Wednesday, October 12, 2011

No Sunshine To warm my Bones & Lift my Spirits today!

Good Morning all.. I do hope your week is going well.. I know I've seen some awesome post on everyones Fall Colors and decorations... So I know you've all been busy bees...
Looks like our sunshine has taken its leave again.. Darn it all was sure keeping my spirits up and helping to keep my bones from aching..but so far my renewed energy level has remained higher then it was...LOL...of course as you know I planned a work week that would drain anyones energy level in a day or two.. But so far so good.. & I'm still feeling pretty good... Could be all those great pay checks filling my wallet contributing to my feeling so good... Sad that money can make such a difference in how we feel but it does..especially when we know that once we leave a job we are pennyless until we start the new money making work...
I discovered that I really need new tires Sunday when I found the loose Lug nut so I know where a big chunk of my weeks pay will go as soon as I get on the mainland... good timing tho... at least I won't be filled with worry on how I will pay for new tires... Best thing is I will have new tires just in time for the icey snowy winter Ohio weather... Thinking I will get new brakes too and take of all the car maintance while I have the funds in hand...

I had a super fun time with my girlfriends at dinner the other night...As expected we laughed and cried as we shared the summers memories..We had a great dinner too. We never made it back to the front porch for Wine but instead had drinks with dinner and then went to the Casino (not a real casino just the name of Club here) to have a second drink, after some more laughing and tears we found ourselves ready to retire for the I've still got two bottles of wine...hehe...

After work yesterday I went out in the wood and picked a mess of Rose Hemp and Wild Berry's to dry. I'll use them in my fixin mix I make at the end of summer after saving & drying all the different things I find..

Yesterday morning before I left for work I took down My Dinning Canopy/Summer room. Sadly I discovered that after three years of use the top has dry rotted a lot with tiny rips in the fabric here and there. So it will need replaced next year...the frame is still in good Shape so I might see if I can use the frame in my red neck shed at home to hold up the Tarp Roof...and just buy a whole new dinning canopy... My side screens and covers are all still in great shape..

Yikes I need to get moving another long day ahead of me and here I sit just babbling away as if we have all day to chat..I'd love to stay and chat with you all day long but then I wouldn't make the bucks ... So I must bid you all a very good day...and drag these old bones out the door ....

Until we meet again may your day be productive and filled with good moments!!



  1. You take care of them old bones. You're right about money, we always feel a little better when we have some. Like you said it's sad we hinge our feelings on something so fleeting.
    Have a great day friend.


  2. I hear your rain is headed our way, Tonya. Glad you had fun with your GF's! Blessings on your work week ~*~Lisa

  3. No sunshine here today either. But have been blessed with nice weather the past few days.
    Don't work to hard ~ take care of them old bones.
    Hope you have a great day!
    Prim Blessings

  4. Try not to work too hard on this chilly, rainy day! Glad you had a fun time with your girlfriend. Get that vehicle ready for this Ohio weather that is predicted to be brutal!!

  5. It'll be good to know your have a safe, reliable, vehicle for the upcoming season of nasty....that alone should make your work week go by a bit quicker. Rain moving in here as well....I really don't mind - we've had glorious weather for about a week and a half, and sometimes I need a gloomy day to recharge....Hope you're having a good one! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. Tonya,
    It is a rainy day here in my neighborhood also.
    Very dreary and would be a good day to stay home and craft but unfortunately work calls. I can't wait to see all your new gatherings for the coming season. I always enjoy the neat displays you put together.
    Enjoy your evening
    Country at heart

  7. So good hear you are feeling better even with the added work. It has been said God will provide. Vehicle repairs will drain a bank account in one repair job. Good idea to get all repairs done while you can. Your life on the island sounds exciting & wonderful you have good friends. Blessings!


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