Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tonya @ My Primitive Creations A to Z

Good Morning.. Carmen over at PrimCats posted the A to Z Challange & has invited everyone to join her in playing.. What a cute way to get to know each other... I'm sure we'll read some great answers and get to know each other... No my A's to Z's.. this will be a little hard for me to do pictures because I'm on the Island with only the laptop. so here we go Tonya from A to Z!!

A~Artistic~I've always been an Artist in some way or another. I took after my mother she was an excellent Artistic woman and so is my daughter.

B~Boating..I've owned my own boat for 13 years. I love the feeling of being out on the lake with the wind in your face & the sun on your back. There's a sort of peacefullness and freedom that settles over me when I'm on my boat. I live on my boat in the summers! 

C~Creating~I love to create things from disguarded and old stuff. Creating is the place I go to be one with myself~a place where I can allow my mind to wonder & be at peace~where there is no stress to crowd out the joys of life..just me & my mind creating something new from something old... Its equally a challange which I crave...

D~Dog~Puddles is my truest Friend. He's been with me 15 years. if you see me you will see Mr.P. Work, play, relaxing, Boating he is always by my side. I love him for always providing me with a best friend at my side!! I can't imagine life without him...It will be one of my hardest days when he leaves me...

E~Efficient~I'm extremely efficient in everything I do ..almost to a fault sometimes...LOL..

F~Faithful~I believe God has blessed me with so many good things in my life. I don't always understand why he leads me down the path he leads me or why he allows suffering in my life but in the end I know he is with me. I know he's always there to pick me up and keep me going!

G~Gifts..I love giving gifts to others and watching them smile! I don't receive gifts very often but when I do I am like a little kid..

H~Honesty~Honesty is probably one of the things I treasure the most. I believe that honesty with self is one of the hardest things we as humans encounter but when we are able to be honest with our self we can be at peace with our self and with others! With Honesty comes Freedom to be who we are not what others expect! 

I~Invision~I've been Blessed with the ability to see things that others don't see when creating and decorating.

J~Joints~LOL~ I've got a lot of achey Joints..

K~Kitty's..I have two Tasha & Mama Kitty. They entertain me daily & are the high light of my life!

L~Loves of my Life~My Family~My Boat~My Fur Babies~Creating~Reading~Good Friends~

M~Meticulous~ some say it's good to be meticulous and that I am but I sometimes it's to a fault and it drives me carzy.. Especially when I am creating...

N~Night Time..I'm a night person.. My favorite time to create is at night. I love the Sky at night. the Stars and moon totally fasinate me. weird as it sounds I actually feel the pull of the moon on me..I feel how it affects my moods!

O~Organizing~I love to organize things..Part of it is my need to know exactly where things are..part of it it seeing a mess turn into something neat and orderly...part of it is that Meticulous part of me.. yes it is also to a fault at times. but the best part of that is people hire me to turn there messes into organization and pay me very well for my ability to do it with ease.

P~Pet Peeves~People saying they will do one thing and doing something else. Not doing what they say they will do. People who stand in your face and straight up lie to you..Breaking promises!

Q~Quiet Time I love Quiet alone working in my shop creating! I love Quiet time reading a good Book! I love Quiet time with a friend just talking and sharing!

R~Reading ~I love to read a good book. problem is when I read I can't do anything else cause I want to finish my book. that used to drive my kids nuts...guess it was my way of escaping...LOL..

S~there are a lot of S's in my life~

S~Sunflowers~they remind me of the Sun that I crave so much~the Stand Tall against the wind~they feed the Red Birds~they smile back at you~

S~Sunshine~Sunshine makes me happy~light at heart~Without sunshine I'm crabby and moody. Sunshine makes them old joints feel better too! Sunshine makes sunflowers grow huge which makes me smile!! I crave it!!

S~Shop~The place I go to create~To let my mind go~Where I get to do a job I love..creating things that make others happy!

T~Trailer~My Trailer.. I've owned many houses some really huge ones..but I love my Trailer..It's small but its inviting, warm, homey, easy to care for & filled with Sunflowers.

U~Ugliness in the world~I hate the ugliness taking place in the world today. It makes me sad to see how ugly people can be to others. How injustice is common place~Where life is so throw away. Where pride seems to have been lost!

V~Victory~I'm proud of the victory's I've accomplished in my life! Parenting my daughter & foster children~Learning to Captian my Boat~ Running my own businesses~Surviving near death health problems~My fight against so many auto-immune diseases & still being able to work!

X~Xrays & Examinations~hate them all and I've had more then my fair share and then some. They cost a fortune & half the time were pointless. Others they saved my life but I still hate them...

Y~You~You in blog land have made my life so much fuller, happier, fun and exciting. You all have shown me another side of things, shared your life threw pictures, been supportive, giving and kind. I may never meet any of you but you have become my friends and what a treasure there is in our friends. God Bless you all!!

Z~Zoo's~ I love the Zoo.. I wish we could experience seeing all the animals in there natural homes but since we can't the Zoo is the next best place to go and see all the gifts in the animal kingdom that God Created..

So there ya have it Tonya from A to Z.. I hope you will join in and share of little of yourself from A to Z.. it should be fun to see how we all preceive ourselves.. Its hard to come up with some of them... but it was fun.. I hope you enjoy!!

I'm off to work... My last day of orgainizing my clients life from A to Z.. Yes I will have accomplished the set goal by the end of today!!

Have a wonderful Saturday...!! Until we meet again may your day e filled with memorable moments!!



  1. Puddles is adorable and I too am so saddened by all the ugliness in the world, why can't folks just LOVE ONE ANOTHER?! Thanks for sharing with us Tonya!!!

  2. oh Tonya, we have soooo much in common..I loved reading and seeing photos of you from A-Z..I will do this on monday..and there will be a lot repeated from yours as we are twins from another mother.;O) have a great weekend and thanks for sharing a part of you.)

  3. Wonderful post Tonya....I liked how you switched it up - all the A - Z's I've seen so far have used the same words (Like "A" - age; "B" - bed, etc.) This truly shows a more complete picture....Loved it! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. Thanks ladies.. I do hope that more of you challange yourselves..its a little hard but fun and it gives you a chance to share a little about yourself with all of us..


  5. Hi Tonya, so glad you joined in too! I will next week, it's a great idea... Love your post, thanks for sharing yourself with all of us...


  6. Well that was enjoyable:o) I'm the same with one exception and that's my favorite pet. I'm like Carmen and love my kitty kats. I think most of us are alot alike in more ways than we know. You're alright gal :o)

  7. Wonderful was great getting to know you a little better from A to Z.
    Puddles is adorable and reminds me so much of my beloved Callie that lived to be 17 years old.
    I got to meet Carmen last weekend and she is so sweet and funny.
    Hope you are having a great weekend.


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