Thursday, October 13, 2011

5:57-Get up-NO-Get up NOOOO-Get up Mom-OK-OK I'm up alright already?

Good Morning all.... I would have posted at the the ungodly hour of 5:57 this morning but I'm one of those people who never moves when they sleep... Not good if you have that there Arthritis nothing works right in the morning..especially this morning ...My fingers were numb..Mama Kitty decided at this ungodly hour that she wanted some lovin & wasn't giving up till she got some... She was head butting me in the face and hands trying to get me to wake up and pet her.. but the hands weren't coperating at all so she just kept it up..kept it up till I gave in and sat up... Oh was she ever happy..More head butts Purring to beat all......paws on my shoulders head butting my face...talking away telling me all about her night I guess..
I had go giggle this is a cat who hated humans the first 3 1/2 years of her life... Tasha is still sound asleep at the foot of the bed and could care less if I were awake that early in the morning...She wanted nothing to do with it...
I worked my body into the standing position and made my way to the table where the computer sits, turned it on as Mama is still busy tellin me about her night slithering around my feet still talkin to I try to get my bones to coperate with my brain signals...Fix myself a cup of tea and sit down to let the wake up process to take place..
What does mama kitty do but park herself right in the middle of my computer ..She has something on her mind and she is determined to get her point across... I can hear the determination in her talking purs " You will pay attention Mom...I'm talking to you"
So for a good half hour she talks away her purs getting louder and louder and continues her lovin dance....That's what I call it...On my lap, jumpin down running across the back of the sofa back on the lap more head butting... & then as quickly as she came to life she was fast asleep next to me on the bench at the table... It's now 7 oclock..I'm wide awake and miss Mama is content to be fast asleep with not a care in the world that she has managed to steel a couple hours of my sleep time...I just look at her laying there so peaceful wondering if she knows I wasn't ready to get up... Probably not..Should I go back to bed and let her sleep ..No may as well use my time to take care of business and Now here I am tellin you of Mama's Tale..
Looking out the window two Deer just bounced across the pasture and a squirel is climbing up the tree.. Where do they get there energy this darned early in the morning...?

My weeks work is starting to wear me down....Since my arrval on the Island last thursday I've done 10 regular house cleanings, One Super Fall cleaning, cleaned & organized one huge Attic, Deforsted three freezers after emptying them, washed, folded & put away about 30 loads of laundry, made way to many beds. Lord I'm worn out and I'm not done yet.. today we are cleaning and organizing closets and I'm talkin some closets that are full of nothing but junk I'd personally pitch most of it but the owner is a pack rat so it is a matter of organizing it....If I'm lucky maybe one small bag of it will make it ot the trash..A few things will make it to the Barn & the rest of it will remain to clutter up the closet... Were talking large walk in closets...
After the closets are cleaned we will then move to what they call the Annex which is a glorified barn where I will organize the  back portion of that ..the same situation...most of it needs thrown away.. but it will remain only it will be organized... thank god they pay me well to do this same thing year after year...
When I get all of that done I will work on cleaning there little house...They have two houses, one huge old 100 plus year old farm house they live in half the time and one small ranch the other half...the funny part is they are not but 1000 feet apart.. they have three glorfied barns, and two cottages they rent out over the summer...that stand between the two houses... yes I clean those as well...
Gona be another busy day & tomorrow... maybe I will get done and can take Saturday off ...Unlikely but it sure sounds good... then again the more I work the more I make so if I have to work Saturday I shall endure and prevail least my purse will..... my body on the other hand may fall apart especially if Mama Kitty insist on waking me up before the Rooster Crows...

I'm off to until we meet again ....Don't work to hard today.. I'm working enough for all of you...giggle...Relax, enjoy and be happy!!




  1. Tonya, I loved reading your Mama kitty story. We had a cat that would do the same thing - the head butting made me laugh - she used to do that too. Neither one of our current babies does that so you gave me a memory! Have fun cleaning - glad they pay you well if you do the same thing every year for them. ~Ann

  2. Giggle back to ya girlfriend. Time is short work must get done but hey take time to smell the sunflowers. Love your post, always puts a smile on my face.Connie

  3. Wow sounds like you do have a big day ahead of you. Luv Mama Kitty's story. Wish Spooky would be like that, someday maybe.

    Take care girlfriend

  4. Oh, I wish I could "borrow" you for a few days and do some major cleaning organizing here....One of these days..... ;o) Love your kitty story....gee, wonder what was so important to tell you so early....Mine only have one thing on their minds when they get up....feed me! Hope you make to the end of the week in one piece! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. Your kitty sure wanted her loving!...It makes me tired, just reading about all you have gotten done this week!!! You go girl! Did you ever get the sunflower pictures printed and put up? You take care of yourself and have a great day.

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  6. YOU, my dear, don't work too hard, gosh I'm tired just hearing about it, LOL! I know what ya mean about arthritis stiffness, I sleep on one side too long then wake up and can hardly turn, UGH, SO much fun!!!! Have a great day ((HUGS))

  7. well I certainly know what you mean about the "chillians" as we call them waking us up..they start that purring and walking acrossed us and walking like they weigh 500 pounds across you..oh they know how to get us up don't they..I hope your week goes smoothly and effortless and that you come home with a purse full of money to help tide you over for winter.;)

  8. Take Care and don't over do it.

  9. But you love her anyway right? I have a kitty that does that and if I pet her for 5 min she will lay down and go to sleep ...and then of course there is my naughty Maggie and she loves to put her face in mine and bark and talk when I am sitting in the recliner trying to do some hand sewing...and she won't shut up until I figure out what she wants (usually a cookie) But I Love her anyway :)


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