Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Good, Bad & Ugly of September 2012~Thank God I'm the Winner

Hi Everyone...Not sure where to start First I have so much to tell you. First I want to Thank Karen from "My Colonial Home" for having a great giveaway. I'm so excited because I'm one of the lucky Winners. I don't win things very often. Perfect timing to put a smile on my face...Thanks Karen...I hope you are feeling better..

Yes you are seeing right... that is a picture of my Tasha Kitty that I told you went missing Sept 18th. I am happy to tell everyone that she has been rescued.

I thought my year from hell was over with but of course that was not the case. I love my critters with all my heart but Tasha disappearing was horrible & beyond stressfull. A recap of the last 16 days.

Sept 18 Very sad ..My Tasha Kitty darted out my trailer door on Kelleys about 11 Saturday night. Normally she sits on the step or under the trailer for an hour & comes back in. Well not this time...she just vanished, disappeared, gone. Several people helped me look for her but as of today she's still missing. I fear that the Coyotes may have gotten her. I'm heart broken with grief..she was my buddy!
Everyday that I've been on the Island I have searched no less then two hours a day with no sign of her in sight. I Hung flyers all over the Island, in the stores, at the marina's, at the Post Office..everywhere.
Sept 26    Kitty spotted on KI maybe my Tasha. I got a call today from a friend on the Island who seen one of the flyers with Tasha's picture on it. She thinks that she has seen Tasha in her back yard twice. She said...
the kitty she seen kinda walked funny with a sway in her gate & Tasha deffinately walks & runs funny. Good sign #1. Said this cat was tall & lanky with tiger colored long tail & back end .. good sign #2. Said cat headed back toward where my trailer is ..good sign #3. Said cat was eating bird seed she had thrown out..wierd but Tasha likes seeds.. good sign #4. Said she has never ever seen this cat before..good sign #5
I'm going back to the island early with traps to set close by her house. Its the only way I can think to catch her if she is afraid & lost. God willing this kitty she has seen is Tasha.
Sept 27  I couldn't leave right away because we were in the middle of canning AppleButter..We canned 68 jars of Apple Butter & 10 quart bags of Chunky Applesauce yesterday. OMG it smelled so good cooking & tasted out of this world good! My first real test using the left hand. Its sore today but it's worth it....there will be many slices of homemade bread going to be covered with fresh applebutter all winter long....Yummy Yummy!! Thank God for the distraction of spending time with my sister n law making the Apple Butter...
Sept 28..I am packed and heading North bright and early to the island with Traps & a cage to try to trap the cat that has be sited. Set the traps as soon as I got unloaded & unpacked. Now the waiting game!
Sept 29 Traps were empty..Very Sad!
Sept 30 ..Update on the siting & Trapping of a Kitty everyone hoped was Tasha. Around 9:30 last nite my senses told to check the trap right now... so off I went. Sure enough there was something in the trap. My heart leaped w/ hope but somehow i knew it wasn't Tasha before i even got there. As soon as I opened the van door & heard the crys I knew it wasn't her and my heart sank. But it was the Kitty everyon...
e had sited & she looked amazingly very much like Tasha....! I brought the cage back to the trailer, slid some food & water in for her. Came in the trailer, gave her 20 minutes to eat. She ate all the food & then I released her back into the Wild. As she ran off I sat down on the steps broke down & bawled my eyes out..Then reset the traps hoping agaist hope that Tasha is still out there somewhere lost.
Sadly that same sense that sent me to the Trap last night keeps telling me she's gone & its time for me to accept it. Sometimes I love that 6th sense of mine and other times I totally hate it. Especially when I know it 99% right every time...
I had Dr & dentist Appointments all week so I headed back home Monday morning so down and out but still hopeful...
October 3  The first Good news came After being missing for 16 days. She was spotted by a landscape mower ... at a rental house 3/4 mile from the Trailer 4 days ago. She seen a kitty with a Red Bandana run under the garage. When she went to the post office she seen the picture & told Jean the postmaster who called me right away. Jean went to try to catch her for me but Tasha would have nothing to do with her but she verified it was her. She fed & watered her. Called me again to verify Yes it is her for sure.
I packed up & beat butt to the ferry & arrived at 1:30. I unpacked my things & Mama kitty an headed to the house she was seen last. Wasn't sure what to expect or if she was still there. My heart was pounding so hard it hurt...I went prepared to spend the day if she was to afraid to come out.
It was a glorious moment as I got out of the van, started calling Tasha Tasha Tasha & as I rounded the corner there she was..
She started her purring..walked towards me then turned and walked away...I kept saying her name and she turned around, took two steps &  took a flying leap right into my arms, put her paws out & wrapped them around my neck like she does and clung to me so hard she left 10 big claw digs on my neck.... funny I didn't feel it as I was so happy to see her.. She purred, kneading bread on my neck, touched my face & nusseled my neck.. she wasn't going to let go of me no matter what!
I can't remember a happier moment in a long long time.
Of Course I'm bawling my eyes out with Happy tears the whole time..We sat in the van for a long time just calming both of us down & sharing 16 days of being seperated... God I love that Cat!
She was very nervous & when a car went by I thought she was gona jump out of my arms she was shaking so bad...Poor thing...god knows what she has been threw the last 16 days...

