Monday, October 10, 2011

A Bowl of Ceral~Beautiful Sunshine~A Rested Body & I feel Great this Morning!!

A Wonderul~Glorious~Beautiful~Sun Shiney~Happy Good Morning to all my wonderful friends...I hope each of you are having a great morning!
I am happy to share with all of you that I had the first peaceful full nights sleep in months last night. I actually woke up refreshed not so tired I could hardly move... that may sound like nothing special but for me it is reason to jump up and down with joy..In all my ramblings about getting sick you've heard me say how tired & exhausted I've been.. No matter how much sleep I got it wasn't restful or refreshing it just made me even more exhausted...
I kept praying that feeling would pass. Maybe it has or maybe it is just a one night reprieve but I was totally shocked when I woke up this morning. I was actually able to sit right up no shaking, no serious pain to speak of, no dizzy, no sick tummy, no headache... I sat there a minute just to see if it was real...My Kittys woke up and started lovin all over me and I just started I talked to them and petted them.. thinking I really do feel good this morning.. so I stood up to test the body.. yep it still feels pretty good ...walked around the trailer and it still felt good... I was like totally excited and did one of those YeaHaa's real loud and scared my kitty's half to fur Babies but your Mama feel good this morning...No she feel great!!
What a Glorious Day!!
I know it won't last cause I've lived with pain for 35 plus years but to feel one normal day in months with the usual for me pain and not all that other crap I've been dealing with is like heaven on Earth... I'm even looking forward to going to clean here in a little bit...

The gentleman that I cleaned for on Saterday that paid me so well I did the Happy Dance gave me Two Bottles of homemade Wine as a tip.
So I called my girlfriend and ask if she would like to meet for Dinner and Wine tonight after work and she said yes..figure we can celebrate my good day with a taste of the Homemade wine after dinner...this will be our last time to spend time together as she too will be leaving the island for the winter in the next couple days.. We won't see each other again till next summer.. so it worked out perfectly for both of us.. we have a another mutual friend that will be joining us.
Its rather funny but it is a good feeling to wind down the Season on the Island everyone is tired and ready to go home for the winter but we are also all really sad ... Its hard to walk away from your friends for months and all of the things you share together when you work the Island.. We'll sit and talk about this summers ups and downs and fun times and then hug and get all teary when we say Good night... see ya next year...!!

Hummmm.. I shall wait for this evening to get all emotional for now its time to go to work... see if this body is in tune with my Good Mood..hehe....
So with that said I shall bid you all a wonderful Day... May the shine on your face and make you Smile for today is a Good Day!!

Warm Blessings

PS Do ya think maybe sitting down the last couple of evenings sewing/creating my Little Prim Dresses might have had anything to do with the restful Sleep... Hummm... I wonder as it is creating is my peaceful place!!
I finished 6 little Dresses so far...


  1. Hi Tonya~ so happy to hear you're feelin' good today.....enjoy! Have a great time tonight, island life sounds good to me.....


  2. Oh I'm so glad you are feeling so well today and hope it will continue.


  3. So glad to hear you are feeling great today! I hope it lasts for you! Enjoy your time with your friend tonight!

  4. Woo-hoo!!! So glad your having a great day my friend! I hope it lasts, pain free and tons of energy for you (((HUGS)))

  5. oh Tonya, I am so happy for you and feeling great..I hope you have a wonderful evening of good food, and good friends..have a wonderful week..;)

  6. oh Tonya, I am so happy for you and feeling great..I hope you have a wonderful evening of good food, and good friends..have a wonderful week..;)

  7. Glad you are feeling so good and hope the evening with your friend is even better.
    Nothing like a bit of homemade wine to soothe the soul! Love those little dresses you are sewing for your creations.
    Have a great week,

  8. Tonya ,
    Party it up gf ! Celebrate those last of the season memories made tonight with your friends! Im glad your feeling good you lost it I found it so have fun for me too ! hugs lilraggedyangie

  9. It's a Catch-22 for sure.
    I am sure happy for sure to have gotten a good morning. Enjoy your dinner and your cocktails!
    Warm autumn blessings,

  10. Glad your doing better, love your posts

  11. Tonya, glad to read your doing so much better today. It could very well be the down time to do some creating that has calmed the mind. I truly hope it continues for you.
    Have a great evening with your friends and enjoy the homemade wine. yum!
    Autumn Blessings,

  12. Your energy and happiness is truly contagious - I can TELL you're feeling awesome!! You go girl!! And have a wonderful evening with friends tonight....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  13. This is wonderful news. I am happy for you. Blessing!


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