Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ohhh the feeling of accomplishment ...Lovin It!!

Hi everyone thatnks for all the Welcome homes and organizing encouragement.... No Pictures yet you will have to be patient and wait it out but what a day... I'm having Happy exhaustion along with a Happy Back ache if there is such a thing....giggle...
Considering that our good old Ohio weather played havic on my transferring all my wood supplies from the shop to the barn today it turned out to be one really productive day!
I transferred 23 tote sixed boxes filled with shelves, spoon racks, Keeping racks, Sconces, Lamps, open Faced cupboards, bowls, Cabinets and god knows what all from the shop to the barn storage. I got them all unpacked and put on the shelves and in the cubes oall in order..
MY goodness I can see already how much easier it is going to be on me deciding exactly what I want, grabbing it off the shelf or out of the cubes & going back tot he shop to creae something... I'm more then excited over this orgaizational move..Its awesome!!
I'd say I have that many more totes full of supplies to move tomorrow well at least I hope to get the rest of the supplies moved and organized.
Tina helped me get the heavy boxes up the steps.. 
I helped her build a work station for her hubby down stairs in the barn, organize everything and cleaned the bottom of the barn.. Pictures will come to show off our barn cleaning...
I got all but two boxes unloaded and organized.....
Then I cleaned the loft where my storage area is
By the time I got all that done my back was hurting to beat all so I had to call it a day and go take a HOT SHOWER,,,other then the nagging back ache and totally exhausted .... I FEEL LIKE A MILLION DOLLARS....   :>)

I should have everything moved tomorrow...Thank god... I've got a list a mile long to take care of while I am home...
I sold a large Trencher Tray on Ebay so I will get to play and create a little this week after all, as I need to paint the trencher & distress it...

I'm so happy to get these things taken care of... and thank God it has run smootly...

I'm off to dream land .. I hope that you had a great day too!!



  1. Cant wait to see pictures of organized shop

  2. Oh boy, good for you! I need to do some organizing myself. It'll be fun seeing your pics. Take care of that back now:o)

  3. That was a lot of moving of supplies and organizing......something I need to do myself!
    Waiting to see your pics. Be kind to your back! Have fun,

  4. wow im wore out from reading all that ! dont over do it ! Have a great day and Ill look forward to seeing you maybe later this evening ! hugs lilraggedyangie

  5. Wow, that must have been a lot of work! You take care of your back and I am looking forward to seeing pictures of where you will be creating!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  6. Phew Tonya I don't know where you get all the energy. Glad you are getting things organized though and can't wait to see the pictures.


  7. You make me smile - your excitement and energy is contagious. I'm sitting here with one of your awesome rice packs on and wishing I could... :o) Have fun....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  8. Glad to share in your exuberant spirit!
    You amaze me with all your energy.
    I know you will love being able to work all winter from your supplies!
    Welcome home, my friend!
    Warmest autumn blessings,


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