Thursday, August 25, 2011

Have I got a Funny Scary Story about the fur Babies & an Update on life~

Hello~Hello~Hello to all my peeps out there... yes I know long time no see... but I have just been swamped with houses to clean... This is actually the first time I have been home home in over two weeks and I only came home to pay bills ...
I have shared stories about Tasha & Mama Kitty so most of you are familiar with both of them but I've got a good one to tell this time around..One taht made me laugh at how smart and sneaky Tasha is and how her smart sneaky little self nearly turned into a total disaster..
I can't remember if I mentioned that I let her out into the Summer Room/Dinning Canopy when I'm out there but I do she thinks it is so much fun to be out of the camper with Mommy. I open the door to the camper and tell her to get in the summer room right now and she goes.
About 3 weeks ago she discovered the zipper on the screen and started playing with it... Being the smart little kitty that she is she figured out that if she put her claw in it she could lift and it would UNZIP...
The first few times she just looked at me with that sneaky look she has ..that one you can see in the picture up above...Then one night she decided to see what I would do if she crawled out threw the unzipped mind you I am watching this whole thing take place so I let her sneak out the whole and I watched her..she jsut sat there... so I unzipped it further and said get in her young lady real gruff and she scampered back in looking up at me with these oh so innocent eyes.. yea right!
She repeated the process several times never leaving the spot just outside the screen. Then of course she started to venture further... say 5 feet.. that went on for a week or so then she got brave and walked all the way around the Summer room and back int eh whole and was just grinning from ear to I decided she was getting way to brave...and I put bricks obver the Zipper...Ha she says and she just scooted the brick away a little at a time tills he could get to the Zipper and up it went...So I decided I needed to play the mommy role and every time she would sneak out I would pick her up and put her back in the camper...No more time with Mommy.. That worked until last Saturday night...
I was sewing Rice bags watching a movie so I brought Tasha and Mama out in the summer room with me...
  This is Mama and as you can see from the look on her face she is very shy and skiddish. She was Ferrel and it took 3 years to get her to let me touch her and get her to where she will come to me and let me brush her and feed her treats..
So I created this little sofa for me to sit on in the sun room to sew out of a blow up water raft tucked inside two sleeping bags and covered with a sheet.. Tasha, Mama and Puddles were laying on it with me while I sewed and watched a movie... I was loving family time with the critters...
Just to express how sneaky Tasha is she gets up walks to the water bowl gets a drink then starts moving around everything like the cooler, fridge, cat cages etc looking and watching me as she did it... I think she is just roaming around so I stop watching her..and go back to my stitching... She knew my mind was elsewhere because she managed to get the zipper up and put out a meow/cry to Mama who by now had also gotten up and was roaming and out that whole they both went...
Immediately I went into panic since Mama Kitty has not been outside since her pelvic was broken by my neighbor and we had to make her an indoor kitty so I yelled Tasha you both get back in here right now...
Big mistake as far as Mama was concerned i scared her to death raising my voice and off into the wood she ran while darling Tasha comes struttin right back int he whole...
So I get my flashlight and go out to try to find Mama...I can hear her panic in her cry but I can't find her only the direction she is.. but each time I would get close she would run in a different direction. This all started around 9:30... Well an hour passed and I still haven't caught her... and a big storm moves in and it just pours rain, thunders and lightening.. Mama is in total panic now and starts running from the barn to the camper to the wood to barn to the camper and so on.. Finally the rain stopped and she is under the camper.. but she will not come to me.. Finally I went in the camper and got the big pink comb that I used to tame her ..she loves that comb and being combed.. I crawled under the camper, shined the flashlight on the come and started cooing and coaxing her to come get brushed... she finally rubbed her head on the comb like she does, I grabbed her and had her safe in my arms.. Now mind you during all this time I am bawling my eyes out and in total panic that I would never catch her...I was so happy and so releived I just bawled my eyes out.. I took her back in the camper and dryed her off as Little Miss Tasha is rubbing against my legs and begging for me to forgive her..acting all innocent..She knew she had done something wrong when I wouldn't talk to her.
The next morning she didn't even try to come out the camper door like she normally does... Smart Kitty that she is...!!
Now for my favorite funny of the week.. Remember I mentioned I was sewing Rice Bags while sitting on my BLOW-UP RAFT covered in sleeping bags... Well I don't know about the rest of you but when I sew sitting on the sofa or chair I stick my needle in the cushion so as not to lose it...
Now don't bust a gut laughing at me... but I was sewing away ended a bag and stuck my needled in my make shift Raft Sofa but immediately yanked it back remembering it was only air under there covered in a thin layer of rubber and a couple of sleeping bags... No pop and it seemed it wasn't losing air so I think I am ok didn't poke a hole in it...well about an hour later I thought geeze my bottom hurts sitting here... and it hit me like a ton of bricks...OOPS.. guess I did poke a hole on my sofa..hehe... and she was darn near deflated... So much for sewing and Air Raft Sofa's..

