Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Basket Full of Fur Baby~Morning Golory's ~Update~

A Wonderful Sunny & Cool Good Morning to all my dear prim friends... It is just perfect this morning No hummity, a soft breeze and sun shine glitter through the trees. this was supposed to be my day off but I decided to stay on the island and do two houses but I'm so enjoying this perfect morning I'm a little slow to go to owrk..hehe... Decided that was fine no real deadline today..
Isn't that Basket full of Fur Baby just the cutest... I walked out the door at home in Delaware last week and here the Kitten was snoozing away.. so I just had to sneak a shot to share with all of you...

While I was home I finally took a minute to go check out my herbs and Morning Glory's.. They hae all grown so nicely and I will hae herbs galore to use this winter in all my gatherings... Next week I will start to pick them and hang them to dry.. I should get a second cutting by the end of October..

then I looked around at my Morning Glory's and they hae taken over the front of the Red Neck shed.. they even wound around the door and I couldn't get it open...LOL.. Had to do a little snipping!!

It's really hard to see all the Blossoms they hae grown so big..but they are loaded..as you can see. Wish i was there to enjoy them.. but duty calls as we all know to well!!

We had some horrible storms last weekend & I got a call from my neighbor at my House in Port clinton telling me that a lot of tree limbs were down in the back yard.. Giggling I think cool now I don't hae to crawl up a ladder and try to cut the dead branches out of my shedding tree... I know its a mess been there done that but I wouldmuch rather clean up the mess then tree climb.. especially with the weird dizzy spells I'e been having with this thyroid thingy... the guy who worked on my Plumbing left me his # and said if I needed any help around the house to give him a call ..and he would get on the roof and trim the tree...so i called him last night and he is supposed to stop by tonight and help with anything that is left to cut... Yeah!! Get that job taken care of.. I need to clean all my gutters too... Maybe I can con him into doing that too.. hate paying for things like that but better safe then sorry I'm thinking...Plus I don't think he will charge me much to help out...

Speaking of the Thyroid situation.. I hae been on the meds now for two full weeks and wow what a total difference. I'm not back to my old self by any means but I feel 75% better already. heck I might een be able to go dancing this weekend... Hehe!
I'm having less sweating, but still have the dizzy's a bit.. I'm spending less and less time on the throne.. thank god.. My heart has stopped racing all the time.. releif...I don't seem to be as depressed and feeling down 24/7..Yeah!! The only thing that has not really changed a whole lot is the being so tired and feeling exhausted... it is better but by no means gone.. Sunday I cleaned 4 houses and I was so exhausted I came home and fell alsleep at 8:30 till 11:30 woke up for an hour and went back to bed till 9:30 the Monday morning... All that Sleep made me feel horrible..but I just couldn't stay awake.. Only time I ever sleep that much is after a surgery or being really sick with the flue or sinus infection... so that is really weird to me and dries me crazy..That has to go.. I can not function when I'm so sleepy...

The real bummer was I wanted to sew rice bags. I got an order for 20 small Rice bags and 20 large bags.. I got the 20 small ones finished saturday night and was planning on doing the large ones sunday night... NOPE didn't happen... guess I'll work on those tonight..LOL..

But over all I can see a huge difference in my overall well being...We shall see that the next few weeks brings.

Hummm I guess If i am to complete my to do list I should get moving... I can enjoy this perfect day at the house this evening cleaning up tree mess and cleaning gutters...

So with that said may your day be filled with Sunshine and Happy moments!!

Hugs to all


  1. Hi Tonya, your morning glories are out of this world gorgeous!!!! herbs are looking great too and I'm SO glad to hear your starting to feel better!!!! I have chronic fatigue with my fibro and boy oh boy I know how it is to be tired, really hard to deal with when there are things that need doing! Hope it eases up for you and you have a wonderful day!!!!

  2. Yeah Tonya, so glad you are feeling better and enjoying life a little bit more. Continue to take care of your self and don't work to hard.


  3. Hi Tonya, Sounds like great news all the way around. Cute kitty in the basket..


  4. glad you are feeling better and sounds like you will be yourself in no time..love the sweet kitty picture..don'tcha just love where they park themselves..and they are comfortable to boot.;) have a great day enjoying whatever you do and that gorgeous weather too..oh and I hate the morning glory..been trying to get rid of it for 17 years now..beautiful..but very evasive..ours is white..

  5. Wow woman what a mess o mornin glories you have just beautiful ! Gardens a lookin good and nothing cuter than a lil kitty curled up in a basket! my show is in Delaware at the fairgrounds this weekend! Hope you have a great week be careful and dont over do it ! hugs lil raggedy angie

  6. Glad you are feeling better Tonya! ~*~Lisa

  7. So very glad to hear you're feeling better Sweetie - and if you find a cure for the tired thing, let this ol crow know, ok?? ;o) Those morning glories are awesome!! I tried growing some once and they just didn't take....and then I read in your comments they're invasive?! Yikes...guess I won't get any green thumb award anytime soon if an invasive plant croaks out on me!! Sweet lil kitty in a basket!! Love it! Happy Tuesday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  8. Cats are so amusing aren't they..Glad you are doing some better and hope you get better every day..I had to pull my Morning Glories out today ..I had them on fence at back of Rose Garden and they were choaking my rose bushes..I had to make a decision and the roses won. Decided to make fenced in area a little smaller and measured that off AGAIN so maybe soon..Take care now and enjoy the beautiful weather Hugs


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