Sunday, January 27, 2013

Six Ethics of Life and A Lumpy Leg...LOL

Howdy everyone....I hope everyone out there in blog land is having a good weekend!
I've had one of those weeks I'd rather not repeat...But my weekend has been great so far. Hailey my niece & I have been creating Valentine's for SIL's 6 foot Tree. So far we've made about 40 and still working on them a few a evening after School.
I've got a special order for 8 Prim Candle Sticks and a Huge Cranberry Scoop I've been working on in the evenings...
Tonight went out to dinner with my Brother & SIL...had Salad Bar..Yummy!
A friend sent me the little Ethics of life list the other day and I decided to share it with everyone.... I've done my best to live by these rules all my life! It was kinda cool to see them written out....Makes a person think about themselves and how they live there life..
As I mentioned I've had a week I'd rather forget...but decided to add a little sense of humor to the situation and share it with you!
After much deliberation I have concluded that somewhere along my life's path I ticked off my body and it has been spending years planning an elaborate retaliation against me that started 2 yrs ago and is still going strong...So Much for 2013 being a better year.....
After dealing with a sinus infection since Dec. 3, I woke up about 10 days ago with this lump on my outside left thigh. Didn't think much of it... but it decided to become a Huge lump that looked like a deformity that others noticed & commented..
"What's wrong with your leg..looks like you got a pair of socks or something stuck in your pants leg." I'm talking 6" long x 5" wide x 3' bumped out lump.
Not that I haven't visited the Doc enough in the last month, months, years..... I make another appt. to see what the Doc makes of this here Lump on my leg!
I'm sitting on the table, Doc says let me see this lump, lifts the sheet & her mouth drops. She immediately gets her professional composure and says as comly as possible, Tonya this is serious, I think you might have a large Blood Clot in your leg. We need to get an ultra sound immediately & if so you can't have the throat surgery next Thursday.
Then she explains to me how serious a blood clot is, why I can't have the surgery, how it can break loose little pieces that can lodge in my lungs, cutting off the breathing and land me 10 feet under real quick.
Talk about scaring the living you know what out of a person...Ok you got my attention... 
I spent the rest of Thursday deciding if I needed to get that will written up...ASAP...
So it was off Friday morning before the rooster crows once again to get an ultra sound on my leg...I'm already a nervous wreck & it decides to start snowing...of course all the normal people suddenly became the worst drivers on earth..but I made the hour drive without getting involved in an accident on the freeway or getting myself killed...
The Ultra sound lady has the same reaction on her face to this huge lump but quickly recovers without words..Thank God!
It's OKAY.. you can breath easy...the ultra sound showed No Blood Clots...Praise God...but it also didn't show any bruises or infection showed nothing that would tell the Doc what has caused this huge lump...Go figure if anything normal happened to me in the process of figuring out anything that happens to this body of mine I wouldn't knowhow to react....
I did the happy dance all the way out the door knowing there was No Blood Clots & I could still have my surgery but then when the Doc calls me to give me the results...she has to tell me that she feels we need to try to figure out what has caused this to happen...why its still there and what can be done to get rid of it if it doesn't go away on its own in the next week or so.
I just said...... Doc, its just my body carrying out this elaborate retaliation against me for some long ago misdeed against it! She chuckled a little and said well we still need to figure it out...and I told her fine.... next week.... for now I'm going to pretend its not there...
And that I have pretty much managed to do...
My Throat Surgery is still on for Thursday the 31st. God willing that's the end of the major surgeries for awhile and I can get my life back together...
Do have a Great Weekend Everyone filled with lots of happy Moments!


  1. Oh my Tonya, I hope your surgery goes well and they find out what has caused this lump, sending many prayers your way!!! Sent you an e-mail last week but not sure if you got it?? Our DIL and little grandson will be coming this summer to live with us while my son deploys:( Prayers for his safety greatly appreciated!

  2. Man oh man! If it weren't for bad luck, you'd have no luck, at all. I add my prayers. This all sounds horrible to me. Hope you do get better very, very soon...

  3. OMGosh....I can only imagine how upset this all made you Tonya. I'm glad it wasn't a blood clot, but I do hope it isn't anything really serious! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. xxx
    Hope you have a very successful and speedy recovery from your throat surgery. xxx

  4. Holy Moly! You sure don't need anything else to go wrong!
    I hope it goes down on it's own and you are lucky that it
    isn't a blood clot!!! Hope your surgery goes well and you
    take good care of yourself, afterward.

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  5. I'm with Linda~ you sure have had your share of bad luck Tonya. So glad it isn't a blood clot, but hope they figure out what is causing this. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers girl.

  6. I don't know what else in the world can go wrong with you lady. LOL. I'm sorry. You had me mighty scared with the blood clot business. Sure gald it wasn't that but I hope they can figure out what it is.

    Praying your throat surgery will go fine on Thursday. Hang in there.



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