Update on the Thyroid/Graves disease... I have been on the meds now for 25 days... Wow .. I can see so much of difference in how I am feeling. EVerything I read says it takes a full 6 weeks for all of the stored hormones to get out of the body and for the meds to take affect and work they way they are supposed to.
I am a little over halfway threw the six weeks but I can already see a difference.
I'm still extremely tired physically and mentally I'm still depressed but if I were to draw a scale from 1 to 10. 1 being where I was feeling near complete and total exhaustion, mentally drained, dehydrated, sad and unable to think clearly and 10 being like my old self.
I am feeling like I am at 5 physically, 6 mentally, 5 emotionally and 5 thinking clearly 8 for dehydration.
The thing that is weird is that about every third day I feel like I am back to 2 on all points and just drag, I get  really sweaty and hot, I'm so tired and so sad. I am told that is normal but I can't say I like that but then again I will take 2 days in a row feeling half normal any day to no days feeling normal. Slowly I am getting back to normal.. or at least comething like normal..who knows if I will really ever have the energy I had before or feel the way I did a few years ago.. I have so many things in the way of that but feeling better is such a blessing..I think that I will be able to go back on my Arthritis meds this week which will be an even bigger blessing as I have not been able to take it and the old bones are feeling the loss for sure...especally my hands and my back... I had forgotten how bad it really was until I no longer had the meds in my system...
I want to Thank all of you who were so kind to keep me in your prayers.. That kindness plays a huge role in lifting ones emotional state just knowing you have others out there praying for you and thinking of you!!
You guys are the greatest!!

I did get all my Rice Bags finsihed and will be delivering them all tomorrow...

Time for this peep to call it a day so until we meet again I will be thinking of you and wish you Sunshine, cool breezes and happy moments!!



  1. Hey Tonya, oh I know what its like to lose a kitty..I hate it when I do and I am sooooo relieved when I finally find them..I know you must have been scared half to death..I hope these meds that you are on will continue to be more Great days and less and less icky ones..Take care of yourself and have a wonderful rest of your week;)

  2. I'm so glad you got your kitties back, how scary it must have been!!! I'm giggling over the loss of your sofa, LOL, old habits die hard, eh? I hope you can find a new one;) Glad the meds are helping, hope you have a wonderful day:)

  3. As always Tonya, I got a good chuckle out of the make-do sofa story. I do the same with the arm of my sofa too. Glad Mamma is okay and safe. My little dog Snoopy has been trying me lately~ escaping off his lead. I have ran around like a wild women yelling and crying and the neighbor thinking I'm silly getting upset over a dog.
    So glad your doing a bit better. Hopefully the meds continue to help.
    Have a great week and stay safe with this hurricane coming!

  4. So very good to hear from you Girlfriend...And so very glad you got Mama Kitty back....Silly girl cat! She doesn't know how good she has it! And of course it had to storm on top of it! You are such a sweetheart to launch a search and rescue party of one for her....And Naughty Tasha....sounds too, too, much like my Sasha (weird coincidence, huh??) He opens every cupboard door he can and turns on faucets!! Hope the meds continue to get you back to where you need be...And thanks for your email re the rice bags....Sorry I haven't gotten back to you, but time has slipped away from me....Do you ever sell those on Ebay? I have degenerative disc disease and scoliosis - and that might help with pain management.....Lemme know! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. Tonya , POP GOES THE SOFA ! LOL FYI I ALMOST PEED MY PANTS LAUGHIN AT ...I MEAN WITH YA JUST SO YA KNOW ! LOL darn kitties anyway so sweet but always inquisitive ! hope you get some rest and feel better soon ! hugs lil raggedy angie

  6. a couple of our dogs get loose now and then and we are always in a panic until they are returned home. so glad to know you got Mama back home.
    I take a lot of meds these days and I'm not sure how much good they do. but then I'm not young any more. I sure hope you get back on track soon!
    Hugs and prayers, Linda

  7. So glad you are feeling better Tonya and that all the kitties are safe and sound. I know Tucker James gives me a heart attack once in a while. Take care of yourself.


  8. For those that don't have a cat/kitty they might now understand the story and how one just knows what their animal is thinking and boy THEY DO THINK AND one will tell me different.
    Gosh your cat is smart! Really....and I know he felt
    But oh I can feel your pain and sadness when Mamma cat got out...I would have been bawling myself.
    So glad you were able to get her in safely.


  9. Hi Tonya,
    Glad to hear you got your kitty back! I started a new blog, so please stop by and see me.


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