Sunday, October 9, 2011

$210 Dollar Happy Dance~Made the aches worth it

Howdy & a Wonderful Sunny Sunday Everyone... Tonya is doin the Happy Dance this morning..Yesterday I took on an extra cleaning. I'd cleaned for these folks before a long time ago. they remodeled there house and it is just beautiful. They called & ask if I could do a Fall super clean. Sure why not..make every penny I can before the season ends...right?
I started cleaning yesterday around 10 and finished around 7:30 last night...Everything was a mess with all the remodel dust, dirt, of course Spider Webs and our famous Island bugs it made for a Long day but when he paid me with a Glass of Wine to ward off the aches and pains and handed me $210 I about fell off the stool..
He couldn't stop Thanking me & I couldn't stop Thanking him...Another Glass of wine and we were laughing about thanking each other.. Best part is he is having a dinner party Monday night night..... Could I come back to clean up after the party? You know what that means the piggy bank is gona get an extra deposit totally unaccounted for... I'm greedy when October rolls along because I know there will be Income down time for a month while I build up my Primitive Ebay sales in November and December..So of course I said sure I can work it in one evening this week... 
All my rentals have late check out today so I get to start cleaning later today so nursing all those aches and pains from the long day yesterday this course there's a down side to that it means I have to work later..three big houses today.. thinkin I might have some major aches and pains in the morning. the good side is that I do't have renters coming in so I can work at my pace not rush..Thank God!!

Guess what I did Friday night... I hand stitched little Tea Stained Prim Dresses to use in my Gatherings... I was so enjoying myself.. I finished 4... they are so cute..  I figure if I can get a few things made while I'm sitting here in the camper in the evening this week I'll be ready to start creating when the time comes. I want to try to create at least 10 dresses. Want to also make some crude little Bonnets to go with them... that should keep me busy, build up my stock & give me some relaxing time in my busy schedule...

Had an interesting little surprise yesterday van was making this really weird noise so stopped to ask a guy to take a ride with me to see if he could identify the noise... I thought brakes maybe..but to my surprise we discovered that I had lost a oug nut and tow others were loose on the left front tire... Great day in the morning my wheel could have fallen off going 60 mph... Thank god I was on an Island that the speed limit is 25 mph so if it had fallen off it wouldn't have been a deadly crash... We got the remaining lug nuts tightened up and I will pick up a new one to replace the lost one when I get back to the Mainland next week...I will be checking them there Lug Nuts regularly from now on...

HiHo HiHo...It's Off to work I go!!
Until we meet again May your Sunday be filled with warm Sunshine and Happy Moments!!

Fall Blessings


  1. oh Tonya, good for you on the extra money..that was awesome and everybit helps..and i love your little dresses..can't wait to see how you use them in your vignettes..have a great sunday and I hope you don't have the aches or pains.;)

  2. Wow, Tonya, good thing you had that noise checked out! Congrats on the extra work and you have a great day....
    Love your little dress and the gathering you put together.

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  3. Glad you had the noise checked out right away...yikes....that's scary! Love the little dresses - makes such a sweet gathering...and glad you picked up some extra work....Wishing you a great week ahead! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. So glad you are being blessed! I really like your little dress!

  5. Whoo-Hoo! That's great about the extra job, Tonya! Your dresses are wonderful! Glad you caught that tire issue before it fell off...been there! Hope your aches are minimal this week ~*~Lisa

  6. woman you have no luck with vans yet so much luck lol did that make sense ? lol Im glad you were ok and Yippee on the xtra bucks for certain ! Moving is coming along well , cant wait to get all done so I can relax enjoy and start creating again ! Have a great week! hugs lilraggedyangie

  7. Hi Tonya,
    Sorry I haven't had much time to comment lately (or visit actually). I went back and read your last few posts that I have been missing. The theme that sticks out so much is that you sound like you are feeling so much more energetic and healthy. I sent up a special prayer of thanks that you have been able to get answers to your medical issues. I am so glad for you!! I love all the organizing that you have been doing - amazing array of treasures to tame! I am also glad you figured out what was causing the noise on your van before a disaster occurred - another blessing. :)
    I will be looking forward to seeing the gatherings you put together. Love the little prim dress in the picture. :)

  8. Congrats on your windfall Tonya. Sure glad you were on the island when you discovered the problem with your tire and got it fixed. Your little prim dresses look so cute.



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