Sunday, October 2, 2011

5 Days of Back Breaking Organizing = Happy Lady!

Good Morning Ladies & letme say it is a very Good Morning. The sun is actually shinning here in good old Ohio for the first time in weeks. Not to mention my last 5 days of organizing the Shop & barn storage has gone very well considering the weather I had to contend with..
Are you ready to visit my Barn Storage area??
First let me explain my set up. As I told you my neighbor Tina gave me an area in her barn to use for storage of all my Creating Supplies. Its in a barn so of course I would have to contend with Birds, Raccoons, Mice, Cats, and Kids who love to hang out in the barn & get into everything.
So I started by building/enclosing an area just for my set up. I bought 10 different sized tarps, some cheap wood trim, several rolls of string and I created an enclosed area. I covered the ceiling area with tarps then build walls out of tarps all stapled to either the ceiling or the floor. On the floor I added strips of wood trim to hold down the tarps as tight as I could pull them... Guess we'll call this the Red Neck Barn Storage...Hehe!!
Ya gotta do what ya gotta do to get by...So with that said:
Welcome come in and see what I accomplished.

Everything on the back wall is in Wire Cubes. All neatly organized. Shelves~Bread Boxes~Window frames~Sconces~Desk ~Bowls and so on.
Along the Back are all the tall wood Shelves, On the wire shelves I have Open Faced Cupboards~ Larger Shelves~Medicine Cabinets~Chairs~and any other larger items that wouldn't fit the other side.
The dresser is Tina's and she is letting me use it to store my seasonal Clothes..
I'm not totally done moving things to the Barn but 90% of it has made the trip in thr rain to the barn from the shop. What took so darned long is boxing up all the wood supplies, loading them in the van and then toting them in the barn and up the steps to unpack.Then Ihad to break down all my cubes in the shop, pack them  up, tote them to the barn up the steps and put them all back together before I could ever put any of my things on them.
It wouldn't have been so hard but since it was raining the whole time I couldn't just move thengs out of my way and sit them outside ...NO..I had to go in a circle moving things to the door inside my little shop...

Just to give you an idea of the small space I was working in these are inside my shop...Then I set it all up in the Red Neck Barn Storage.... Well most of it I'm not totally done yet.... But I prevailed and got it all tore down, moved, set up, finally unloaded and orgainzed.
As I took things down in the shop and packed them up to be moved I was also reorganizing inside the shop and setting things up the way I want them inside. I will share the new look in the shop once I get back from the Island and can get started on finishing that part of the project... So Far I am delighted with what I have done.. I have so much more room to work and see what is left in the shop..

I feel like a mack truck ran over me but the happy side of me is dealing with the achin side of me...
I won't be able to finish the project for a couple of weeks but I'm so excited about what I do have done my brain is rolling with all kinds of Prim Gathering Ideas.. Seeing all the wood products I have I know I will be a busy lady soon rolling out gatherings all over the place...  \
You lady's will be drewling all over the place with all the new Creations to come...
In the mean time I must go North once again...

Today is starvation day....nothing to eat or drink for 24 hours accept clear liquids. Gotta love Jello and Gator Aid .....My solids for the day are my Tyroid Pill and my Allery Pill....LOL... They didn't do much to fill me up at all....
I have to go into the hospital tomorrow morning at 6:30 for a surgery procedure .....imagine that me getting up at 6:00 in the morning..Not an easy task... Easy for me to go to sleep that early but never get up ...That's going to be worse then the surgery...LOL
As soon as I'm able to I'll be driving south again for 2 days... I have a house to clean here in Delaware on Tuesday.... and On Wednesday I hope we have sunshine so I can take care of things that need done around the Trailer... Then it is back to the Island for 10 days straight to do all the fall cleaning for everyone...

Counting the days until I can create in my clean organized Shop again...

Time to pack and head North... so I shall bid you all a Sunny wonderful relaxing day...



  1. Wow! You have been a busy lady!! I think your new space is looking great! Can't wait to see all your new creations!

  2. Omg you got alot done and you werent kidding bout the stuff you have sheesh Im already drooling ! why did you not tell me you were going to the hospital? u need anything let me know please! Prayers for a speedy recovery ,but I know you so im gonna say it DONT RUSH IT AND OVER DO! Have a safe trip hugs lilraggedyangie

  3. Good luck 2morrow!! Love your new area.Where did you get your wire cubes? I think I might need some!

  4. wow Tonya, you are like the energizer bunny..I love how you have it all organized and can't wait to see the rest of it..makes it so much easier to be creative when you can get stuff at your finger tips..good luck on your surgery and don't work too hard these next couple of weeks..looking forward to seeing what you are making in the weeks to come..I love your gatherings.)

  5. VERY impressive! You, my dear, are the TARP QUEEN!!!! Amazing !!! I love it, so organized and will be thinking of you in surgery, please take time to rest afterwards before ya go running off;)

  6. The wire Cubes used to be easy to find at WalMart or Sam's Club...the orginal white Cubes are really heavy duty & probably 15 yrs old.They came in a large package enough o set up like 12 cubes. Now days they are realy hard to find and if you do it is a set of like 4 cubes that are totally flemsey. they usually come out around School start up time.
    I do find them at the thrift store every so often and I snatch them up quick..
    The shelving is made form the Wire Closet shelves. I pick them up at the thrift stores all the time. I Zip Tie them together withheavy duty auto Zip ties to create Shelves to fit the things I want to store on them. Greatest thing I ever figured out...and created for crat storage and cheap too if you buy the at the thrift stores...


  7. Wow! You do have a lot of supplies. Love how you have everything organized and will be waiting to see your new wonderful gatherings.
    Good luck with the surgery and a speedy recovery and don't forget to take it easy!

  8. Wow, Tonya, you sure have been busy, I need your energy to get my kitchen done! Good luck on your surgery and you good care of yourself. I love how you have organized everything and love your little room in the barn.....

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  9. Whew! Think I need a nap now....
    Looking great Tonya - you are an organizing machine! Love it!
    Best of luck with your surgery - hope it's nothing major and all goes well...
    Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  10. sure have been busy. Everything is looking great. Can't wait to see your upcoming gatherings. Wishing you the best with your surgery tomorrow.


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