Saturday, October 27, 2012

Update on Left hand Surgery-Fall Decorating-Tasha Update

Hi my dear prims...sorry for my tardiness...Finally the left hand surgery is  now over with. I can feel both my hands now...even the after surgery pain...LOL...
My daughter April had Tuesday off so she was wonderful and gave up her day off to take me to my surgery at the ungodly hour before the Rooster crows...5:30...
By the way meet April....
April lived with us when she was a teen.I may not be her birth mother but She is my daughter threw & threw...I'm really proud of her..That's another story to share someday..
Anyway i am so gratful the was able to take me to my surgery..otherwise I was going to have to take a cab...that freaked me out totally...

Anyway back to the left hand surgery...It went much quicker then the right hand..and so much less painful then the left hand..As you can see it is in a cast and i am thinking that made a huge dufference since i am not bumping it all the time.

Surgery on the right hand/arm was much simpler to some degree so I am sure that made a difference too! He operated on my elbow on the left hand and that hurt 24/7 till about  week ago..finally it settled down..Thank God!
On the right hand doc did carpel tunnel surgery, trigger finger surgery on first two fingers and then he operated on my deformed crippled up thumb. The thumb surgery is reason for the cast. He removed a cyst from the thumb, bone chips and calcium from between the joint. It had spread the joint completely apart whichis why the thumb thumped 24/7 365 days a year for the last 10 years...
The very first thing I noticed when my arm came awake was taht my thumb wasn't thumping at all...I was so darned tickled....It feels way smaller now..of course I can't see it so have no clue if it is or not but it sure feels like it....
I am so excited to see what my crippled up thumb looks like now....It had gotten so crippled it was pointing out like a hitch hike thumb before surgery....Doc said I wasn't hitch hiking anymore...we shall see..but whatever it looks like it doesn't hurt so far and that is such a relief in itself...

It feels so good to be able to feel things again...I caught myself feeling the texture of things the other day....laughed as I didn't realize it was that bad.. I guess we get used to something and don't really realize just how bad it was till it's fixed...
I can actually hold a glass, pop can, hair brush etc in my left hand now & they don't fall out..I'm not totally sure as I hold things but I catch myself testing it daily.....feel like a little kid learning to do things all over again..LOL..but each tiny baby step is happy moment...soon there will be sand paper in my hands sanding things and paint brushes painting things and needle sewing things....
You have no idea how exciting that sounds to me!

I did a little Fall Decoratingbefore surgery...I won Karen's "How did you get Your Blogg name Giveaway". I won the cutest Pumpkin penny matt that looks perfect on my little table.

I filled an old wood bowl with little Pumpkins, a mini bale of straw and under my tree I sat a Pumpkin I created along with a few tiny Pumpkins. I stuck some fall leaves in my tree along with sume sunflowers.

On my shelf I added a few Pumpkins...

Tasha and Mama Kitty have been hangin out with me & giving me lots of kitty lovin...
You can see how skinny Tasha got while she was missing.
then we have miss Fatty...mama Kitty all snuggled in my bed
That's all my news for today....Only took me 6 hours to get all of this typed.
Have a Happy Halloween weekend!
Prim Blessings


  1. Hi Tonya,

    I am so excited for you. WOOHOO! :) I'm so happy that the surgery went well.

    As I read this I can feel your excitement. Doing a happy dance for you. :)

    I love your Fall/Halloween decorations. Congrats on winning the penny mat it is so cute.

    Prayin that you will heal well and quickly and be able to get busy with your creations again soon.

    Have a great weekend and a wonderful week.

    Take care, Janet W

  2. Hi Tonya,
    I'm so glad your left hand surgery is behind you! I hope you will regain use of both hands and be pain free. Thinking of you and hoping for a super quick recovery.

  3. Tasha looks great and so does your hand. It will be all better soon.



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