wake up to. I wasn't prepared, I had to dig out a hat, gloves and broom to clean off my vehicle.
    Looking forward to seeing your new creations.
    Country at heart

  3. Hugs to ya Tonya,
    I can just imagine you out in the shop, peacefully creating is the best therapy. Take it slow girlfriend, we are all thinking of you. A lot of us have your sweet creations in our homes, can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve.

  4. Hi Tonya,
    Great news on the speedy recovery! Thinking of you and hoping for a full recovery.

  5. Oh Tonya,
    I am so excited about your news. I was doing a happy dance. :) That is so great that you are healing so well and that you aren't having lots of pain.
    I can tell that you are so excited to get back to work and that the painting went so well. :)

    Praying for you to continue healing well and you will be back to normal soon.

    Have a great Sunday and and Awesome week.

    Take care, Janet W

  6. I'm glad you can get joy from creating again Tonya! You sure have been through alot! Hope the healing and creating continue! ~*~Lisa

  7. Hi Tonya ,im glad things are looking up for you, and that your doing what you do best :-)

    Blessings Heidi.

  8. Wow lady your thumbs look great. I'm so happy for you that everything is coming together for you.

    Hugs Felicia


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