Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The New RedNeck Shed~Flower Beds~Herbs ready to Harvest~

A Huge Fall Hello everyone...Finally a moment to take a breath & share a few things that have been happening.. As mentioned in my last post only so many days till I have my Right hand surgery which means I have a ton of things that need done before winter/thus before hand surgery.. So busy I've been...
I decided to expand my Redneck Shed so I bought a second dog pen and a pitched Roof for each that are made for the dog pens. Then I put down old skids inside to create a floor so nothing would sit on the bare ground anymore... It turned out awesome if I do say so...perfect for what I need as storage space. The Rood comes with a canvas top but I added two extra tarps to assure myself things would stay dry. So far it has proven to be great no leaks at all and the nice pitched roof lets it all slide off.. Hopefully it will do as well in the snow.
This is how it looked when I first finished it. then last week I spent a day extending the Flower Herb Bed all the way to the end. Mainly I threw that in on my do before winter list because I wanted to plant wintering herbs & cabbage, plus I wanted to get dirt up around the edges to keep out critters and weather.
I tore down all the Morning Glory's and the lattice, searched the barnyard for rocks and in no time it was finished. I filled it with two loads of dirt from the dirt pile. Plated  a Small grass plant that my nephew gave me from one of his landscape jobs. This grass only gets 4' tall so it will look really nice next year.
A huge Sage plant &
4 Flowering Cabbage Plants

Decided to do a little decorating for fall
so I took my Old Wheel from in front of the Shop
 put it on the left to go with the old Plow...

      Then I added 3 Plastic Pumpkins
 an old Cow sign that I had laying around.

Then when I went to the Grocery Store they had all there Mums marked down to 3 for $5.00 bucks ... I said to self......Hummm I think I need three of those for my new Flowerbed...Yep I bought them and sat them in there as soon as I got home...They added the perfect Fall touch to my Redneck Shed Garden don't ya think?
Who Say a Redneck Shed has to look Redneck?   I got the best Redneck Shed around and the prettiest Flowerbed around it...

A nieghbor threw away an old Screen door so of course I had to trash pick it! I decided I wanted to put it in front of the shop where the Wheel used to be, with a little handmade wood Pump I found at GW.

I'm not done with it yet. I want to paint it black and prim it up but I wanted to make sure I liked it there first. I think once I get it primmed it will look better. I'll need to anchor it somehow. Then I will decorate it witht he seasons... See the cute little Pump I found I want to do it in a Rusty color so it will be sealed and look cuter too. then I want to put a wood bucket infront of it...
What do ya think? Do you like the idea of the door in front of the shop witht he Pump?

As you can see my Herbs did beautifully this year and they are ready to harvest. Now if I could just get the weather to cooperate with me and stop raining every darn day I plan to pick it, tie it and hang it to dry, I would be a very happy lady...Why is it always that way when it comes time to harvest your plants?
It is on my list this week because I want to pick it while it is so pretty and green. I have Rosemary, Thyme, Lemon Thyme, Several different kinds of Basil, 2 different kinds of Sage, Maijorum, Dill, Lavender, Organo & something I totally forget the name of so I will be busy...But it will all be worth it when I get to start creating again and start using all of them in my gatherings. I planted Sweet Annie but it never made it. I was so disappointed but I will try again next spring...

The only thing left to do this week is build a new Shop Door. When Lisa Kitty had her baby's they went in and out so much they broke the bottom off the door so it will have to have a new one before hand surgery & winter...Decide to just make a plywood door and then attach the old Red Door to the Plywood cause it is so cool... Boy has my Shop come along way since I took that Picture 2 years ago...See the add on well that is what the cats broke off...the door was always to short because Jimmy put the building up on three cement blocks instead of one.. So it never was real air tight..making a door to actually fir will help me stay warm in winter...I'll just have to let Lisa Kitty in and out once it's built...

I got all my windows covered with plastic & taped on the outside last week. Just in time for that cold weather that blew in...I got the Air conditioner covered too. With my hands I couldn't lift it out of the window so said well ya do what ya can do... Now this week I will put up all the plastic inside the trailer & that will be done.

I worked on organizing & cleaning the shop last week too..Another revamp to make things easier for me.
I will be able to paint things that are already sanded while my hand is out of commission and the shop is set up better for me to be able to do that...I have tons of things ready to paint..

Next weekend is my last weekend on Kelleys Island & then I have to go to my house up there and winterize the house and my Boat. I have to cover my boat too and then I should be done and I can have this second surgery without worry that things aren't taken care of..since the doc says the right hand will be out of commission for up to 3 months...uggg..

Tasha is doing well...Still very very Clingy and always by my side or in my arms...She has started eating again and soon I hope she starts to put on all the wieght she lost while on her adventure...She must have decided taht she missed Mama Kitty while she waslost because the two of them have become friends finally. Tasha doesn't even swat at her everytime she walks by and they ahve take to both snuggling up next to me at night side by side... Its so cute and of course I am lovin it totally...

Life is good today very Good....My chore list is shrinking, my Tasha is home, My Puddles has been doing better and I'm nearly ready for my second hand surgery...knowing it is only a few more months and both my hands will be useable... boy does that sound wonderful!

With that note I will bid you all a Good Week ahead filled with lots of happy moments!

Fall Blessings


  1. Good mornning Tanya,
    Oh my goodness I have been missing so much here...I am so happy Tasha has come back home. It's amazing how they can survive that long away but many, many do.
    You have been a working bee for sure - goodness the things you accomplish amazes me even with your pain.
    Nothing can get you down can it....you go girl.
    It all looks just wonderful.
    P.S. I hope your package arrived!

  2. It's always a great thing when life is good:) Love your shed and I don't think it's redneck at all, I love the pump and the screen door, looks so cute;) Hope your hand surgery goes well, have a wonderful day!

  3. Hi! Tonya,

    You did a lovely job on the landscaping and decor. I think the water pump and bucket will look cute. A nice "welcome" at the door ;o)

    Soooo happy to hear Tasha and Puddles are doing much better. Thrilled! your days are brighter. Woo hoo!
    I am certain the surgery will be a success. Keeping you in my prayers, always.

    Thanks! for sharing. Have a sunny weekend. Take care.

    Blessings & Hugs,


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