Monday, October 31, 2011

That Scarey Halloween Eye is Mine for real~Ouch

Happy Halloween Everyone... Hope you all had a great time Seeing All the Scarey Ghost and Goblins over the weekend and tonight... So much fun to see kids out all dressed up having great fun Tricker Treating!! Even when the weather isn't so good they don't seem to mind.. The girls shared a little bag of there loot with me..Yummy!!
Couldn't spend much time with them tho seems I'm contagous..Yep something else to deal with the Scarey Halloween Eye..or at least that's what I'm choosing to call this new development...

Seems that Thyroid disease & Graves Disease has yet another side affect. You are more susceptible to infections such as Eye infections and sinus infections. Now the Sinus infections is an old friend of mine and I'm pretty used to them...but this new thing is awful, horrible, painful, ugly, scarey and plain down right annoying to say the least....It started in the right eye and we got it under control.. then I felt a sinus infection coming on so I was prepared.. I got this awful headache last Friday.. and the left eye started to bother me. It started swelling up like someone shot fluid all the way around it like like a little inner tube around my eye the size your your pinky. As you can see it turned black like someone punched me... so I applied cool packs to relieve the pain and swelling... I was sitting on the sofa sewing bonnets Friday night and the head ache was driving me nuts along with the eye ache so I gave up and went to bed.. Some time in the middle of the night I got this god awful pain in my eye that woke me up for a few minutes but I feel back to sleep.
When I woke up Saturday Morning my eye was so swollen it wouldn't back with the cool compresses and warm water wash till I was able to get it open .. I about had heart failure when I seen my eye... it was nothing but blood & icky stuff... so all day saturday it was warm water washes and cool compresses... Till finally I could get it open enough to take these pictures ... Really hard to take a picture of your own eye ball..hehe..
Needless to say my weekend plans were shot .. didn't get much stitching of bonnets done, didn't go to town to say Good Bye to many of my friends who left the Island for the winter and didn't get to go to the Toga party.. I did get lots of sleep which I know didn't hurt one bit... other then make me stiff... I cleaned my houses Sunday, then packed up most of my camper.. So I could start toting things home as the season winds down and comes to an end.
I'll be returning to the Island Two more times but can take just what I need for those over night visits and cleaning dates...
This morning I called the Eye Doctor, told him what was going on and he told me to get in there ASAP, so I packed up the van and headed off the Island and south...
When the Doctor seen me he was like Oh my God Tonya that's worse then I sure you didn't get punched in the eye this weekend... it sure looks like it ..... yea no kidding ..Nope did nothing all weekend but nurse this mess...
So he looks at it with his equipment to make sure no real damage and politely informs me I have a severe Infection in my eyes.. DUH.. I think I figured that one out what can we do about it...Antibiotic Eye Drops and Antibiotic pills cause you have a sinus infection as well... DUH.. I figured that one out too... Oh yea by the way you are very very contagous so stay away from people for at least 48 hours, wash your hands every time you touch your eyes, wash your eyes every hour or so with warm water and put these drops in 4 times a day ..see you back here on Friday...we have to get this under control ASAP...

I've had the worst year ever for stupid weird it never gona stop... I'm tired just remembering what pill to take, when and what drop to put in my eyes, when...Now wash my hads every 30 seconds as I wipe away a tear, wash my eyes every hour with warm water..put on a cool compress every hour for swelling and a warm compress to help soothe the eye..

Somebody send me a box of Calgon I need to soak in one of those Baths that take you away..LOL...
I'd go to LilAngies and sneak in her Whrilpool Tube but I'm contagious so that's out of the Question .....Darn don't that just stink..cause it would really feel good about now!!

You know what else really stinks? I would love to go work in the shop but I can't see worth a hoot so no point in going out I'm sure all the dust would just makes things much for creating this week or at least for a couple days..

I'll be uncontagous Thursday the day I have to go for a dentist appointment to fill another cavity.. Mr. Dentist will then poke needles in the roof of my mouth and make that hurt too..

If I could just unattach my head for a week..I could pluck my eye brows, feed it antibiotics, send it over to the dentist let him fix the parts he fixes, have it shipped back around Monday & all would be well.... but no instead my whole body has to suffer & be included in this whole matter that happens to be called my sick head...

I am laughing myself silly.....Wouldn't it be great if it were that simple?  Go ahead think about it and laugh with me...




  1. How scary is that!!!
    Sorry to hear you are in so much pain and it ruined your weekend.
    Hope you get better soon!!!
    Happy Halloween!!!
    Prim Blessings

  2. Oh my! Your eye really grossed me out! (i'm a bit squemish! lol) I sure hope it clears up for you fast & I hope your luck starts getting better girl!

  3. O M G..I feel for you with the pain and the long list of meds..what will they do so it doesn't happen again. I feel bad that you can't even get out in the shop to qwork on your creations..that sucks. I know you will get through this Tonya just like you have been getting through crap all year. Maybe next year will be a better year..I sure hope so

  4. Oh my gosh, Tonya! You take good care of yourself, you have been working so hard, you need to slow down and take it easy for a bit and get yourself healed up.

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  5. Oh Tonya, that looks and sounds SOooo painful:( I hope the antibiotics kick in soon, that is just terrible (((((BIG HUGS)))))

  6. Oh Tonya I can't laugh with you. You need to take care of your eyes. Did the Dr. say if you could lose your sight or not. I sure hope you feel better soon. Please take care of yourself and just rest your eyes.


  7. oh your eyes are making mine hurt..they are really gross looking..thanks for do hope you are feeling some relief today though and it keeps getting better..yeah I would love to remove my head..then i could cut and color it for way cheaper then the hair dresser does..where is that easy button when you need it.)

  8. Sorry....but that is totally GROSS!! Awww....sorry you got hit with yet another whammy....I just went through the eye ordeal with my son ('cept he got some steel shavings in his eye at work....) - not fun. Hope you get to healing soon so you can move on to those things that matter.....Smiles ~ Robin (Nope - no hugs today - you're still contagious!) ;o)

  9. Yes it would be great if we could send our body parts to the shop for repair. It seems everyone has some kind of illness lately. Maybe we all have a blog bug, you think? I need to go to the dentist myself, but have been putting it off.
    I would rather take a beating than go. Take care of that eye and I hope everything goes well at the dentist.
    Country at heart

  10. Ohhhh...gross me out the door, Tonya! Poor girl...I'm with ya...I vote for temporary replacement heads. Get better soon!!! ~*~Lisa


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