Friday, October 28, 2011

Boo- Guess where I was last Night & what I did?

Halloween Greeting my Prim Friends... Can you guess what I was doing last night?  I've been just dieing to do it.. and finally last night I did? Have you figured it out yet?
One more hint.... Paint Brush!

Oh come on you really need another hint? Wood!
Yep finally I actually made it out to the shop...that nice clean organized shop to start creating. It wasn't much but it felt so darned good that I could have worked till today...wait I did work till today.. finally quit only cause I knew I had to sleep....It was 4:00 in the morning when I gave up and stepped outside.. You will never guess what I discovered when I went outside... Frost...Yep that nasty cold frozen Dew all over everything including my beautiful Angel Wing Begonia's.. and all my herbs... Burrrrrrrr... its been raining every time I've come home so haven't been able to pick and hang my herbs yet... Not to happy about that but ya gona do when they are soaked to the core with water.. they would just mold and go to waste so waiting patiently for a dry Autumn Day to pick and hang them to dry... We should get some Indian summer hopefully now that it has frosted here in good ole wet Ohio....

Anyway back to my fun night in the Shop... about 6:00 after running errands all day...having a bite to eat for supper and hanging with the kids all day... I decided that I wanted to go sit in my clean shop and create or at least get things rolling...
I turned on the Kerosene Heater to get the dampness and chill out of the room it was toasty by the time I sat down with paint brush in hand and my first wood shelf.. Put in a Rocky movie and away my hand went brushing on paint... I was in heaven.. I felt all the strain go out of my back and neck the longer I sat there was the best feeling I've had in a long time...I managed to get 11 things painted and 1 sanded ready to go when I get back this week from the Island...Of course the Peg Rack is what I sanded because I can't wait to create a gathering with one of the little Dresses I stitched...
I Finished all together. See the one shelf with the space in it...its going to be an old Crow Gathering..Already created it in my head while I was painting it...
1Window Pane
1-Peg Rack

How Do you like my Good Will Witch I found at GW on my way home Wednesday... She's just the cutest and she only cost me $1.50... She Witch laughs and talks too..
I had a great time stopping at all of the GW' on the way way of winding down...I found tons of goodies...It was 50% off at Salvation Army so I went a little nuts but what the heck I needed more stuff in the shop....NOT ..but it makes for a great excuse... and they will all become part of gatherings eventually!!

Last Weekend was Halloween on the Island and I dressed up of course and had a great time with all my friends.. We've done Halloween on the Island now for 13 years.. Boy have I aged a make that alot...but no problem so has everyone else..hehehehe!!

This was just 3 yrs ago.. Yikes ...What 3 much hard work, getting sick, The Graves Disease swelling my eyes & No make-up can do to a lady ...LOL...

Moving on---- Going to wash all the Bird Feeders here before I have to leave to go North to the Island...It's time to start feeding them again... especially now that it frosted... They have been stopping by to nibble a bite of Suet but they were all chirping for the real thing  the past two days...

I wish you all a wonderful weekend filled with happy moments and treasured memories!!

Happy Halloween


  1. wow you did get a lot done..can't wait to see that crows do beautiful work..and you look great...hope you have a wonderful weekend and get to create.;)

  2. Sounds like you truly enjoyed yourself...and got a lot done to boot! Can't wait to see what that crow gathering becomes!! ;o) Happy Friday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. EEK, that witch is scary!!!! So glad you got some painting down, looks great and so do you, quit pickin' on yerself Tonya!!! Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Howloween;)

  4. I could feel your excitement Tonya. Can't wait to see pics of your gatherings.


  5. You sure got a lot done while at home. Can't wait to see what you do with the shelves. Looks like you had a nice Halloween party. It's fun to get to together with friends.
    Country at heart

  6. You sure did get a lot done. We decided it was getting to cold in Garage and have to start putting the car in there so we are moving everything to the basement..As you know..I always love seeing what you are up to :)


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