Wednesday, September 28, 2011

You see that its my shop~I'm actually home

Middle of the night to ya... Yep my brain is going a million miles an hour thinkin about all the things I want to get done around the shop while I'm home ... I was so excited after thinkin of nothing but that for the 2 hour drive home... I went straight to the barn as soon as I unloaded the van...I worked on creating shelves and organized what was already up there... I can't wait to share the new storage area with you ...but you're just gona have to wait a little longer... I decided not to share till it was done... hehe... keep ya in suspence!!

I made my way into the shop which by the way is piled high with things I've bought on my drives back ond forth from the Island each week .. or at least the weeks I made it home. What a total mess is out there... that's why I have to spend this time off just going threw the boxes and organizing things...
But I a good jump start on things tonight...After making/creating the shelves out of old wire closet shelving I've been picking up here and there at the thrift store I headed for the shop and started going threw boxes.
I managed to get 6 boxes of assorted wood shelves, some open faced cupboards, Sconces, and other misc wood items carried up to the loft storage area.
I am totally amazed how much stuff I've actually got.. wait till you see the pictures you're not gona believe the great supply I've managed to buy...
withit all crammed in the shop I had no idea half of the things I had... part of my shelving is 18" square wire cubes. So one wall in the storage is nothing but those cubes. I put wood shelves in several cubes, wood sconces in several cubes, Wood Scoops in on and so forth. so now when I go pick out something to work on I can simply look in that section and easily pull it out and take it to the shop and work on it.
Once I get all the major things moved to the storage and organize it all then I will have much more room in the shop to oorganize all the other important things needed to create gatherings like Bottles, apothecary containers. bottles & jars, Pitchers Mugs, pans and plates so on and so on... Its gona be a hot time in the old shop soon... I'll be rolling out gatherings right and left....

Then if there is time while I'm home I need to do some serious weeding around the is a real mess...
I need to pick all my herbs and get them hung to dry...
I'm gona be one busy lady but at least its not cleaning houses... this is fun because I get to rediscover all the goodies I have and get tem all organized...

I guess I better make this short and get to bed so I can dig in tomorrow and see if I can find the shop floor... sure can't right now...

You all have a wonderful day today and I will to get some pics of the progress to share with ya sometime soon...


PS...Those of you who showed an interest in Supporting Ava's Blog stop over there and check out the latest post..It's very touching.. While you're there maybe you can pass along an encouraging comment..I think your kind words will be appreciated...


  1. can't wait to see how organized you get..I love organizing..and this will keep you productive..have a great day tomorrow getting things in shape.:)

  2. Hi Tonya...sounds like you have your work cut out for you, but oh, it will be great when you're all organized! Welcome home and enjoy your time in the shop..


  3. WELCOME HOME TONYA!!!! Can't wait to see all your supplies organized, I would love to have a workshop! Have a wonderful day!!!

  4. Welcome Home Tonya , sorry Ohio has dealt us some chilly wet weather today ! But i hope you gets lots accomplished ! Happy Cleaning and have a great day ! hugs lilraggedyangie

  5. Welcome Home Girlfriend! Wow - can feel your energy!! There is something about organizing that is so invigorating.... Can't wait to see your new digs all arranged and tidy! Have a great day! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. Welcome Home Tonya!
    Sounds like you are going to be one busy gal.
    Can't wait to see it all done and all the wonderful creations you'll be doing!
    Prim Blessings

  7. Yeah your back. Don't work too hard getting organized now.



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