Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mom Finished Organizing the Shop Take a Peek - Finished Dresses

Hi Mom's Prim Friends... Guess what? Mom finally finished organizing the shop yesterday.. She let me look at the pictures it looks real nice. She doesn't let me and Tasha go to the shop cause we accidentally knock stuff on the floor and break it even tho we don't mean to...its just so fun climbin all over everything..So she says we are banned forever...

 She says this is some of her Baskets, Stoneware Pitchers and Mugs, Tin Mugs & a few vintage Aprons!! These are just to the right as ya walk in the door.

This shelf is right next to the Stoneware rack in he right. She says it has all kinds of Stoneware Crocks on the bottom shelf, Stoneware Pitcher & bowl sets & Apothecary Bottles.

This is shelf has Stoneware Crocks, Glass Apothecary Bottles & Jars and a Rooster.
This shelf  butts up against the corner.

This where we got in trouble when we knocked some of her Stoneware off the last  & only time she took us to the shop with her...She has her dried Herbs from her Herb Garden on the bottom shelf.

Then on the shelves above she has variety of her Little Stoneware Crocks. On the top she has all her dried Beans stored in a lot of Apothecary Jars. All of the drawers are filled with Stoneware Plates, Bowls & wood Books. This Cupboard is on the back wall of the shop to the right.
Next to this cupboard on the back wall she has wire cubes like in the storage area in the barn filled with wood Shelves, open faced cupboards, Peg Racks, Cutting boards, Firkin Boxes, Keeping Racks & other misc wood items to be Primed.

This Rack is on he end of a wood Shelf going down the center of the room. It divides the front from the back so she can walk all the way around the room to get what she needs.

She has all kinds of Kitchen utensils like Graters, Metal Spoons, Cookie Cutters, Mini Wash boards, Strainers.
Sittin here on the floor is a bucket of old Wood Rolling Pins, Spoons, Spatulas.

This is the first shelf going down the center of the room with the Rack of goody's on the end..
She's got all her Tea Stained Quilt Pieces rolled up and stacked real nice along with her Tea Stained Homespun.
This is another place Me & Tasha got in trouble for climbing up and trying to sleep on her good stuff.......Instead we pulled it off on the floor. that's when she took us back in the house and said we couldn't come out anymore... So now we watch for her out the trailer window...
Next to this shelf is an open space between two shelf units, where she puts her kerosene Heater to keep warm in winter...

Now this shelf has all kinds of stuff on it.. Dried Herbs, Bath Salts, Oatmeal, Powdered Milk, Flour, Dried Tea, Coffee Beans, Paints, Candle Sticks, Candle Stick Lamps, Little Mini Wash Tubs & Buckets.
That little White thing to the left with drawers is filled with Labels, Doily's, & Wall Paper Borders,
to the right she took away that shelf and made an open space for her heater for winter.

This shelf had all her Vintage Hand Towels, Tea Stained Towels & Tea Stained Fabric on it but she took it all off and put it in cubes on the end wall beside her TV & VCR player...& the Apothecary Bottle Shelf.
Now her heater sits between those two shelves.

This big shelf was a big No No for Me and Tasha......Mom has all of her vintage Apothecary Spice Bottles, Vintage Medicine Bottles, Milk Bottles, Vases, Glass Globes, Wood Candle lamps, & misc Candle Lamps with Globes.
This shelf is on the end wall to the left and goes to the right back corner of the shop. Next to this shelf to the left is cubes. She has all her Tea Stained Hand towels & Fabric in the first set of cubes. Next to them in the next set of cubes she has her TV & VCR.....In the next set of cubes she has some Plastic containers with some of her hand dipped Spice Rolled Candles, Containers of Dried Fruits, Containers of Dried Bread loaves, containers of Pip Berry rings.

This shelf is Behind the shelf with all the Herbs facing the cubes filled with all her wood supplies used to create her gatherings. On the top of this shelf she has containers filled with Eggs of all kinds. On the second shelf she has all her vintage Sewing Supplies. On the two bottom shelves she has assorted Vintage Candle Stick Lamps.

This Rack hangs on the back of the Shelf with all her Quilt & homespun. It has her Enamelware Pots, Pans, Skillets, Strainers & some other misc. stuff for her gatherings. Right beside it is another Rack where she hangs all those prety little dresses she makes & little Baby shoes she uses in her gatherings.

Now Mom can walk all the way around to get what her needs to create them beautiful gathering she makes... I think she's real happy about how it all turned out..

This Mom's work station which is now organized she forgot to take a new picture... guess she was getting tired or somethin...Above her she has all here Pip Berry Garland hanging.
Under her desk she has a cart with drawers filled with her hand dipped Candles and handmade Oatmeal soap..
On the shelf to the right is all of her books, paper journals, labels, Small Mirrors, Small Wood Frames.
On the shelf on the right she has all her small Candle sticks she uses.
To the right of her work station is where she takes all her pictures. She has a Table and an old piece of Barn Siding hanging above it.

Remeber the dresses Mom's been working on all last week ..? Well got prety close to reaching her goal of 10 dresses... She told me she can't wait to create a gathering with one of her dresses in it...

Well there you have it ladies..Moms clean organized Shop just waiting for her to get busy Creating some new Gatherings.. I listened real good while mom told me all about the shop and I hope you had as much fun as I did tellin you about it...

Mom says she's getting tired so I need to get off her computer and get to bed too. She told me I better not wake her up before the Rooster Crows in the morning either...Hehe..that was prety fun wakin her up.. I was just so excited about all the other animals outside the window I wanted to tell her about them...She hates getting up that early...

Hope you have a great weekend!

Hugs from Mom, Me~Mama Kitty, Tasha, Puddles and Lucky 

PS..Mom Says if you see anything you need let her know. .


  1. WOW! Mom is VERY organized now, very impressive indeed!!!! Can't wait to see what she creates in her workshop:)

  2. Holy, holy smokes! I don't think I've ever seen so much of everything in one place before!! Your mom could create thousands of gatherings and still have more stuff left!! Too bad she probably wouldn't let me in there either....crows can be as clumsy as kitties sometimes - especially when we get excited and get to flapping our wings....but it sure would be all kinds of FUN!!! Hope you're day has been filled with sunshine!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Just think all the things i moved to the Barn Room was here in the shop... It is so nice to be able to actually see what i have to work with so it should be much easier to create some awesome gatherings... I'm so excited I can hardly stand it...One more week on the Island and this chic will be knee deep into creating again...


  4. Thanks for the tour, Tonya's cat. It sure looks like a place any cat or primitive gal could have a lot of fun! ~*~Lisa

  5. I want to shop in here!
    Think you can get me in, Momma Kitty?

  6. Your workshop is amazing. Filled with so many treasures to begin creating your gatherings. I need you to drop in & help me put together a work space for me. I am always digging for what I need & know I have some place. I have to tell you that when I first started reading this post I thought Carmen was telling the story. Then I realized not. Oh how silly of me. I wondered why Carmen would not be allowed I'm the shop. I read Carmens blog to & she is a doll. Blessings!

  7. Wow, Tonya! I think you could have a store of your own with all that inventory!....I can't believe you moved all that and lived to tell about it! of work! Looking forward to seeing what all you come up with, when you start creating again....Love your little dresses, too.

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  8. Wow Tonya, all the stuff you have in there, you did a wonderful job of organizing. I wish my workroom looked that great. I'm very messy.
    Luv the dresses. Sorry I'm so late posting.



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