Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday Update~Graves Disease~My Visiters

A Fine and Beautiful Tuesday morning my dear prim Friends... It's just splendid this morning!! There's a beautiful breeze blowing in my summer room and so far not a touch of humidity.. the birds are singing away and they just mowed the grass here so it smells wonderful.. I've got to head off to clean in a few minutes but I've been sitting here soaking in the pleasures of this morning for half an hour or so..

I had a pleasant surprise this past weekend...One of my former kids Vicki and her Husband Kenny came to the island to visit... We had the nicest time. They rode bikes around the Island all day while I worked. Around 6:00 we went up town to have dinner at the Casino so Kenny could see all the go-fast boats and hear the engines roar. After dinner we had a big storm so we came back to my camp site and watched a movie together and visited. they spent the night camped out in the summer room listing to the rain patter above them....It was a perfect time together and really nice to see them..

Monday morning I received a call from my Doctor with an update on the second Blood test he had me get after receiving the results of the first one that varified the Thyroid Disease. Remember he told me that he was concerned that my other Auto Immune Diseases might affect/ play a role in my Thyroid disease. 
Seems he was right and the second Blood Test Varified what we both suspected...
It came back positive for Graves Disease.
I wasn't surprised after reading tons of information about the thyroid and the diseases and complications it can cause in our over all health. Its rather strage but in a weird way I was releived as much as I was upset.
I now understand more about why I was having so much trouble with my eyes last winter and why the Eye Doctor wanted me to have the Thyroid Test done last winter. He suspected Graves Disease then.

Sadly my former doctor who ran blood work last winter and seen the results of the blood work which showed High Thyroid then but she ignored it telling me my thyroid was normal. She is no longer in practice at the clinic I go to THANK GOD. That was the second serious diagnosis she ignored with me and heaven knows how many other patients she misdiagnosed. They tell me she resigned. At any rate she is gone but it doesn't take away my anger at her note treating me months ago for my Thyroid disease. If she had I would never have found myself so sick the past months.

The good news is now I know what is wrong with me and I know it can be treated. My Dr said yesterday that the meds will also help my eye problems as well as lower my Blood pressure, possibly lower the Cholesterol, get rid of the tired exhausted feelings, ease the sweating and heat issues, releive the pressure behind my eyes and basically make me feel like my old self.. I can't wait... this has been the pitts. I feel better already.. but I'm sure that's more so because I've been able to avoid the throne and I'm not so dehydrated... so if the meds will make it even better I really have something to look forward to... being my old self soon!!

I managed to get all my houses cleaned so far.. I have two more today and then I get to take a couple of days off and head home for some R&R..hehehe.. well R&R from cleaning houses anyway..there are plenty of chores at home waiting for me... Seems it never ends the work that needs tended to...

Speaking of work it is 10 after 10 and time for me to make tracks to my first house of the day... God willing the renters were tidy and it won't be to messy...

The picture today was taken in Fla. by a friend of mine several years ago. He sent it to me and said check this out it reminds me of the Wreaths you create from shells and grapevines. It is actually coral and shells all molded together from the Sea and it washed up on the shore and he seen t while walking on the beach. Pretty cool!!

Until we meet again may your day be filled with happy moments and special memories!!




  1. Tonya, I am SO glad you finally have some answers and can get treated correctly!!! I hope you continue to improve each day sweet friend and SHAME on that Dr.!!!! So many Dr.'s these days just can't be trusted, they tell you whatever and I'm glad to hear she is no longer practicing there!

  2. I hope you get to feeling better, soon. It is a shame that she didn't treat you when she could have, our lives are in our doctor's hands! You have a great day, Tonya! Did you get the pictures of the sunflowers that I sent? I hope you like them!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  3. Hi, Tonya
    Now they found out what it is~ you can start treating~ Wishing you well~ you will see you are a tuff cookie you can do this!!!My hugs to you & prayers~

  4. Hi Tonya, I am so glad they have it figured out so you can start to feel better. I think that the not knowing can be worse than the diagnosis. At least now you know what you are dealing with. I admire your positive attitude about it all. I think that will lead to more healing, too!
    I also hope you are blessed with only renters who leave a house they would want to have to clean themselves... (I worked as a chambermaid once, too.) Take care and have a great week!

  5. I hope you get back to feeling 100% better real soon.

  6. Wow Tonya, so glad you know what's wrong but so sad you have to go through all that before you feel better, but better you will get. Hang in there girlfriend.


  7. Tonya,
    Am so glad you finally have some long over do answers and are now getting the treatment you need! Hope you are back to your ol self again soon! Enjoy your week! hugs lilraggedy angie

  8. Grave's disease is no cup of tea, but, you're right, it's better than not knowing and imagining even worse things....Hopefully they will get you to feeling your ol' wonderful self again real soon - and yes, that IS something to really look forward to! Love the photo of the "wreath" - Mother Nature is remarkable in her creativity and designs, is she not? Wishing you a week filled with blessings....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  9. I am glad that you have been told what is wrong. I don't know what Grave's disease is, it doesn't sound pleasant. I do hope that the treatments will help you to feel better very soon. I do know that Doctors' often misdiagnose, and really can cause problems for people. Enjoy your little break and I hope you have a good rest of the week.

  10. Always thinking of you girlfriend. Hugs are sent your way today~~~~

  11. Hi Tonya,
    Well not good news but GOOD NEWS...NOW YOU KNOW FOR SURE...I pray for relief now that there is a 'direction' to take.


  12. So happy that you are back on track and on the mend. I am having the same problem now with Dr and will be looking for a new Dr.
    I was able to go to 2 Goodwill stores while up North and found some more goodies:) It is starting to cool off a tiny bit so will be able to start sanding soon. Have a great week end Tonya and enjoy your R & R
    Nancy from Insidenanashead


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