Thursday, January 31, 2013

Throat Surgery is over with....Doin the Happy Dance

If your squeamish Don't look at the pictures...
Surgery is done ..  I'm home..just had me a big bowl of Peanut Butter, Carmal, Vanilla Swril Ice Cream..Yummmmmmmmm.

Dr says it was a success. They removed the flap of skin, and a large Pulip from the right vocal cord. This is the third pulip I've had removed from vocal cord.They're caused from my dry mouth & Sinus draining & my constantly clearing my throat.
You can see the before Pulip & after in the picture.
Before removing Pulip

After removing the Pulip

As you can see it was big, closing off my throat....... no wonder every thing was getting stuck and making it hard to swallow my medication & food.

The Doc also removed the lump & damaged tissue on my inside right cheek. So I have two stitches on the inside cheek. One of my teeth is chipped with a sharp edge that's totally irritating my cheek..ouch! I need some of those gauze rolls the dentist uses under your lip to keep it away from the teeth...

My potassium was still extremely low so they had to give me a Potassium IV. I have no clue why my Potassium continues to be low. Doc has me on Potassium pills & I've been eating food loaded with Potassium to try to keep it up...
 So far my cheek is the only thing that hurts, my voice is hoarse but I can speak a little bit. Doc prefers I don't talk for 24 hours & if I do speak he wants me to use my soft voice....

LOL...its taken me 2 hours to write this......Seems I'm still under the influnce of anesthesia I keep falling asleep.

Think I'll go take a nap in my bed....

Special HUGS to my daughter April & Brian for taking the time to getme to and from the hospital..You are the best! Love ya both...                                  

Thanks for all of the prayers and well wishes...


  1. Hey lady bug you must have hit the enter button a million times when you napped one time. The comment box is WAAAAAAAYYYYYY below the end of your post LOL.

    Anyway so glad your surgery came out great. More get well wishes being sent your way.

    Soon you'll be a brand new Tonya.


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