Friday, September 16, 2011

Coming to Grips with Tragedy~Meet Ava & her Family

Hi everyone... I know I have been missing for the past few weeks. Between work, my new Verizon Wireless modem & this here laptop I've had a hard time getting online to blog.. Oh how I have missed everyone.
But tonight I want to share something with you that is somewhat off the Prim path but every bit a part of my life. Remember I told you I had visitors about a month ago Vicki & Kenny Ballenger. Vicki lived with me when she was in high school. She is one of Carmen's life long friends and one of my daughters.
They came to the Island to visit and take a little time to themselves.
They have two children Aohdan and Ava.
Three years ago Vicki and Kenny were forced to Come to Grips with Tragedy when Ava was born with severe Brain damage due to lack of oxygen caused from a placental abruption, or premature separation of the placenta from the uterine wall.
Although Ava requires 24 hour nursing she's able to live at home with her Mommy, Daddy and big brother Aohdan. Her future is uncertain but the love of her family is strong. Although each day is a struggle Ava is a surviver, doing well and slowly making progress.
I'd like to invite you to visit Support Ava's blog and get to know her and her family.
As we all know especially those of us who have children there really isn't anything more heart breaking then learning that something is wrong with your child. Mothers especially tend to blame themselves, carrying a the huge burden of sorrow and grief and misplaced guilt when they find out that something is wrong with there child. We can't help it, as mothers we pray for perfection in our precious baby's.
I'm so proud of Vicki and Kenny they have weathered the storms that come with such a tragedy. They are great couple and great parents. Ava is lucky to have such loving parents.
But we all know that it's not always easy to be strong. Which is why I have invited you to take a walk with them, share there story and meet there Beautiful Angel Ava.
While your visiting Ava's Blog ... share some of the wonderful support & encouragement that all of you have shared with me. Please add this Family to your prayers!!
I know that they would love to hear from you. 
Below is one of my favorite Post on Support Ava Ballenger's Blog I think you will too!!
Can you imagine being entertained by Angels?
Ava is non-verbal. I mean she coos and grunts and such. But she does not make any identifiable noises, for lack of better terms. And it has only been since age 2 that she really even coo'ed much. But going back to when she was an infant, as soon as she would drift into dream land, she would start 'singing.' And it wasn't words, but she would vocalize at different ranges, and 'trill' is the best way I can describe some of the noises she would make. I remember clear back when she was only like 6 months old, her nurse and I would comment that she was talking to her Angels. So that was just to give you some history on the subject.

Well, for the past year or so, she has been crying when she wakes up from a nap. I mean not just grumpy, she wails like she is in pain or scared, or both. Before I say this please understand that I do not claim to know the ways of God, or exactly how things work in the spiritual realm. But I do know this. We serve a loving God, who does ALL things to the good of those who love Him. And I know He loves my little girl and has a plan for her little life. 
That being said, I have this theory. When Ava goes to sleep, I believe she is entertained by Angels and taken into heavenly places. I believe she has seen the face of God. Maybe when she sleeps she runs, and plays, and does all the things she should be doing right now if she were not handicapped. Maybe she even visits with my Mom, her other grandma who is in Heaven. Maybe when she is asleep she has no pain and can talk and laugh. We can only imagine what Heaven must be like. I mean there are thousands and thousands of accounts of people being taken to heaven only to return and tell us their stories.

So if she is entertained by Angels while she sleeps, she then wakes up in this world and has to re-adjust to her reality here. Is it any wonder that she wakes up crying?
Do not misconstrue what I'm saying. Ava seems to be a very happy child. And most medical professionals would call what she is experiencing neurological irritation. But do we reallllly know what these kids feel? I mean they can't tell us, so it is all theory really. Doctors like to believe they know it all, but they really don't. They say they can prove it with fancy testing, EEG's, etc. But I talked with one pediatrician who told me about the day he quit believing what tests showed. He told me about a 5 year old little boy who was basically, born without a brain, only a brain stem. This child should have been a vegetable. He said when he walked out into the waiting room this child was running around getting into everything. He said never again will he allow a test to direct his opinion of a patient.
So that is my theory on my Ava wakes up crying. I believe she is entertained by Angels while she sleeps. I believe she walks hand in hand with our Lord and talks with her grandma Sandy. I believe she experiences the wonderful things while she sleeps, that her current reality in this world cannot give her. And honestly, this thought brings a smile to my heart.
No one knows what her life will be like in this world, or how long she'll stay in this world. But I do know one thing. God has Ava in the palm of his hand. I was given this vision when she was sick in the hospital, and I was shown that she was taken care of. It gave me a great peace about her life.  I very much struggle when I see a little girl between the ages of 3 and 4 running around, sassing her parents, or whatever.  Because that is what Ava should be doing right now.  It is a big, big burden on both mine and Kenny's heart at times.  But God continually gives me peave about Ava's life. 

Kenny told me not so long ago...and the comment still makes me tear up.  He said when he hears a little girl call for her daddy is makes his heart heavy.  But he said he knows that one day he will "Dance with Ava in Heaven."  Ahhhh, what a tear jerker.  But so true!

Well, Good Night All!!



  1. What a beautiful baby girl!!! I will def. add them to my prayers! I've read alot of books of the subject of near death experiences and the theory there is the same, blind people who had them said they could see as they visited Heaven, I totally believe this sweet girl just might be visiting the angels when she sleeps:)I'm sure she will do well having such loving parents and you in her life:)

  2. What a beautiful girl! I totally believe that she could most certainly be entertained by angels and perhaps even be visiting with Jesus! Nothing is impossible!
    I believe God knows who can be entrusted with these children, and I can tell by just what you have said here, that she is very much loved!
    God bless.

  3. Holy Moly Tonya...a tear jerker - but also a sweet, sweet story about a dear girl and her family.
    Thanks so much for sharing her with us and the link to Ava's blog.
    Hugs, Karne

  4. What a beautiful child of God little Ava is. Thank you for sharing Tonya. Welcome back, I've missed you.


  5. Oh my goodness, I believe too. Bless Ava's family for having the strength and knowledge to handle what God has given them, this beautiful little girl so special. Thanks for sharing :o)


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