Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Doin Happy Dance after Surgery & Building a Cheap Shelf Unit

A fine sunny Good Mornin to ya all .. I hope that the Sun is shinnin in your part of the neighborhood..
Finally Real Actual Honest to goodness Sunshine out there today ... I was starting to wonder if it really existed or not..hehe..Doin the Happy Dance.. I'm on the road again here in a few heading South this morning and surely wasn't looking forward to another 2 hour drive in the rain...

Thank all of you for your well wishes and prayers yesterday. It worked the good Lord was with me. Took me forever to wake up afterwards.. then I ended up sleeping all day. that was an after surgery first for me I generally wake up easily..Must have something to do with that crazy tiredness from the Thyroid...

Wanted to let you all know that everything went well yesterday with the Colonoscopy. The procedure was ordered to rule out any Colon diseases of course and to be sure that the Thyroid was the cause of my time spent sitting on the Throne. But the main concern was to check for scaring due to the dryness caused from my Sjrogren's Disease. Happy and relieved to say no diseases but not so happy to say that they did find scaring.
Thankful though it is not serious at this time. Sjorgren's disease is an auto immunine Disease that affects the wetting glands in your body. Causing Dry eye's, Dry mouth, dry intestines, dry everything. My Sjorene's is now considered severe/cronic. Since the body doesn't produce the proper wetness it causes my intestines/colon to be dry causing food to scrap the walls of the intestine causing irritated spots on the walls which when healed become scared and rough, making it harder for me to move things along.
Solution: Drink more fluids, eat more veggies and fiber..Ok I can do all of that I love my vegies and I drink non stop so I guess I have been doing all the right things to keep the scaring at a minimum.

I had a lot of questions about my shelving and cubes in the new storage area so thought I would share a quick tip for Cheap easy to create storage shelves for the craft room ladies.
I created the shelves out of old used heavy duty rubber covered wire type closet shelving.
You can find it at just about any hardware store, dept store or if you are like me yard sales and thrift stores.
If I see one at the thrift store I buy it and I store them till I finally get enough to build a unit.
Ok I know you are thinking they screw to the wall.. yes but not when you want to create a shelf unit to fit your supplies.
All You will need the same size or close wire shelves, heavy duty large, medium & small Zip Ties & wire cutters:

Looking at the picture above you can see I had some large wood pieces that would not fit inside the cubes I had. So I needed to build something to fit.
For the outside/ends I matched up same size shelves first and set them aside.
The end should be as tall as you want your final shelf unit to be.
Each shelf has a lip on one side and a flat side with no lip.
Take the flat side and but it up next to the lip side sot that the lip over laps the flat side.
Take your large Zip ties starting at the top and Zip tie the shelves together. Put a Zip tie every 3 o4 inches to make it sturdy. Now you have created the end base of your shelf.
Now choose a top for your unit.
Lay the top shelf on your two end pieces over lapping the end enough to let the little eds stick threw the top shelf as added support.
Now Zip Tie the top to the end supports. This is your main support so make sure you Zip Tie the corners tightly.
I usually put two Zip ies on each corner and several across.
If you want the unit to have a back to it now you can choose your back pieces and Zip tie them to the back of the base you created.
Depending on how long you are going to make the unit you will need at least one or two single shelf pieces to put under the top as support.
Example: I made my units 8 feet long/wide and 3 feet deep. So I choose to put two support pieces under the top.
Again let the little tops of the ends to stick threw the shelf and Zip tie them the same as you did the end pieces creating added support.

Depending on your floor and how level it is you should not have to do anything to keep it standing. if the floor is unlevel you can attach it to a wall for added support. The shelves I created are not attached to a wall or the floor.
These units are fairly light and easy to move around and can be any size you decide to make.

Another great use for these old used wire shelve pieces is to hang them on the wall to use for hanging your supplies.
I use curtian hooks the simple one that look like a U. hang the U hook over the wire and then yo can hang things from the hook.
I also use the metal cheap shower curtian loops that open up. hang them over the wire on the shelf and then hang things from the shower hook.
The best part is you can pick up all of these shelf supplies at the thrift stores and yard sales. Everything but the Zip Ties and you can buy a huge bag of those for a couple of dollars.

Hope this little quick tip is helpful and gives you some added space in your Craft area.

Time for me to travel...On the road again!!

Have a wonerful day!



  1. Glad to hear all went well, colonoscopy is no fun for sure, I've had a couple in the past, ugh! Thanks for sharing all your shelving/organizing tips, it all looks fantastic, be safe today on your travels:)

  2. Great news, Tonya! You be careful on the road and thank you for sharing your tips with us!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  3. So glad to hear all is going well physically for you Tonya. I wanted to comment the other day when you told us you were going for surgery but got interupted and didn't do it. So I'm glad u r ok.


    PS all of your organizing is great. How much $ to come and organize my work area? :)

  4. So thankful that all went well for you! Really appreciate all your helpful tips.

  5. Glad you are okay Tonya - never heard of this condition, does not sound fun - hang in there! Thanks for the tip - always looking for storage solutions! ~*~Lisa

  6. so glad you recovered nicely..can't believe you are on the road again..have a safe trip.;)

  7. Glad things went well - I think the worst part of that procedure is the "prepping" - arghhh....Safe travels friend.....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  8. glad to hear the good news ! hope you have a safe trip so you can get back home and get to work ! have a great week! hugs lilraggedyangie

  9. I have been wondering about the Colin test as I need to have one very soon. They said I am at risk since my Mother died from Colin Cancer,,Glad t see you got some shelves fixed up..I have some of the shelves youare talking about since we removed them from the closet in our BR and put up double rods so we could both put our clothes in the same closet.
    Hope you stay well now Tonya and can't wait to see what you make next..Have a great week end
    Nancy from insidenanashead


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