I took her with me to show her to all the people who helped me find her and thanked each of them with a huge Hug & Thank-you.
When I got her home I checked her over & found several bite marks on her hip & back. I cleaned them up and they are looking fine now but she jumps if ya touch them.
She has lost at least 5 pounds so she is really skinny will need lots of good food.
I spent the day just holding her & playing with her reuniting with her. She loves to be bundled in a blanket or my T-shirt wrapped up around her if we are just sitting..and she has pretty uch wanted to be held & bundled with her paws wrapped around my neck.....Friday night we fell asleep with me holding her, paws around my neck all bundled at 9:30...when I woke up we hadn't moved she was still next to me and it was 9:30 Saturday morning... I think we both slept off 16 days of stress worry, fear and loss....

So all I can say is Get your Dancin Shoes on we've still  got a Celebration going on & you're all invited to help us Celebrate!! Stand up~Clap your hands & Do the Happy Dance!
Not much else going on in my life...Today I'm helping my girlfriend clean & organize her GreenHouse for winter... Its a beautiful day to spend doing just I'm excited!
I bought a new Laptop that I saved a year for so tonight I'm trading one of my know it all computer
friends dinner in exchange for setting up and teaching me how to use Windows 7 on the new puter...I will be like a 1st grader learning to read my first but at least I have someone to help guide me threw maybe I will make it to 2nd grade in one
I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend gathering some wonderful fall memories!!
Prim Blessing


  1. Yippee!!! I'm doing the happy dance ~ soooo glad to hear Tasha is home safe and sound with her happy Momma!!!
    Prim Blessings

  2. I missed that Tasha went missing Tonya. As I type I am snuggling with our gray furball on the couch. Have lost a cat outside before and it is terrible. So happy for you! Will do a happy jig! ~*~Lisa

  3. oh Tonya, that is the best news ever!!! I am doing the happy dance with of our babies disappeared monday and we wrote her off as we have wildlife here and it just made us sad..but she was out and loved being out..on tuesday morning there she was on the back porch..she stayed in all day that day..we are letting her out in baby steps again...and hoping and praying she will stay close..have a great weekend loving on your babies.;)

  4. So happy your kitty is back home safe and sound!!
    Be blessed,

  5. What a happy ending:) I can't imagine what you were going through and so glad you found her!!!!

  6. Tonya, so glad to read that your beloved kitty is home again!

  7. Hi Tonya & Tasha,
    So happy she's home! What kind of bites were they? Glad to here your feeling better and are able to use your hand now.

  8. Well thank the good Lord, He still cares and answers prayer. Soooooooo happy for you Tonya.

    Glad you are feeling better. Keep Tasha safe now.


  9. Oh Tonya...this is great news!!! I'm so happy for both of you!! It is so scary when one of our furry children get lost...for us and them. I'm so thrilled that she is back home with you now.

  10. Great news, I am so happy you found her! I know you will have the best weekend ever, now that she is home!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  11. I am so happy to hear that you found your kitty.
    Your prayers were answered for sure. Now you can finally sleep without worry. Have a nice weekend.
    Country at heart

  12. Hi Tonya,

    I am so glad that Tasha is back :) I don't have dancing shoes so I did the Happy Dance in my bare feet. ok? :)

    Gosh I'm just all choked up thinking how happy you are. Sniff

    I hope that the bites heal up well and that she will eat and gain weight and be a healthy kitty again. Poor thing.

    So happy. I hope you are healing well too. Have a great Sunday. Take care, Janet W

  13. Tasha you are one lucky kitty it have a loving owner who does not know the words "give up" and "good bye". So happy for you Tonya, life is good and his love does shine upon us.

  14. I am sooooo happy for you Tonya. I can't imagine having to go through that with any of my dogs or cats. Hope she never sneaks out on you again. You are a good Mommie and I am sure she will be back to her self soon :)

  15. Thank God! Tonya,

    What a beautiful & memorable moment for you & Tasha. Being a cat lover, I can only imagine how you must have felt. Cats are like therapy my friend. They can get you through some tough times. Sooooo loving creatures. Doing the "Happy Dance" for you ;o)

    Congrats! on the new puter. You will be navigating Windows 7 in no time :oD

    Have a most beautiful weekend. Take care ok. Belly rub for Tasha <^..^>

    Blessings & Hugs,

  16. Like I said in my other post I have not been here in awhile...and just look at what I missed...I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU TANYA...I FEEL YOUR DELIGHT AND the love you have for your animals is so endearing. I also would feel like you and I just know if Lola went missing and finally found she would act exactly like Tasha...she's a very loving and giving cat.
    Yeahhhh...welcome home Tasha


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